The Nobel Prize - to the Banker Violating the Koran

The Nobel winner of this year, the founder of Bangladesh bank "Gramin" Muhammad Junus who was given the Nobel Prize of the world for "contribution to struggle against poverty and to the economic and social development" on the solemn ceremony in Oslo on Sunday, vividly reminded that the prize had been founded by large businessmen in the field of manufacture and trade of dynamite. Why don’t the money earned on death not to hand over to the banker who gave credits and was gotting enriched?

By the way, despite of long-term efforts of the Nobel laureate, Bangladesh still remains one of the poorest countries in the world. GNP per capita - $235.

This year organizers has divided the prize in two – the lauretes become Muhammad Junus  and bank “Gramin” as an organisation.

"The Norwegian Nobel committee decided to award the Nobel Prize of the world for 2006 to Muhammad Junus and to bank "Gramin" for their efforts on promotion of economic and social development from below. Long-term peace cannot be reached, if large groups of the population cannot get out of poverty. System of microcredits (which founder is Muhammad Junus) – is one of means to achieve this purpose. Development from below also serves for the development of democracy and human rights", - is said in the decision of the Nobel committee.

In his Nobel speech Muhammad Junus expressed hope that the Nobel Prize to bank "Gramin" would inspire also others on struggle against poverty - it is necessary to say that in Russia it had already inspired Abramovich, Friedman, Potanin, Vekselberg, Bogdanchikov and many others. They willingly struggle with poverty in the country where almost universal poverty is a result of appearence of their multi-billion fortunes.

"I think that this honour we are awarded will inspire other people all over the world on courageous initiatives on struggle against poverty", - Junus said. One more time - have already inspired, at that initiatives of some fighters with poverty turned out to be so courageous that they ended in long-term imprisonment.

According to chairman of the Nobel committee, adjudgement of the award is not only a recognition of merits of Muhammad Junus  and bank "Gramin", but also symbolical gesture in support of the Islamic world. It is especially touching as soon as the Koran strictly and unambiguously forbids collection of loan percent.

The professor of economy Muhammad Junus who received education in the USA was born in 1940 to Bangladesh - one of the poorest countries of the world. Since 1974 Junus participated in struggle against famine on the native land but already in 1976 Junus established bank "Gramin" which was engaged in issuing microcredits to poor Bangladesh people - so, he was enough snappy fighter with famine and poverty. From 1976 to 2005 the bank issued more than 4 million credits for a total sum of about $5 billion.

With such rates of enrichment due to inhabitants of the poorest country in the world, the Nobel Prize of $1,4 million it is possible to distribute it among poor.