Are Israel and Iran Ready to the Exchange of Nuclear Impackts?

British weekly journal The Sunday Times has published an article in which it affirms that Israel has prepared the secret plan of destruction of nuclear objects of Iran by means of the tactical nuclear weapon. However, this edition has just informed that Alexander Lebedev has been poisoned by polonium therefore the deputy had to give special explanations as to what he really said and what did not in the interview.

Nevertheless, referring to "some Israeli military sources", The Sunday Times writes that two squadrons of the Air Forces of Israel are preparing for bombardment of nuclear objects of Iran with application of the tactical nuclear bombs intended for destruction of underground bunkers. Each such bomb would have the capacity equivalent of 1/15 of that nuclear bomb which was dumped to Hiroshima in 1945. As this information is being distributed by "Central Jewish resource" it is possible to count that they have the possibility at least minimally check the trustworthy of the information of “Israeli military sources”.  Or they just simply take part in PR campaign aiming to make pressure on Iran.

Nevertheless, it is affirmed that the main target of bombardment can become a factory on enrichment of uranium in Natanz. According to a version of the edition, Israel has defined three main objectives for tactical nuclear attack: 1) Natanz, 2) Isfahan, 3) Arak. I.e. Israel is going to repeat a "feat" of the USA which have put nuclear attacks on cities with peaceful population - such, as Isfahan.

In opinion of "some analysts", The Sunday Times writes, the Iranian punishment for such impact can be different: "the termination of oil deliveries to the West or acts of terrorism on the Jewish targets all over the world”.

In the article there is even a place of basing of squadrons of the Air Forces of Israel which should execute mission on liquidation of nuclear objects of Iran: base "Hazerim" (Negev) and base "Tel Nof" (to the south from Tel Aviv). General-major Eliezer Shkedi – commander-in-chief of Air Forces of Israel takes care of the preparations for operation, The Sunday Times writes.

Thus referring to "the sources close to the Pentagon" the edition marks that the USA "hardly will approve use of the tactical nuclear weapon".

The article ends with the citation from the application of the deputy minister of defense of Israel Ephraim Sne: "The time when Israel and the international community should decide, whether to begin military actions against Iran is coming".

Morning news releases of state radio station "Kohl Israel" in the morning on January, 7th began with mentioning of the article in The Sunday Times. Official Jerusalem hasn’t been reacting to this publication for a long time.

About 10 o’clock in the morning the anonymous source in the Israeli management asserts agency AFP: "This absurd information is being spread by the newspaper which earlier published articles under sensational headlines which were not proved to be true later. The assumption that we are going to make a nuclear attack across Iran, moreover have told about it to the foreign newspaper, is simply ridiculous".

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran reacting to the publication in the British edition declared that the Iranian army would immediately answer by impact in case of aggression from Israel.

After midday agency AP transferred that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel denied information containing in publication of The Sunday Times. However, no messages on this theme appeared on an official site the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel.

Minister of strategic planning of Israel Avigdor Liberman abstains from comments on a theme of the publication. In the office of the head of the government of Israel given article is also being ignored, "Central Jewish resource" informs. It is remarkable. What is the reason then of giving such details about the targets, time and place of making of nuclear attacks?Editorial staff of FORUM.msk, certainly, does not consider, that the exclusive information about the deliveries to Iran o the Russian systems of air defence, completed ahead of schedule, is somehow connected with the given information about intentions of Israel to make a strike across Iran. We, certainly, are not going to participate in propaganda games on someone's side. However, the contract on the delivery to Iran of 29 pieces of Air Defense System "Top-M1" made by Izhevsk electromechanical factory "Kupol" as well as training of the Iranian personnel was fulfilled and even paid off in the last dates of December, 2006.  

Developing theme of Military Technical Cooperation of Russia with Iran Ruslan Saidov said that the political conflictness of such cooperation’s great. It is caused by pressure and sanctions of the USA and threats of Israel to make a strike (probably, nuclear) on the Iranian nuclear objects. At the same time, in opinion of Saidov, it is not possible to write off probability that Russia nevertheless will deliver to Iran Air Defense Systems S-300PMU2, the same as the ones transferred in spring of 2006 to Belarus and promised to Algeria within the limits of the contract signed with it. The themes of possible deliveries to Iran of Radiolocation Systems from Russia and “Kolchuga” from the Ukraine remains to be interesting.