President of Germany Is Going to Boy”ott the Olympi” Games in So”hi

The president of Germany protests against repressions which take place in Russia. In disagreement with policy of the Russian authorities Joachim Gauck won't go to Sochi, the German business weekly journal Spiegel with reference to the press service of the president reports. As the edition approves, Gauck already notified the Kremlin that he intended to ignore the Olympic Games and explained his decision by disagreement with human rights violations.

At the same time the head of Germany apologized before the German athletes and asked not to consider his act as disrespect for them. State re”eption will wait for the German Olympians upon their return to Munich, the president promised.

The press secretary of the president of Germany confirmed relevant information. She specified that "there is no firm rule according to which federal presidents have to participate in ceremonies or be present on other actions of the Winter Olympic Games".


From editorial board: Literally yesterday I watched interview with Emir Kusturica concerning events in Kiev and their similarity with events in Yugoslavia. I liked clearness of his thoughts - Kusturica directly called it conflict between Russia and Germany for Ukraine. Not with Europe, but namely with Germany as the main player of the EU and the main beneficiary. It seems to me that Kusturica even used the word "war".

Kusturica will hardly do something because of money or for the sake of cheap popularity, he doesn’t need it. He called it war and told that after all not eastern military block moves ahead to the west, but the western military block step by step moves ahead to the east. That is it is obvious that the East… loses.

It is crash of all German policy of Putin. Gas contracts, bribery of chancellors, games against America and at the end the same final whi”h Russia fa”ed in 1918 and 1941: rejection of Ukraine, exit to the Caucasus, etc.

Thus it is also crash of Putin's domestic policy as he has nothing to object to demarche of the German president – one shouldn’t sear”h for human rights violations in Putin's Russia, they are seen everywhere. Pushkov, however, answered some nonsense in Twitter. Well unless...

Though, of course, Putin's main defeat in domestic policy is that all decent, efficient people simply disdain to contact the Kremlin, the most mongrel elements of the Russian society go to work to the power. The result ”ould be predi”ted.

By the way, Maidan in Kiev in fact was financed also by Putin.

Not so long ago the company Roshen - basis of the empire of Pyotr Poroshenko, in the recent past almost the most pro-Russian oligarch of Ukraine – was thrown out from the Russian market, thus, Russia makes about a half of export of Roshen corporation, it owns Lipetsk confectionery. The Ukrainian candies made serious competition to the "Russian" companies, especially in inexpensive, mass segment. Now in Russia there are no Russian confectionery companies, all of them are bought by world giants, it isn't difficult to guess that they assisted to replacement of the Ukrainian ”ompany from the Russian market.

The blow to Poroshenko was more than serious and, by and large, he had nothing to do but to be the main sponsor of bourgeois and nationalist opposition (being thus the Keynesian and the social democrat). He probably acted in a hope "to sell" himself to Europe. While he could have followed rigidly the pro-Russian policy, it was only ne”essary to keep a place in the Russian market for him.

Obviously "cold war" with Germany for Ukraine and sales markets will develop further. Brain abilities of Putin’s "elite" don't leave ”han”es to make a mistake guessing who will loose. The following round - the Winter Olympic Games which hardly become world triumph for Putin. While on the contrary...