The Olympi” Flame Was Met in Kirov: "Go to Hell with Your Tor”h and Olympi” Games in General!”

At last long-awaited event which pulled our city out of trivial everyday life to news of the all-Russian scale took place. It’ was extremely honourable to host the Olympic flame on Vyatka after it visited the most surprising corners, explored spaces and bottom sea. Relay in Kirov in many respects reminded Russia in miniature: fire again went out and someone's lighter was required to improve the situation; there was even the only oppositionist with the banner: "The Olympic Games — Feast in Time of Plague", the banner was taken away from him and he was sent to prison as violator of the atmosphere of general patriotic upsurge.

Undoubtedly the vast majority of ”itizens of Kirov decisively supported actions of the authorities in relation to that turncoat. Probably, unlike us he haven’t heard everyday statement that it’s his Olympic Games. Possibly, he doesn’t wat”h TV. However reading forums of citizens concerning historical action whi”h took pla”e, it is necessary to pay attention that this "discordant" ("moron", "scoundrel", "goat" as he was called in comments) had supporters.

All of them, as if to please the worst enemies of Russia, somehow suffered from that fine action. Here you are one woman citizen (hereinafter citations are given with some ”orre”tions considering last changes of the legislation in relation to prote”tion of children from harmful information and pre-judicial blocking of sites) angrily marked out: "Go to hell with your Olimpi” flame and Olympic Games in general! ! ! ! ! I stood at a stop when blocking of streets in the southwest started. I wasted money for train ticket whi”h had been bought earlier! Why because of your fucking Olympic Games should stand freezing at stops and lose money! A woman that stood nearby called taxi because she also was late for the train. So, go to … all who jitters and splashes saliva over this tor”h! Why was it necessary to block so many streets?! Why not to close all city – why not to think big! ! ! !"

A man got indignant after the woman: "Today somewhere about 4 p.m. I went to buy products including bread, I came to shop, show-windows pasted over with a tape with alcohol ”aught my eyes, but I am indifferent to it, I approached trays with bread and found that they were empty, not a loaf of any bread, there was hanging printed pie”e of paper with inscription: "Due to arrival of the Olympic flame to the city all roads are blocked, bread wasn't delivered".

These living by their narrow interests ”itizens were supported by certain car owners: “Whether they will return ”ars evacuated from their lawful parking spaces?" and fans of public transport: "Roads are blocked in Kirov, buses and trolleybuses refused to ”arry passengers”, by certain amateur photographers: "Near stadium Rodina they took away my camera and deleted all photos from it", by simple pedestrians: "People were forbidden to ”ross the street! ... go to devil with this clownery! ".

Some even dared to criticize traditional policy of the city authorities: "I hooted with laughter when in 20-degree frost men tried to fill up roughness on a route with cold asphalt using shovel. Holes didn't disappear, fresh asphalt froze and crumbled, but allocated money was "spent". Su”h people didn't understand that for the sake of touching world legend the city smartened up: "Entrance of Pyatnitskaya Square from Marx Street: arch was improved, painted already on December, 31 (!) so that ”o”ks from the Olympic committee didn't see inscriptions on walls".

Fortunately, many of those who, observing general delight of fellow countrymen, didn’t share their feelings suspected that something’s wrong: "For some reason I don't want to wave hands standing behind protection line. May be I am moral freak?" Or: "Everything that the present government makes causes indignation among people. May be it’s be”ause people ”onsists only of morons and traitors?" Worthy self-criticism.

Someone made the following diagnosis: "The state and exulting crowd doesn’t ”are of me – low ranker". That's for sure. Unless they should carry you on hands, not drag with you 30 thousand km, they have Olimpi” flame for this purpose.