Foreboding of the Third World War

20 years had hardly passed as the period of peaceful co-existence of the capital with itself ended, Putin announced in Germany. As soon as serious players of policy have started talking in such a tone, one have to wait for a serious turmoil, in comparison with which cat and mouse with terrorists will seem primitive board game. Meanwhile everything looked so good. World capsystem has digested socsystem without serious consequences and hasn't choked, even vise versa grown fat, what do they couldn't share now?

Here you are one more call. The microinsult at the Chinese stock exchange slightly stirred up the world markets. But as they say in the news though the Chinese economy is overheated, the potential of its development is unlimited therefore everything will be ok. In fact about two years ago it was possible to hear only the many-voiced vigorous chorus amicably praising Chinese miracle (to tell you the truth these dithyrambs have strongly subsided for the last ten months). So, now it seems that the miracle had slightly got overheated.

In addition here you are the Chinese who declare at the highest level about almost double increase of their military charges.

All this one by one are small roughnesses on a clear face of the world capital but if to compare them and look at the picture as a whole everything look not so radiant. Apocalyptic features of world crisis which can pour out into the third world war are evident.

The reasons of this crisis throw back to the times of destruction of the USSR when total plunder of means and resources of our country by the world capital occurred. Originally, certainly, means flowed away of Russia leaked to the countries of gold billion and were directed on consumption of capitalists and increase of well-being of their population. But after a short while it got through their nostrils and that was taken by the West from Russia began to be invested in huge scales into those regions of globe where they should give the utmost profit. These are regions with cheap labour, ready to master these investments. China appeared to be the most suitable and favourable. It is impossible to say that earlier the imperialistic states of gold billion did not invest capitals into economy of China. But that natural process went on slowly enough, that investment was carried out gradually in process of reception and capitalizations of profit in China and countries of Southeast Asia. Those means were few, because of it (and not because of the political reasons) even reclamation of the Southeast markets of cheap labour began at first not from China but from small countries - Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan, etc So, with the wreck of socialism the economy of the USSR appeared to be thrown on plunder. Huge additional product accumulated in its industrial potential during the process of privatization began to be converted into the profit of the world capital. As a matter of fact it looked like "a quick quid, please". The world capitalist economy did not know such outburst of profit growth. Till now it's not clear what consequences of this explosion will be. Its powerful shock wave is only gaining strength and nobody can foresee what direction it will have. Though the main direction can be traced even now.

So, approximately five first years of "triumphal procession" of bourgeois authority in Russia we invested direct consumption of the rich West. It was pure loss, these means are completely lost by Russia. Then the means began to be invested (it will be more precisely to say reinvested) into development of the industry basically of China and Southeast Asia. A little more time passed and those investments began to make a profit. Certainly investments were made not by Russia but by those who had plundered it, accordingly that were they who gained the profit. Actually, what it means to us, finders keepers, looses weepers, if we were not wise enough to carry out imperialistic policy and to get additional product from China directly, then we have to keep silent, prepare on the sly a sheet for a shroud. In fact if to count, it will appear, that the economy of Russia is practically is completely destroyed, everything that's possible is extorted. But in fact, we seem to be still alive and there are even there conversations about stabilization and even restoration of economy. So what has happened? Somebody from Marx followers decided that capitalism had already started functioning in full in our country, that's the industrial capital began to receive enough surplus value from exploitation of our domestic working class, enough both for consumption and for restoration of industry. But industrial production remains to be destroyed as before. A number of working class engaged in manufacture hasn't been growing. The only thing that is supported in an efficient working condition is - extraction of minerals and industry directly supporting consumption and at last military complex began its restoration recently. So whence the means not only for the maintenance of the population but also for huge profits of the Russian capital appeared in the country? The answer is simple: we test the "shock" wave of economic explosion that we mentioned about. Golden billion failed to swallow that magnificent quantity of additional product which started to appear from introduction into the sphere of capitalistic exploitation of multi million mass of the Chinese population after investment of the capital stolen from Russia by the West. And here the scraps from a lordly table fell down to us. Now, strangely enough, the world economic needs Russia as a consumer. Easier speaking, we were allowed to jump on a footstep of the golden billion. Hurray, the dream of the idiots destroyed the USSR has come true. The country suffered 15-years of shock not for nothing. Long live the light imperialistic future! But whether our joy is not too early? In fact the West has suddenly intended to feed us not from fat city? What we considered to be the blessing appears a terrible harbinger of world accident. World crisis of overproduction is coming. Really, free of charge profit received from a robbery of the Soviet economy invested in the world economy caused enormous growth of industrial production. Only who will buy so much ready-made products? There are not nonsaturated commodity markets on the Earth. If the golden billion tries to shift its digestive functions to Russia then business is for sure not good!

It should be said that this stream of the additional product made in China only starts its movement towards us, it will start growing avalanchely. Actually we already observe symptoms of this avalanche. It's clear with a stock exchange - China produces too many products and the market (which indicator the stock exchange is) cannot drain all these products to the consumer, while the consumer has no time to use it to release a place to new portions of the product ready to destruction.

Meanwhile it's not so easy with arms race though here we have purely economic reasons. The matter is that militarization is the most simple and effective way of destruction of the product produced. It's easier to convince the consumer (the inhabitant, common taxpayer) in necessity of protection against external threats, it is enough simply to frighten him (and you can do everything you like with him). As you can see the classical thesis that the policy is the concentrated economy thus proves to be true.

Well, heaps of weapons which will grow soon near to present hills will be very difficult to save up from intended application, in fact as it is known even one gun on a wall can shoot in the third act. In our tragedy it's only the end of the first act.