Mironov Is Not Averse to Make Social - Democratic Love with Zyuganov

The leader of "Fair Russia", speaker of the Federation Council Sergey Mironov does not exclude that the party headed by him will be united in future with the Communist Party of the Russian Federation. "I am convinced that in the nearest historical prospect of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and "Fair Russia" will be united on the basis of social democratic positions", - he declared in the interview to magazine "Itogy".

At the moment "management of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation in the name of Gennady Zyuganov is not inclined to negotiations", Mironov recognised. At the same time, according to the leader of "Fair Russia" "came into contact" with "simple and rated members of the party" and even "there are certain arrangements".

Earlier Mironov repeatedly declared that "Fair Russia" carries out "dense cooperation" with communists in regional parliaments also, ITAR-TASS marks. Thus he recognised that it's not high time to talk about prospects of unification of the parties considering "special position" of the leader of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Gennady Zyuganov.

Let's notice also that by data of "Independent Newspaper", unification of the left forces on platform of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation was discussed on November, 26th at a meeting with Zyuganov by Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. Thus the power on the threshold of elections of 2011 tries to reanimate the project of creation of two-party system, experts consider.

ironov Predicted Dualization of "Edinaya Russia"

In interview to magazine the leader of "Fair Russia" also assumed that "at a certain stage "Edinaya Russia" can undergo some changes" as "creation" of clubs on interests" inside the party - patriotic, liberal and social - does not solve problems".

"I do not exclude that after 2011 (it will hardly occur earlier), when the Duma will be elected for five years delimitation could take place inside "Edinaya Russia" and two or three parties will appear on its place", - Mironov said. Thus he added that "Fair Russia" - "if to leave personnel aside" - ideologically is more close to the "social" wing of "Edinaya Russia".

From editorial board: In due time we already wrote about the tendency to simplify political space in the Russian Federation. It is also a consequence of the subjective reasons - personal littleness of "the ruling lieutenant colonel" who is busy to understand artful designs of political circumstances. But there is also an objective reason - it's name social-cultural degradation, regress which the Russian society undergoes today.


Everything's being reduced and becoming primitive, it would be strange that political layer being only reflexion of economic and social life of a society remained too complex against the general simplicity. It does not happen so.

We have already described, how "class" of the Soviet nomenclature (actually not a class but "subproduct", a protoclass) turned to a leading class of a modern Russian society - parasitic class, which basic resource is power, which basic form of assignment of not earned profit is "status rent" and the property though having the character of the private all the same represents easily alienated element, in essence it's in "common-cash-fund"s" management of the whole ruling group.

As its historical predecessor bourgeoisie was born from the bowels of a feudal society, new parasitic class was born from the bowels of industrial society. However if bourgeoisie simultaneously with the process of own formation generated own class of grave-diggers, industrial proletariat, new parasitic class took lessons of history into consideration and knocked down formation of its class-antagonist ("new proletariat") which in today's Russia is in the rudimentary, non-formed condition.

However, progress stop became payment for this class victory even prior to the beginning of class war. Historical progress moves on antagonism of two leading classes of society - oppressed and the oppressor. We have only one completely formed class, realising its interests - oppressor. Naturally, because of lack of progress and against the general social-cultural degradation this new parasitic class, having only just generated, began to degrade with quickened pace - it turned to a class of "neofeudal lords", only instead of latifundia and serfs there is power and status rent in its property.

On its degrading essence the ruling class considers national economy as "the black box", which has entrance and target data and what occurs inside, what grows ripe in some Pikalevo - by and large it's not interesting to the authority. Enter site of the Government of the Russian Federation, site of any ministry and you will see there are neither tools of direct directive management of state property, nor functions of this management - only continuous tariff and non-tariff regulation. Pure feudalism, only on new technological base. Barin sits in Moscow or London, asks for render (it is necessary to watch after corvee personally) and demands new parcels with money from "manor".

Naturally, for such way of management ("regulation") it is desirable to have the simplest levers. Ideally - two buttons - right and left. Press the right button - peasants begin to squeak but more money comes. Press left one - serfs sighed easier but there's less money and it is necessary to press again urgently the right.

"Neofeudal lords" are less interested in what's happening in the parliament, on meetings, in assemblies and on kitchens, than what's going on at factories and mills. It is better that nothing's going on anywhere. In this case the Communist Party of the Russian Federation under control of Zyuganov is almost ideal "left button" of the authority - after eruption of last inner-party distemper in the person of "neo-Trotskyists" presail preparation of Zyuganov's party is finished.

For true left opposition it's some kind of positive signal, display of full clearness - now power will appear in its integrity and it will be possible without a shadow of a doubt to consign it to the dustbin of history together with both buttons - right and left.

By the way, I will remind, who ate away barin sitting abroad and waiting for monetary parcels from a manor - own managing director.

natoly Baranov, neo-Trotskyist