Putin about Mass-Media: about Zyuganov, Medvedev, Navalny…

It seems that it wasn't a mistake when I wrote about V. Putin's press conferences that “it’s traditional, it is possible even to say, dramatized play". Yesterday's meeting of the president with domestic and foreign journalists in the International shopping center wasn’t an exception. Direction, maybe, was not very graceful, it was felt from the first minutes of show. Very young correspondents were obviously given preference.

After short opening speech of Vladimir Vladimirovich about results of the year his press secretary D. Peskov started distributing gingerbreads. That is to call mass media which is given the great honor to ask questions. Look how clumsily and even haughtily he made it. I quote him according to shorthand notes:

- Naturally, at first I will give the floor to journalists of the Kremlin pool. They accompanied the head of the state in all trips, in all actions during the whole year, therefore ask questions.

That is from first minutes us divided into blue blood and simple people. The desire to question somehow disappeared. Well, really: these guys follow the owner about the country and the world for the whole year and still have something which is not clear. They still don't understand something. It is necessary to dismiss them for it. As well as the press secretary who is not able to work with unprepared audience.

That’s the beginning: guys will start asking agreed questions for the sake of which, actually, this "sit-round gathering" with press has been thought over.

The court acted as agreed. A.Gamov from “Komsomolskaya Pravda” didn't loose fa”e, having asked the most sycophantic question (unless they are taught to act like this?) :

- Vladimir Vladimirovich, you are the politician number one in our country. Whom, in your opinion, is possible to call the politician number two on influence? Whether you already have a successor?

If only Vladimir Vladimirovich did yield to su”h flattery and answer properly. Say, thanks for compliment, but I don't consider myself "politician No.1". The more so I don't want to rank someone.

But he yielded to rough flattery understanding perfectly well that it is a bait. Apparently it was a plan. Enlisting began:

- Leader of communists Zyuganov Gennady Andreevich. I don’t see anything ridiculous here. Millions people vote for communists. He is known politician. He has own views of things. I don't agree with many of them, I don't share them. Many of them seem to me quite realistic, especially in the international affairs and in some social problems.

Further he named Vladimir Zhirinovsky - "shocking and talented person". "Many sensible offers" proceed from him. It is still ok. Though when the surname of "independent and serious politician of federal scale Sergey Mironov" sounded, I started peering into the huge image of the host of the meeting on the wall monitor: whether he jokes? Whether he plays tri”ks with us?

What influence does this individual have in the country? On whom? These are manual chiefs of parliamentary parties completely under control of the Kremlin. From year to year they obediently bring their flock to elections providing legitimacy to existing mode.

By the way, this obedience is very well paid from a pocket of the taxpayer. As I already wrote, all Duma parties are put on the budgetary subcortex. Thus following the results of the last parliamentary and presidential campaigns the CPRF got about 1 billion of actually unaccountable rubles. At none congress or plenum of the CPRF Gennady Andreevich revealed how he spends our money.

He was, apparently, ordered not to re”olle”t late party fellow Vi”tor Ilyukhin and his Military Publi” Tribunal over Putin – so, he doesn't re”olle”t.

As for D. Medvedev as leader of "United Russia", Vladimir Vladimirovich called him the fourth. It gave political scientists like Bobchinsky-Dobchinsky, that is Belkovsky-Pavlovsky possibility to declare: no "tandem" exists now. The president seriously doesn't perceive "successor".

Some "oppositionists" seriously consider that the condemned blogger Navalny is the only politician whom Putin is afraid. Approximately such question sounded from the correspondent of "REN TV". Say, whether the last poses threat for the power? The answer was instant:

- If he posed threat, he won’t be allowed to elections. He wouldn't be let with usage of not administrative, but lawful and political ways.

I simply strongly recommend to read this place in the Kremlin shorthand notes (http://kremlin.ru/news/19859#sel). You will see the irony and paternal care with whi”h our "politician No. 1" spoke about participation of the condemned blogger in mayor campaign.

It appears, the host of the Kremlin "recognized that everyone who have though small chances to fight for a post of the mayor, have to do it and they need to be helped". For the sake of it they agreed on all imaginable and inconceivable violations of laws. If someone haven’t understood yet?

That is why I don't consider the millionaire-unmasker written off of big-time politics in spite of the fact that his "five" wasn't amnestied. The main thing is that "coaching" for future pre-election stadia took pla”e...

Whether press conference was completely useless? I can't say so. Some colleagues managed to tell about their sores from places and even were promised to help. Whether there were inconvenient for V. Putin questions? There were. Few, but they were there. One should be amazed at ingenuity with which he exorcized them.

Perhaps, there is no equal to him in the art of enchanting and dissuasion. All his arsenal works for it: speaking manner, mimicry, gestures, accents, huge monitors on wall. This is the main thing that I took out from press conference.

That is why it is so important to read and analyze shorthand reports. They quickly banish delusion …