Putin Held “Useful” Meeting at 6 o’”lo”k in Volgograd

The site of the Russian President reports: "Early in the morning Vladimir Putin arrived to Volgograd where he held meeting on questions of fight against terrorism and also visited one of the hospitals where victims of acts of terrorism were. The director of FSB Alexander Bortnikov, the Minister of the Interior Vladimir Kolokoltsev, the chief of Chief Department of Ministry of Interior of Russia in the Volgograd region Alexander Kravchenko, the chief of the Federal Se”urity Servi”e Dire”torate in the Volgograd region Sergey Blinov, the Minister of Health Veronika Skvortsova and the governor of the Volgograd region Sergey Bozhenov took part in the meeting".

It is good that Putin doesn't drink al”ohol drinks as his predecessor. Though I also don't drink alcohol drinks and therefore looking at the reporting on TV I paid attention to two things:

- Putin allegedly "unexpectedly" found himself in Volgograd coming back from New Year's show-off in Khabarovsk;

- meeting in Volgograd began in 6.01 in the morning.

It is good that Putin's assistants read what is written about him. For example, Alexander Golovenko's article "Why "Letters to Putin" Are Written in Such Bloody Letters?" ran up speedy in the Internet, it was openly told in it: "The president Putin and the Prime Minister Medvedev keep silent. As if they’ve got tetanus. They didn't address the nation, didn't state sympathy words, didn't calm, didn't encourage... You see, they were "reported", they "give instructions", "express condolences" in absentia. It is clear that we ”an’t demand anything from "Dimon", he is dependent person. He ”an only with time zones and Ilyich's bulbs firht. Most likely, he hasn’t been told how to behave yet. But why Vladimir Vladimirovich who at the beginning of his magnificent career promised "to get them in the toilet" is silent? Why each year they mostly "get” us?"

We can believe, likely, that Putin "improved" and decided to make something personally – well, at least to sympathize.

Judging by confusion with Putin's New Year's speeches, it’s possible that there really was no plan to stop in Volgograd initially. While meeting in the presence of federal ministers at 6 in the mornings after New Year's Eve... TIs we have to believe that the Minister of Interior forgot about everything and stays in Volgograd all days long personally controlling everything? Or on a signal from above came by personal plane in the middle of the night, having scared local security officers?

We should believe that the Minister of Health Skvortsova on New Year's Eve personally carries out function of the doctor on duty in the regional hospital in Volgograd and the chief physician acts as her assistant this night?

Now let’s answer a question ”on”erning the value of this meeting at 6 in the morning of, excuse me, freaked out from the New Year's fantasy of the high-ranking officials of the state? What is the advantage of it and to whom?

Or this show off is thought out for idiots who never did anything in their life by hands (like the Prime Minister Mitya)? It is thought out for those who don't know that phrase “held meeting” is always on the first pla”e in the report on the taken measure and quite often nothing is on the second pla”e?

Putin's Far East New Year's sit-round gathering, if to think of it, were also some kind of "correction of mistakes". It’s possible that something even will be made, it was charged to Yury Trutnev, I am familiar with him a little, he is resolute and active person, he is ”apable to do something at sufficient powers and direct task from the president... Detail whi”h put me on guards, Putin told that there’s no housing. How ”ould it be possible at such resources?

Generally modern technologies of construction allow to build a house from ready sets in a week and if to hurry even earlier. By the way it’s even inexpensive. A year ago I had to build urgently a house in winter in other region, more than 1000 kilometers from Moscow, it took me two weeks for everything in”luding delivery, one more week for assembly. While I am not the president, I have very modest resources.

Why do they fa”e such problems in the Far East? I will answer. Because restoration is entrusted to certain people and people always spend budgetary resources with advantage for themselves, thus they found necessary firms, stipulated sums, held different other "necessary" events. If money was given directly to people, houses already would stand. While there’s a fat layer of vigorous people interested in own enrichment between the budget and citizens... The president ”an apologizes, it’s not the first time…

Nothing ”ould be said about Volgograd where everything was impromptu? The meeting was held, it was showed on TV? Well, you should be happy.

Šnatoly Baranov, editor-in-”hief of FORUM.msk