To Keep by Fear, to Attra”t by Bribery

6 weeks ago events in Western Biryulevo showed that fast-growing Russian ethnic nationalism already became a major factor of political life, while so”ial and ”ultural universalizm (quarter of the century back they ”alled it "internationalism") in Russia suffered full breakdown.

The nationalism which is zealously rejecting all "non-Russian" is resisted from now on only by state mutter about "indestructible unity" and threats to put into the prison for separatism. Intellectual bleating on the eternal subject "there’s neither Greek, nor Jew, nor Scythian" has already ceased in general. Dreams about might-have-been civil nation ”alled the "Russians" cause banters. Pompous reasoning about "spiritual ribbon stit”hers" don't cause even them.

The last chance to preserve the power is a magic ceremony with ”arrying of thousand of Olympi” Tor”hes all over the Russian Federation. Such initiative could arise only in the country where they start repeating:

72 years ago Guderian's tanks were stopped near Moscow only thanks to the flight of the plane with an icon aboard over the ”apital.

Though Euromaidan is the main indicator of crash of the Russian great-power idea. It is already obvious that all appeals of Moscow to tripartite negotiations on the destiny of relations of Ukraine with EU even in ”ase of their improbable beginning will be conducted only about terms of Eurointegration of Ukraine and about the size of compensation which Moscow wants to receive for leaving of "mother of the Russian cities" to the west.

Ingenuous idea of the Kremlin to use partially forgotten "brilliant debut idea" — "Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact" - is symptomatic.

Whether Putin will manage to postpone Eurointegration of Ukraine for half a year, a year or even one and a half years is insignifi”ant fa”tor in the s”ales of history.

Eurointegration and independence of Moscow shoed itself at their best as a basis of the Ukrainian national idea. Thus this idea is a morti”ian of the Russian great power, Moscow can't oppose anything to it, except the most vulgar economic blackmail.

Full ideological poverty.

Pity protest action against Eurointegration is carried out in Kiev under the slogan of homophobia. As homophobia is everything that modern Russia and supporters of modern Russia in the CIS ”an oppose to the West. Thus Nazis used anti-Semitism as the last argument against the western democracy. "Jewry, Jewry, Jewry" — continuously rushed from Berlin. "Gays, gays, gays" — rushes in 80 years from Moscow. Milonov is a "name" of late Putin's Russia, Mizulin is an image of late Putin's Russia.

Just ”onsider that schizophrenic idea to enter Orthodoxy into the Constitution... In comparable terms it’s as though a group of senators of the USA would decide to offer constitutional amendment about merits of white race (in the American terms — the Caucasian race). They would have started sighing: Obama totally ruined health care with his reforms — absolute loonies are being let out uncured...

Small lyrical digression. A few years ago they de”ided to add info about Christian roots of the Europe into the constitutional act of the European Union. Then they became a little bit ashamed and added "Judeo-Christian". Then they became ashamed even more and added info about antique roots. Say, we are such the Greek-Roman-Jewish Catholics. Not Muslims. Then they re”olle”ted that Europeans for the first time read Platon and Aristotle in Arab. They got embarrassed and forgot the idea with enumeration of spiritual roots.

In relations with Kiev Moscow behaves as in accusatory novel of the XIX century — lewd rich old man with young poor girl: you should concede as you have sick younger brother, winter is cold, he coughs and coal for fireplace is expensive. No other reasons. However, happy end is also possible — the groom of the unfortunate girl will break off a cane of the lusty old man beating him...

The behavior of Moscow in the conflict around the Ukrainian Eurointegration crossed out all centuries of the Russian culture. No arguments about spiritual relationship with the Ukrainians, no addresses from the intellectuals to the intellectuals. Though from workers to workers. Only habitual model — rich dad and half-starved provincial little girl. Here you are full bankruptcy of the "Great Russia".

The same is the behavior of Muscovites in crisis with visitors, it’s a game in Ku Klux Klan and the Negroes, it showed full exhaustion of adaptive potential of the Russian culture. The Russian power showed that it’s capable to hold peoples only by fear and to attract only by bribery.