Medvedev on the Funerals of Enemy of Russia Again Kicked Stalin
Yesterday's funeral of enemy of Russia and Russian people Mr. Kachinsky in a royal crypt in Krakov once again showed to the world that Russia still had not grown to such titans of thought as biys from Petersburg suburbs Putin and Medvedev. May be they are not bad themselves but they are obsessed by Napoleon's complex, envy and childish manners. They got used to live following not morals and law and by the code of criminals.
What could be done with those who consider Sobchak as their teacher? They say it was enough to breathe miasmata of his mayoralty for half an hour and the hand of the most fair person automatically reached a pocket of the tram passenger.

What example could be taken from Sobchak? You are mistaken, the one could have learned a lot! He could learn the art of boundless demagogy, lie and deceit. Neglect to law, the Constitution, abuse of the Soviet Army, Soviet Union, its heroic past. Dislike for all our people. It is said by me - Golovenko Alexander Mihajlovich who wrote about dirty tricks of Sobchak at a time when major Putin control some House of Friendship in Dresden and thought where to leave to from state security bodies.

There's nothing surprising in the fact that the ways of these two political rascals converged. As well as there's nothing surprising that plain senior lecturer Dimochka Medvedev ready to all appeared to be near, at the time of arising "bandit capital" it was beyond his endurance to live on the modest salary of the lecturer of transport law. Without possessing anything outstanding - either mind, or talents, or knowledge, or organising skills he wished to have riches and gaping heights. He received them on credit.
Only for one April, on the eve of 65-year-old anniversary of the Victory of the Soviet people over Hitlerite Germany the world understood: if these two political puny creatures in "tandem" wheeled and dealt with the USSR in 41st year, it would not overcome Hitler. It would not break a ridge to a fascist animal and would not release all world from Fascism. For defeatism is a peculiar feature of both. Because none European leader, no country, including the USA let himself such disrespect of own history, such public dishonor of comrade Stalin - the main organizer of defeat of the German fascism. Only Putin and Medvedev are ready to kiss ass of liberal Antirussian rumps to humiliate heroic past of the Soviet country, veterans and workers of the home front.

Nobody obliged Medvedev to fly to take part in funerals of the enemy of Russia Mr. Kachinsky. Madam Sliski would be enough. Obviously, the dead made much less meanness to the people of France or Germany. However their heads - Sarkozy and Merkel - as well as other leaders of EU preferred to avoid visiting mourning ceremony in Krakow. Everyone had reasons but one thing is clear: they are much more tempted in world politics and its secret springs, than not knowing life professorial sonny Dima Medvedev. Who visiting today farms with childish squeal touched cows' bags being surprised with appearing milk. Till 40 years he thought that milk extract from packages. And rolls grow on a tree. And the earth has the suitcase form.

The Poles received what they wanted enticing Medvedev on funeral feast. They received, as well as from Putin, repentance "for Katyn". Though exactly these days tens documents appeared testifying that the Polish officers were shot by fascists. At least, it was necessary to pretend that these materials deserve separate research and they need to be rechecked once again. Thus any head of the state respecting his country and people would do being for no reason forced by tiny neighbouring power to repent. That one for which freedom and independence hundred thousand Soviet soldiers gave their lives.

What are you talking about! Young field marshal Medvedev categorically declares picturesquely posing next to a plane gangway:

- The Katynsky tragedy is a crime commited by Stalin and a number of his henchmen. Position of the Russian state on the question has beedn formulated long time ago and remains invariable.
That's all! It's done. Further rattlings of the Kremlin kid that this tragedy should serve to the search of rapprochement of our peoples - are not necessary. Poles on a step came nearer to pulling out apologies from the lips of Petersburg boys Putin and Medvedev. To invent some kind of "Holokost-2" and to start exhausting hundred billions dollars from our people-winner as indemnifications for "victims of Stalin reprisals".
Putin and Medvedev couldn't invent the worst gift to our veterans and workers of the home front on the eve of Victory Day. As well as the best gift to our enemies.