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Community of a Criminal Pond

Community of a Criminal Pond
Vladimir Grechaninov 28.11.2010

Once I came across amusing test from school biology. It was asked what community of a pond or biocenosis, if to speck scientific language, is. The answers are the following: biocenosis is a set of plants, animals and microorganisms characterized by certain relations between them and environment. Another answer - biocenosis is the form of interrelations between organisms at which one organism exists at the expense of the other bringing it only harm.

Certainly, our domestic biocenosis is closer to the answer number two. Though if you want to receive excellent mark and to live in normal country, it is necessary to choose the first answer. It means that community of our sovereign pond should live under the laws of normal society. Power branches should turn green and care of people, not just of themselves, militia should prevent and not to commit crimes, doctors - to treat patients, journalists - to open public abscesses instead of being occupied with paid journalism, art should sow reasonable, kind, eternal. Otherwise, the science says, biological balance is broken; there is stagnation; growth of parasites and so on.

So, about art which should sow. If some alien suddenly looks through TV program for any day of a week, he would understand that there's no and couldn't be any reasonable life on the one sixth part of the Earth.

We read. They found out shortage in the store where Angelina (Zina in girlhood) works, besides she has bad illness, therefore he came to Moscow and started working as photo model, in Moscow she met fellow villager Vitya who by the time owned advertizing agency. Known TV reporter Vasya once working together with Vitya as the operator of machine milking, learnt that large businessman Kolya who earlier was milkmaid Klava put out a contract on him. Vasya decides to leak compromising info on Kolya - Klava but was prevented, you would learn who did it in 565th series ... every evening and on all channels.

Recently I saw talk show about spots. At first visitors counted those spots with the help of special mirrors given to them, then talkman taught to press out them correctly. Hemorrhoids will follow in the next program. The main thing is that people who shoot this delirium seriously name themselves art workers, give interview, award each other, share creative plans ... As a result we watch about these spots, there is nothing more.

Then we switch to news and see favourite heroes participating already in real shootouts. If it is magic power of art or definitive deleting of borders between fiction and reality? May be gangster soup operas are thought up so that news didn't perplex us?

I don't call the most important of arts to hide and varnish, truth and only truth. But it should be done at presence of talent or at least elementary taste which isn't present at all. One shouldn't make heroes out of geeks, there are more than enough of them on the streets.

Art and life - thin and interconnected matter. Who failed to pass each other on a narrow path on jeep and organized fight because of it? We all know who - the principal character in a film about gangsters going by stolen boomer over the spaces of fatherland. Newspapers write he is talented actor. No doubts! Once someone tried to persuade me fervently that the film - within an inch of becoming "Revisor" and surely "The Hero of Our Time". Well, yes - guys stole a car, killed cops, robbed someone and went to prison. Romanticism! Clint Eastwood never dreamt about it! They, it was objected to me, break masks, press out spots on the face of bright future.

It's all lie, there's no exposures, there is pure criminal chanson in a smelly entrance for future inhabitants of zone. The spectator should sympathize with normal people and not with such vampires like Hitler though he also could be presented as unfortunate sick person.

Whether it's necessary? Genre laws, alas, are such that we usually on the side of the principal character. We are for D'Artagnan and, it means, for the king and against the cardinal. Though there's other version of that conflict. Owing to some ... anatomic peculiarities Louis XIII for long time couldn't deflower lawful spouse Anna. The last started admiring Buckingham - the duke, rich and lives in London, as Abramovich. Statesman Richelieu didn't approve love affair of the first lady with the foreigner which is also logical. Here you are the cause of the conflict. That is the French nobility crumbled each other because the king was too lazy to go to the sexopathologist. Very humanely.

All the same under genre laws we are on the side of D`Artagnan.

In films where except one gangsters there are only other gangsters we are compelled to sympathize with gangsters, there is nobody else. Then with horror we see in news what is going on in the Krasnodar territory and in other places as well. Art and life, no place to go.

There are also a concept of environmental factors. You come into a shop, you hear beautiful music there and at once the desire to buy something appears. While once I dropped into pavilion where I heard loved by the drivers chanson. Products were the same but I didn't have the desire to buy them - environmental factor.

Here you are one more. When they start making comments about criminal lawlessness on TV. First a man appears on camera, he castigates corruption, there's typical apartment house on a background (now usually they shoot somewhere under the windows of the hero of the reporting). Then another man appears, he castigates militian arbitrariness and there's the same dreadful house on the background. I believe that they don't like corruption, though I am not on the side of International. Then a young lady in a fur coat appears, judging from titles, she is also the journalist, she also castigates but I somehow doubt. Because there's a private residence behind her which duke Richelieu, perhaps, also wouldn't refuse to live in.

To tell you the truth I don't know how much money cardinals received in the seventeenth century but I know well enough what journalists receive last thirty years. It is possible to build such palace but for this purpose it is necessary to shoot a couple of "Titanic" or to become a lover of some metallurgical prince. Grandmother's brilliants from dictatorship of proletariat are also possible but such variant is hardly possible. It means it's not absolutely that journalism which you trust that it fights against corruption. As well as it's not that that art which something sows. Not that militia which something catches. In a word, not that biocenosis.

Therefore instead of community of pond we have dirty criminal pool occupied by unprecedented mutants. Evidently it is very favourable to someone.


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