Officers Of KGB Carried Off The Deputies Of the Georgian Parliament In The Nights

There's such newspaper - "The Washington Times". Not very respective but rather readable and quite influential after the coming of Republicans to power in the USA. Due to the fact that it expresses positions very congenial to their party if not by letter then by the spirit. There's such country - Georgia. Not very respectable but quite visible in the international policy after coming to power of proamerican leadership. As a splinter in the elephant's ass. Not because of its significance, but because of the size of the object in which it's stuck.  

Not so long ago the newspaper "The Washington Times" has published an article of Tsotne Bakuriya - former deputy of the Georgian parlament, now - the researcher invited to the University of George Washington. We congratulate respected University for having so valuable researcher and with felling close to ecstasy have acquainted with his creation.

"I grew up during communism time, - T. Bokeriya writes, - when its rough and obstinate hand was grasping the neck of my country. It was forbidden to drink coca-cola. One could find oneself in the Siberian gulag to be termed for 12 years for watching of Hollywood films. Do you read Alexander Solzhenitsin? Then it's better to drink at once arsenic on the following morning and to end it all quicker".

Let's leave some inaccuracy: it's impossible to grow up during communism time as long as it wasn't built up. By this word "communism" mister researcher Bokeriya names that regime at which he grew up and which was called socialism, sometimes - developed socialism.

However obstinate hand of communism didn't let Mr. Bokeriya to drink coca-cola. To tell the truth, exactly during socialism time in USSR Pepsi-cola was being sold at the every corner, the factory for its production was even built. In reality coca-cola wasn't produced but there was nothing to be said about its prohibition. But what an impression it should produce on the American not very literate reader - coca-cola was forbidden!

Well, about the Siberian gulag, about the imprisonment for the whole 12 years for the watching of Hollywood films - a simply killing blow to communism. It's true that during Brezhnev sentences for 12 years weren't pronounced for any "policy". The name GULAG itself has gone out of use long before the epoch the author describes. At the time prisons were under the jurisdiction of Central Administrative Board of Reformatory Institutions. How it sounds!

"Once my classmate appeared in the yard in new running shoes Nike, - the researcher Bokeriya writes further. - He disappeared mysteriously for 3 weeks from school right after it. It was found out that he spent whole days in the local police station where he was questioned what relations his family had in America that sent him such symbols of decaying West?"

At the time which Mr. Bokeriya describes running shoes "Adidas" had been already produced under license on several Soviet factories. Shoes Nike could be met rarely - they were stitched in Kimry of Kaliningrad region. The most interesting is where Mr. Bokeriya found "police" in the USSR? It's possible, of course, to muddle it with militia but if the young man that was mentioned was suspected in speculations of import goods (that's what could be interesting for "authorities" (not the love for import shoes by itself), then he was questioned only by the State Security Committee under the article "smuggling". If it so then the young man got off with it easily. Contraband or "fartsovka" wasn't welcomed in the USSR, it can't be helped.

"Tortures of the journalists, - the researcher Bokeriya, however, continues to frighten his employer. - Murders of oppositionists. I remember how we listen to the 'Voice of America' in mouldy, dank cellar through the howl of Soviet jammers and were afraid to be sent for it to prison. At nights black cars stopped; KGB officers with "Kalashnikovs" atilt, in black leather coats grasped innocent people and took them away to the night".

For the first time I saw Kalashnikov in the hands of law guard in the postSoviet time already. During the USSR time militia didn't take to the duty even basic "makarov" getting by with empty holster. The "Voice of America" was possible to listen to at home, it wasn't necessary to get into the cellar for this occasion. Besides radio works worse there.

It's interesting to know who among oppositionists was killed in the Soviet time? Some were imprisoned, some were sent to receive medical treatment to the special places as Novodvorskaya, for example. All in all there were 200 "oppositionists" during Brezhnev time (18 years) in the country with population of 270 million people. Could it be explained by something else than obfuscation the visions of the researcher Bokeriya of the mops of KGB officers on the streets of the provincial Georgian town where he came from. It seems that dissidents of the Georgian origin could be calculated on the fingers of one hand...

May be Mr. Bokeriya researches the degree of credulity of the American reader? And his text is nothing else than the text for non-critical perception. i.e. for the subnormalness of the Americans? It's unbelievable that American employers pay him for such type of experiments on the readers who are besides Americans.

Nevertheless, it looks like it.

Here you are the interpretation of the modern Russian policy by the researcher Bokeriya addressing to the American reader.

"Russia - is the country-tough. It punishes its neighbors - those ones that are smaller than itself - at that punishes fine and boldly. President Vladimir Putin - is well-educated person but he needs to get power to his hands. Many people think that he - is a strong leader of the Kremlin. It's not so in reality. Behind the crusade against democratic countries which, by the way, goes also inside of Russia stand ultranationalists headed by the leader of the Liberal Party Vladimir Zhirinovsky, corrupt multi-millionaire-homophob Yury Luzhkov and the left - thus Albert Makashov nicknamed "Black General" and the head of the Communist Party in Russia Gennady Zuganov".

Of course, in comparison with mayors of the biggest European capitals who are not ashamed being homosexual or in comparison with Georgian "elite" among which unisexual love means to be an indication of "europeism", Luzhkov looks like homophob. The mayor of Moscow didn't forbid import of the vine and mineral water from Georgia. As well as it wasn't done by Zuganov, Makashov or Zhirinovsky. They simply don't have enough power and the influence of parliamentary opposition on the decisions of the executive power in Russia is next to zero. It's known to everyone in Russia but not to the Americans. As well as the nickname of Albert Makashov "Black General".  

Instead if tomorrow "well-educated" Putin makes his mind to dump all sins of his own management to the powerless and week opposition, he will he supported in the USA with pleasure, if only it will be followed by changes in the external and internal policies. It's evident that there is some interest in all this of the researcher Bokeriya who chose this time as the object not Americans but Russian "elite".  

However the result of the research of Mr. Bokeriya can find out to be not as he thinks it to be.

Today it is obvious to all, including the Kremlin, that among the Georgian "elite" there is not a person who is more or less sincerely oriented on Russia, who wants normal - we don't talk about good - relations between the Georgians and Russian.

The only people in Georgia as well as in other postSoviet republics who support integration processes with Russia - are ones from the old Soviet elite and new leaders from the Communists - successors of the Republican Comparties of the USSR times. First or last but even successive liberals  who are responsible now for the policy of the Kremlin on the postSoviet space will understand that there is no one to talk to on the national republics besides the Communists.  

It happened so that slagged off and deprived of all in the republics Communists are destined to unreciprocated love with Russia. Once Russia will return them their love. That will be the time when American Universities and Research Centers will be forced to get run-away "researchers" in large numbers with their families and domestic animals.

It's true that there is a risk that American Universities will look like subnormal institutes then.