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Children of Ill Giant

Children of Ill Giant
Ivan Zorin 27.11.2008

Russia is an enormous territory, a chaos of tribes, languages, customs - a planet on a planet. What can unite this Babylon? What can transform its population into people? As against ethnically homogeneous Germany or Holland where close neighbourhood has generated affinity of mentality, uniform psychic type, in Russia huge disorder in perception of the world is observed. A spectrum of opinions and as consequence of disagreements here is extraordinary wide.

Pedantic Germans after two defeats laboriously restored the state - silently, without throwings and tearing apart cries. Because the ideal of the Order is an integral part of each German, it's a heavenly archetype of society of Germans to which is necessary to aspire. They acted on a level of instinct, similarly to the crab always creeping to the sea. If the German house, God forbid, will be destroyed in the third time, they again will build it up quickly: ants - an ant hill.

In Russia is everything different. We - not yet cooled down volcano, we - a raging ethnos. Here sacred neighbour with profiteers, unmercenary with forestallers, hard working bees with inveterate idlers. Rectitude haven't been generated here, morals have no time to stiffen after the previous crisis. The European knows what he wants, he should not been explained anything, knowledge is in his genes, is transferred with milk of mother. We have nothing of the kind, we - a white sheet on which ink do not stiffen but - dry up.

The tragedy of Russia is in incessant breakages of times transforming its inhabitants into persons without kith or kits. Therefore we need uniting beginning so much - no matter Orthodoxy, or collecting of lands or communistic Utopia. The Russian man need myth, his irrationality demands illusion. That is a riddle of the Russian soul.

Chateaubriand wrote about the Americans as about people of law which replaced morals. However if you pull out from the USA the American Dream and the status of the Big Brother - they will immediately be scattered into a heap of states. Remark of Chateaubriand could be in no way applied to Russia. Simple orderliness will not make us happy. We, the Russians, have to love our Native land not because it's good, but because we are made differently, than the others, we can't be understand by nobody except for ourselves.

However we always had a lack of love to each other, a lack of comprehension that we - one blood, one language, one culture. It is necessary to recollect more often that the overwhelming majority on the ground has not read Pushkin, hasn't heard about Tolstoy, is not interested in Dostoevsky. Really, if it is not strange that we know about far America more, than about what's going on in our remote places?

While we do not love ourselves, nobody will grow fond of us. The main result of perestroika - destruction of sacral system of values, washing out of behavioural guides. We became open to all winds, we are in a field unprotected and helpless, being easily weakened by suggestion. We have achieved freedom - freedom of wind on the ashes.

The Russians are in the greater degree, than others, hypnotizable: ineradicable belief in words makes us run into extremes - either wings grow, or hands fall from the speeches made. Today we obviously lack sincere messages, we have deficiency of encouraging appeals. Our trouble is not so much in absence of money but in indifference, in absolute indifference to own destiny.

We are strangers, visitors in own house. The authority does not trust people, people - authority. This phenomenon - eternal for Russia. It always lacked honesty. While hypocrisy was rife. Both in the guise of orthodox phylactery ended in civil strife of the seventeenth and under a mask of communistic doublethink. Now, when we confidently following the road to nowhere, we are being assiduously regaled with a ligature of words, in which there is not a penny of truth. Events are being seen only in today's context, after us the deluge. At such approach to life, it won't keep waiting.

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