The President of "Gazprom" Wrongly Supervises Non-profile Actives of Joint Stock Company "Russian Federation"

Russia will expand its network on transportation of oil and gas in all directions to reduce dependence on transit states, the president of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin declared on Sunday after negotiations with the chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel in Sochi. As he said, Russia will accelerate works on lining of pipeline systems to the coast of Pacific Ocean. If to recollect that there’s no even normal asphalted road, only a soil one from the Central Russia to the Far East, priorities of the president Putin will become clear.

In due time Brezhnev in order to connect parts of the country built Baikal-Amur Mainline, imperial Russia had built Trans-Siberian line before him. Putin decided to restrict himself by the pipeline.

"We shall expand opportunities on transportation of hydrocarbons the north including northwest of the Russian Federation to reduce our dependence on the transit states", - Putin has declared. Thus he noted that Russia is not against construction of a branch from the North-European gas main to Poland. "We are not against a branch to Poland. We are ready to work on equal in rights basis. We are not against construction of a branch to Sweden and to other countries. We only need to understand the volumes which we can deliver using this pipeline”, - the president said later in the conversation with journalists in café of press-centre demonstrating considerable erudition in this sphere. It was felt that the theme was really interesting to him.

Putin also declared that Russia was ready to create gas storage together with the German partners on the territory of Germany. "Thus Germany will become one of the centres of gas distribution in the Europe that will raise energy security in Europe", - he told, probably, letting know Angela Merkel that she also can participate in the given business. She will sooner or later cease to be chancellor and then, similarly to Shreder, she can apply on much more attractive, than the post of the chancellor, post of administrator of the gas storage or, at worst, of gas distributive station.

According to Putin, Russia bears huge loses which are measured in billions dollars annually from non-observance of market principles. "No other country in the world has been rendering such support to other countries during 15 years. Meanwhile we ourselves, as madam - chancellor noted, have pensioners, teachers, doctors, social sphere. Why we should subsidize economy of other countries in such scale?" - the president of the Russian Federation said at press conference.

It means that it is necessary to make two conclusions - unlike Russia "Gazprom" has no either geopolitic or defensive, strategic interests, hence, Putin also doesn’t have ones. Hence, even indirect charges on maintenance of position of Russia as regional superstate seem to Putin empty squandering, while citizens of the former USSR - are simple freeloaders setting their bags for another's goods.

The level of the argument of the president approximately corresponds to a level of the average housewife - "there are also pensioners, teachers, doctors, social sphere" - that is here is used a phrase which is for a long time run in on various Internet-forums as argument "for people". It is supposed that "people" is not able to calculate and cannot estimate dependence of the sizes of their pensions and social benefits on a price level on energy carriers. For some reason, receiving up to 100 billion dollars a year from trade in energy carriers, Russia will sharply improve its material welfare having saved 3 billion dollars due to Belarus. The result would be the same from refusal to built skyscraper of “Gazprom-oil” in Saint-Petersburg which cost is just these 3 billions dollars, by the way it is financed from the city budget, the money saved could be send on the increase of pensions and benefits.   

But zealous and economic president will hardly dispose of "superfluous" money so irrationally. He for a long time treats budgetary charges on social needs as the large company to not profile actives – let’s recollect recent All-Russia campaign on transfer of objects of social sphere from rich enterprises to poor municipalities. Or we can recollect as the government fought with the same pensioners for monetarization of privileges - that is again for the decrease of pressure on the budget from the part of “on-hangers” – this time own, local.

As to the rhetoric and during the pre-election year – why not to recollect about “on-hangers” and to defend their interests from neighbour ones?