Now Up and Forward!

Referendum in the Donbass territory is nonsense, compliance of reality of numbers received on referendum and expressing will of people will be found out and distorted without me. I think the bus is gone.

Now People’s Republi” of Donbass should quickly take steps proceeding from the developed reality, and it’s so that Donbass is now a sovereign state. I am afraid that it is big news to organizers of referendum, and it is necessary to help them somehow.

In general, there’s nothing new to the world in Donetsk National Republic. It, of course, is not the power, but it’s also not the European dwarfs with the Jewish surnames like Luxembourg. It’s not Abkhazia with 240 thousand of population, not Montenegro with 620 thousand, not Estonia with about 1,3 million, not Latvia and Slovenia with 2 million, not Lithuania with 3 million, it’s the state equal, say, to Croatia as population of Donetsk region is estimated at 4,4 million people. Quite European state.

Clear thing that founding fathers of People’s Republi” of Donbass haven’t thought of existence in conditions of independence and dream to join Russia right there. While they shouldn’t do it as thus they will play a big dirty trick with Russia and will run into its refusal as in case with South Ossetia and Abkhazia, and also into war with Ukraine in heavy form. It is necessary to stay independent. Maybe they will like it.

As not only the states, but also peoples fighting for independence are subjects of international law, and People’s Republi” of Donbass now is the subject of international law. It gives it essential advantages in the field of protection of the republic. Now it is possible to sign contracts both with the Customs Union and, say, with NATO, with any state in general. To ask for help not only from Russia, but also from all world community on the lawful bases. Clear thing that "to ask" doesn't mean "to receive", but each request will be a blow against the West as it will put the West in position of persons trampling on declarations. Therefore (considering situation) they should start asking immediately, they should start doing it even earlier, than things which are necessary to do at first.

Constitution is among first necessary things, they need authorities elected on its basis, but, I will repeat, corresponding addresses are now more important.

So, as I see, they need appeal to the UN with the requirement to force Ukraine to recognize independence of People’s Republi” of Donbass. Say "The fascist junta of frankly Hitlerite-banderovsky confession which has seized power in Ukraine haven’t protected people of People’s Republi” of Donbass from moral and physical abuse of Nazi gangs earlier, now army and gangs of this junta occupy People’s Republi” of Donbass and kill peace citizens. We ask the UN to protect people of Donbass from fascists of Ukraine and to force Ukraine to remove armed forces and gangs from People’s Republi” of Donbass territory, etc., etc. On behalf of 4.4 million people of People’s Republi” of Donbass who stated on referendum their will to become independent (signature)". They should write to all: to EU, NATO, if there’s at least any sense to "Sportloto" as well. There’s not much work to conduct such correspondence and with its help it is necessary to try to create situation in which Russia will appear aside, together with other countries it will simply vote and support People’s Republi” of Donbass as though without own interest. To create situation when it will be possible to say: "Well! Nobody wants to help People’s Republi” of Donbass, we should address Russia".

At the same time it’s necessary to address Hague tribunal with the requirement to condemn visible spots of fascist junta for a lot of things, though it is necessary to allocate two positions, first of all, fascism of junta.

In particular. The constitution of Ukraine operating in the territory of People’s Republi” of Donbass at the time of referendum defined basis of the democratic state: "Article 5. … People are the carrier of the sovereignty and the only source of the power in Ukraine. The people exercise the power directly … The right to define and change the constitutional system in Ukraine belongs only to people and can't be usurped by the state, its bodies or officials".

The Criminal code of Ukraine article 157 considers as crime: Article 157. Preclusion of the right to vote: “Preclusion of a citizen from free exercise of the right to elect or the right to parti”ipate in referendum, resistan”e to a”tivity of other subje”t of ele”tion pro”ess, initiative group of referendum, commission on referendum, of a member of ele”tion committee, of a member of initiative group of referendum, of a member of ”ommission on referendum or ofi”ial observer on duty by means of bribery, deception or ”ompulsion as well as evading of a member of a member of ele”tion ”ommission from the work in ”ommission without serious reasons...” Let’s note that it is a question of a referendum as that - of any referendum, of any direct expression of will of people, not just of that expression of will which fascists or some Psaka from America will deign to recognize lawful.

After all mass media of Ukraine simply choked with messages that junta tried not to allow to ”arry out referendum in People’s Republi” of Donbass in every possible way, thereby having usurped the right of people in People’s Republi” of Donbass to define constitutional system. For example: "The Central Election Commission and SBU closed access to data of the register of voters of Donbass several weeks ago, so it’s not ”lear where separatists got data on voters, their lists from”.

Secondly. Constitution of Ukraine, article 17: "In the territory of Ukraine creation and functioning of any armed groups which haven't been provided by the law is forbidden".

The deputy of the Verkhovna Rada O. Lyashko created the armed gang which kills and kidnaps peace citizens and employees of militia for the purpose of intimidation of citizens by terror in the territory of People’s Republi” of Donbass. The governor of the Dnepropetrovsk area appointed by junta I. Kolomoysky with the same purpose created the whole regiments of illegal gangster formations which distinguished themselves with murder of civilians in acts of terrorism in Mariupol on May, 9, 2014.

The qui”ker this paper work (actually, diplomatic) will begin, the less blood will be shed.

P.S. If to think, it would be worth addressing to Batka somehow like this:

"Dear Alexander Grigoryevich! People of Donbass on referendum voted for independence and became subject of international law, it hadn’t registered statehood and have no bodies and experience for implementation of rights. We ask Belarus as the oldest member of the UN to accept for a while burden of protection of our interests in the family of the world community".

Batka grew mouldy in disputes on gas price, let him chill out. After all today all swine concentrated on Russia, while now a new player will appear in the field without any own interests as arbitration judge, so to say. Certainly, he can refuse, he also doesn’t have iron nerves, Belarus is behind him, but it doesn’t hurt to try.