Restraint. Where Are You Going, Mr. Jonson?

Our American partners don't cease to surprise. NATO denied to render military assistance to Ukraine, however after personal request of Mr. Yatsenyuk the commander-in-chief Obama declared: "Be sure, you will have our strong support," — and ordered to send new allies 25 thousands packages of first-aid food kits with flameless heater. Ukrainians already sell these rations through the Internet. In English they are specified under abbreviation MRE. Army storekeepers decipher it as Meal, Ready to Eat (food ready for use), however storekeepers don't eat it, they have dining rooms on bases.

Not so linguistically advanced military personnel who happened to try it in field conditions believe that MRE actually means Meals Rejected by Ethiopians. This version appeared during hunger in Ethiopia. There are several other variants of interpretation of this abbreviation, but some of them are so naturalistic that I am not sure that edition will let me write it, in particular in the light of Puritan trends in our legislation.


I already reported that production of these very MRE (no matter what it means) is a smokescreen legend of the base of the American mercenaries involved in the project of destabilization of Russia located in the Hungarian Debrecen.

Three days ago it was reported that the director of CIA John Brennan visited Kiev where he carried out a number of meetings with the Ukrainian security officers. It was reported also that Mr. Brennan came using false passport, if I remember it correctly, in the name of Mr. Johnson. I also reported that decision on "counter-terrorist operation" against demonstrators in the southeast of Ukraine in particular in Slavyansk was made during those meeting and that release of special agent of CIA was real purpose of that operation.


Official Russian mass media repeated message on FORUM.msk with careful formulation "on not confirmed while data". "While" in this context means that “those who should” know all about these meetings. The American officials with a sour mine had to admit the fact of meetings, but to Slavyansk they, certainly, "had no direct relation".

In a sense it was even close to truth. The main meetings Mr. Johnson (or how-he-is-called) shocked with the Ukrainian rashness cancelled and went home. As it became clear, “home” is extensible concept. If dragonfly had "home and food under every leaf", the Hungarian Debrecen timely served the main plain-clothes man of a planet home.

One learns from mistakes. The Ukrainian international airports appeared not the most convenient place for confidential activity, it was possible to pay attention to it earlier. For example, I wrote long ago about secret meeting at the international airport "Uzhgorod". However there’s no deficiency of forms issued by the provisional Ukrainian government on free crossing of the Ukrainian border in Debrecen and Mr. Brennan, also known as Mr. Johnson and so on came back to Kiev on Tuesday April, 15. However, only for several hours.


There he managed to carry out a number of meetings which had to be postponed because of week-ends. Limited group of people know about strange movements of the director of CIA in Europe, and none of them hid fastidious irritation. Europeans for some reason consider that diplomats, not plain-clothes men accompanied by hired assassins should be engaged in solution of the Ukrainian crisis.

However I believe that such serious person as Mr. Brennan has very serious reasons to work this way. Whether the controller who lost the group of “the Ukrainian militiamen” near Slavyansk is his relative? However, I promised to stop behaving as "irresponsible blogger" according formulation of the responsible company "Academi". Therefore well, I am ready to keep silent. As one inhabitant of Kiev formulated, I will be silent hallucination.