If It "Necessary to Specify" Special Role of Orthodoxy” in the Constitution?

Not for the first day tempers related to the proposal of the churchmen to write about "special role of Orthodoxy" in preamble of the Constitution of the country have been flaring in Network. To its 20-year anniversary.

This idea has been just announced by well-known archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin, it seems that he considers himself the main interpreter of dogma of Christ and his speech writer on the earth.

Well, you remember his scandalous revelation that the Lord came to him and "revealed" that participants of punk group Pussy Riot have to be condemned by all means. That is the supreme acted as the messenger of Madonna to which public punk prayer of feminist soloists "Virgin Mary, put Putin away". For which as a result they were imprisoned for two years. With active assistance of the pious father Chaplin.

Though other case from Jesus Christ's biography is being recollected at once. You remember how he forgave the loose woman with well-known phrase: "That is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her"? Unless the essence of his doctrine is not in humility and amnesty? No, Misters Chaplins apparently need fires for heretics.

What about his statement that laymen bring sacrifice to temples just in order that fathers of church live magnificently, go by expensive foreign cars, wear gilded cassocks and lead magnificent life.

I know it’s a sign: if some "rationalization proposal" is put forward by this press-secretary of the Moscow Patriarchy on behalf of the Russian Orthodox Church, it is necessary to treat it extremely vigilantly. Because many of his offers, in my opinion, conceal seeds of dissent and discord.

Well, look: he invites "loose woman" Ksyusha Sobchak to the World Russian National Cathedral (analog of plenum of the Central Committee of the CPRF), expresses his high feelings towards her and suggests to create and to head the Right-wing liberal youth movement …

In a word I am convinced: it’s not only insalubrious, but even harmful to bring Chaplin’s "innovations" into the Constitution of the country. The most important thing is what’s the reason for it? What exactly will it give us?

Firstly, it will make offense to believers of other faiths in multinational Russia. Even officially we have three "main" faiths.

Secondly, it contradicts the Constitution in which Russia is declared secular state and the religious organizations are separated from it.

Actually such "record" will mean cancellation of the constitutional norm and will be apprehended on places as declaration of Russia as clerical state. Innovators simply won’t be understood in Tatarstan, Bashkiria, Buryatia and other not orthodox republics. Maybe I consider gentiles heretics. I am afraid that local people will go into the streets…

Thirdly, it is necessary to understand that today's Russia, no matter how regretful it sounds, has no relation to the same Russian Empire which existence stopped in 1917. The Soviet Union appeared in 1922. The present Russian Federation is a splinter of the USSR - as we know, of atheistic and based on communistic ideology state.

After violent partition of the Soviet Union in 1991 Russia proclaimed itself its successor and continuer. It will be more logical to note in preamble a role of the communistic ideology on which, in fact, all present adult population grew.

Yeltsin’s "Constitutions on Blood" totals only 20 years and for these years Orthodoxy hasn't showed itself in any way. It hasn't prevent power plunder. Fathers of church don't act with "regrets" in relation to cannibal laws, infringement of the rights and freedoms of citizens, deterioration of their standard of living.

Without any notes in the Constitution church plays in our country "special role", if to consider that the state uses our hard-earned money to build orthodox temples. See capital program "200 temples" which is patronized by the mayor Sobyanin.

Last year I already wrote how "Gazprom" constructed the Cathedral in Bryansk… in a yard of operating church of the Ascension. There was no need in it. The city is densely saturated with operating churches which are habitually empty in the day time. Thus governor Denin acted as the head of the board of trustees of construction, under the law he had no right to do it. It is necessary to shake population somehow, local business and to urge the workers who build.

Only the Lord knows how many billions were earthed, how many were plundered. However the Patriarch himself came to consecrate a remake. He handed Denin some award for assistance.

Here you are the latest news on this subject from the category of scandalous: I quote: "The Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) will receive 1 billion 158 million rubles in 2014 and 600 million more in 2015 from the federal budget as financing of objects of diocesan management" (http://www.rosbalt.ru/main/2013/11/18/1200982.html).

There’s a question: for the sake of what? Call to me one more such generous kingdom state which the same way generously finances church construction at the expense of the taxpayers. If it does it under the Constitution?

Mister Chairman of the Constitutional court V. Zorkin, where are you?

Though unless there’s necessity to ask? Valery Dmitriyevich as well as the Patriarch has been positioning himself as the clerk of the galley slave.