Capitulation of NATO before Taliban Is - a Question of Time

Chill in relations between Russia and the West in many respects is caused by a cultural shock which the West undergoes during the last years. For 15 years it got used to such state of things when Russia had no interests and point of view of its own. Therefore, when our country realized its interests and started their realization, even partially and inefficiently, it caused a cultural shock in the West. We should render the West all necessary psychological help to remove this shock.

It's important to understand that the growth of competitiveness of Russia which representatives from the West appeal to will cause new growth of offences from their side - simply because we will compete exactly with the West.

For normalization of relations is necessary to consider also objective distinction of our interests. So, Russia is not interested in expansion in the East Europe AMB systems because it understands that it is directed not against nonexistent nuclear rockets of Iran but against Russia and China. Expansion of this system objectively pushes Russia to the union with China against the West though our country would prefer to support balance of constructive relations with everyone.

Another example of difference of interests - new Agreement on partnership and cooperation with the European Union: according to it positions of our parties are opposite, simply incompatible and we all together - both Russian and Europeans - should pray on Poles whose veto covered the depth of our contradictions.

At last, for improvement of relations we should simply to know each other better. It is quite strange, for example, to call Russia as it was said here, to "the greater global responsibility" when our country is the world's largest donor for developing countries! We helped them more than other countries, including rich ones, such as the USA and Germany also in the days of our poverty and misfortunes. To forget about it, more than that - to reproach us with lack of the global responsibility from the representatives of countries which rendered and still render "the third world" considerably less help is not proper.

We should understand also that values of our societies even if they are not different, anyway, not quite coincide. We should rely not on the distinctions - it's not possible in general to rely on them - but, first of all, on conterminous values.

Example is simple - 53 % of the population of Russia consider that the executive authority should influence in a way the courts. It can seem wild for representatives of the West but it is so. Accordingly, when representatives of the West tell Russia about necessity of independent courts, they receive positive answer of less than half of the population of our society. It evokes abruption of the other part and the relations in the whole become worse.

It's also senseless to tell Russia about values of democracy or, for example, WTO - the first is understood by our society in different way, while the second simply contradicts to the interests of Russia.

On the other hand, our values in many respects coincide. It is clear that the western societies are uniform with Russian in understanding, for example, of inadmissibility of militian terror. Counteraction to this terror will unite our societies and will strengthen mutual respect and trust so it will become a basis for strengthening of our partnership.

The mutual value, certainly, is - non-admission of a lie. When it is stated here that 20 members of national - bolshevik party stayed for a couple of hours in a police station and we know that more than 700 people were detained, more than 80 from them were brutally beaten and many from those who were beaten were not calculated because they managed to escape from militiamen, - such applications should be rejected and torn away in common.

In fact we shouldn't forget that Special Police Service not only dispersed people but beat them having arranged in the centers of the largest Russian cities an original safari on people. Its actions looked as terrorism and, I think, that they should receive a corresponding legal treatment. Among general values also is aversion of creation of youth assault groups for beating, intimidations and terrorization of opponents of ruling bureaucracy.

At last, one shouldn't forget that our general values touch not only upon politics but also economy. The main claim to the Russian authorities from the Russian society consists not in a lack of democracy but in low standard of living, despite of enormous inflow of petrodollars and absence of modernization.

If the West wants steady cooperation and long-term partnership with Russia, it should realize a difference between the Russian bureaucracy and Russian people and support people against the democracy. Meanwhile only opposite processes can be seen: thus, issue of visas has been easified exactly for the bureaucrats and businessmen while other people in view of administrative logic will meet worsening of the situation. 

Finally, the last: our relations should be considered more widely, in a context of global processes. Clouds are condensing in the world, the break between the poor and rich countries becomes aggravated, the bipolar system based on rivalry of Russia and China is being formed, it will be hardly possible to make the Islamic world a puppet within the limits of civil war in Iraq.

In a course of discussion the situation in Afghanistan which took place on X Slangenbadsk readings I tried to draw attention of an audience to scandalous misunderstanding by the West of the Afghani realities and stressed that the question about capitulation of NATO before Taliban is - a question of time, the question of 2-3 years.  

It will create threat for all Central Asia, at that there will be hardly possible to rescue Tajikistan. The one who will defend gas of Turkmenia and Uzbekistan becomes its owner. It can be Russia and NATO. A key is - Kirghizia. If it will not be possible to stop its sliding to transformation into a narcostate, it will pass under the control of drug mafia and then Islamites. Result - new slaughter in Fergana valley and threat to the south of Kazakhstan.

Destruction by the Americans of international law has strengthened the general aspiration to the nuclear weapon as to unique way of maintenance of safety, as to unique way to avoid bombardments and rocket impacts from NATO or the USA. As a result the nuclear weapon can be found out in the hands of fanatics or simply terrorists.

Taking into account of external circumstances, I think, will help us more easily and structurally treat each other.

Shlangenbad (Germany)