President of France Will Be Alike to All French Gagmen at Once

It's no easy to understand the Frenchmen. It's unexpectedly enough for the extraneous observer that former Minister of Internal Affairs, the candidate from right-centrist "Union for National Movement" Nikolya Sarkozi is the leader of the second round of presidential elections in France. By results of exit polls, he was supported by 53 percent of the Frenchmen. The candidate from Socialist party Segolen Ruayal received 47 percent of voices.

The first official results of voting become known after 22:00 Moscow time, when in all polling stations in France will be closed. Publication of information from exit polls is forbidden, so everybody uses Belgian sources.

At our Russian sight Segolen Ruayal is better on all parameters. But the Frenchmen seem to know it better - it will be they who, eventually, will have to name this person, who is alike all well-known French comedians, the president for some years.

According to official data of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of France, three hours prior to the termination of voting the level of attendance in the second round of presidential elections of France reached 75,11 percent, AFP informs. 73,87 percent of voters voted in the first round by this time. The general attendance according to the results of the first round made up 84 percent that is similar to the record fixed in the first round of presidential elections in 1965.

There is information on a site of Belgian teleradio station RTL that attendance in the second round of elections even before the termination of voting has exceeded totals of the first round. According to sociological services, 85-86 percent of the Frenchmen had already voted.

There is ample evidence that Sarkozi is a conscious choice of the Frenchmen. Well, it's not we who can teach them - we elected Yeltsin and Putin for the second term...