Again about Coming Civil War

Curious document which is necessary not only to be reprinted but also (in view of the fact that no addressee, of course, will vouchsafe reply) to try to answer some questions independently. As well as to ask some new questions answers to which the power again will not give. And so on and so forth - indefinitely. Up to a new attempt to rectify situation by make-shifts. 


Appeal of Association of Initiative Citizens of Russia to


To the president of the Russian Federation D.A.Medvedev

To the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation R.G.Nurgaliev

To the Office of Public Prosecutor of Primorski Krai

To the Department of Internal Affairs of Primorski Krai

In connection with events round armed group of citizens hidden in seaside woods which stirred up all society in Primorski Krai and behind its limits we want to ask you to answer the following questions.

1. Understanding that such conflicts can't arise by themselves and appearance of "guerrilla group" is only consequence of certain events, we ask you to understand the reasons of appearance of the conflict. As well as to check up facts stated by relatives of searched members of the group of "guerrilla" which are placed in mass-media, including by father of one of "guerrilla" Vladimir Savchenko. It's told there about numerous cases of violence of citizens by police officers, tortures aiming to get confessionary statements. In particular we want you to check, whether his son Savchenko Roman shortly before the events occurred was really detained on suspicion in theft and beaten by employees of Kirov militia Bezuglenko and Skiba to get confession. Whether other participants - "guerrillas" really were beaten and tortured in police station. Besides we want you to clarify the following cases:

a. case which was told by Jury Peshkov on the air of radio station "Lemma" how on May, 28th people in form of law enforcement officers detained inhabitant of village Rakitnoe Andrey Peshkov, took him to the forest and beat him and then left him on a roadside. As a result, Andrey Peshkov got backbone trauma and brain concussion.

b. as the wife of the detained 27-year-old Eugene Kutlin informed RIA "Data", her spouse was detained by employees of OMON in the evening on June, 9th in the village Gorny Kluchi: "Eugene took the son from kindergarten and was already approaching the house when employees of OMON attacked him in the very eyes of numerous witnesses. At the time I also was in the street with junior child. Children were simply shocked by the event. Armed people took Eugene away in front of our eyes. The neigbour tried to speak in defence of him but was struck. All neighbours and I shouted: "What are you doing?" According to Tatyana Kutlina, her spouse came back home only at night, cruelly beaten: "Eugene has all his back dark blue, kidneys are beaten off, he hardly walk".

2. It's not already a secret that recently cases of excess of office powers by police officers became frequent in Primorski Krai. In this connection we ask to give us statistics including all complaints on excess of powers by police officers, complaints on cases of violence and mockeries registered by Office of Public Prosecutor and Department of Internal Affairs for last year, to inform us how many such grievances were and how many of them were remedied, how many employees were punished. We consider that similar infringements occur with direct connivance of management of the Department of Internal Affairs of the territory which openly takes the side of gone too far police officers who exceed their powers, for example, chief of Social Security Militia of Vladivostok colonel Gusev. As a result of hushing up of the facts of mockeries by police officers over citizens and "defusing" the quantity of cases of arbitrariness done by people in epaulets increases. We are afraid also that because of inactivity of supervising bodies appearance of new centres of violence in relation to police officers is possible in the near future, therefore innocent citizens can suffer.

3. In connection with discrepancy arriving data we ask you to answer the question: whether there is an order to shoot to kill at suspects, who signed it and what are legal bases for it? In our opinion, it can lead to numerous deaths of citizens who in summer months go to the forest to have rest and gather natural products. Inhabitants of Primorski Krai are in fear and their numerous references to public organisations and mass media testify it.

4. Authorized bodies should inform citizens what happened in reality, to state chronology of events. We ask you to confirm or deny listed above data and spread rumours:

a. group rape of saleswoman or woman-taxi-driver.

b. murder of civilians.

c. taking away of vehicles of civilians.

5. We demand that Office of Public Prosecutor or the Department of Internal Affairs of Primorski Krai organizes press conference to give answers to all questions stated.

6. We ask to explain why militia more and more often does not cope with its duties on protection of citizens? For example, sometimes it's impossible to reach phone number «02». When and who gave order to reduce quantity of operators «02» across Vladivostok from 5 to 2 persons, therefore 3 entering lines stand idle and the one who is dialing hears only long hooters?

From editorial board: Let's say frankly - such phenomenon as "lawlessness of militiamen" appeared not yesterday and not exclusively in the Far East. In essence, with formation of new public relations which someone considers "wild capitalism" and someone return to certain feudal tradition, the former Soviet militia ceased to be national and became, to call it more properly, in and of itself. It serves to itself, supervises itself. On the sly militiamen got transformed to "cops", from part of people becoming some kind of "shepherds" among running up "herd". At that they are not kind shepherds...


What do you want to know in answer to question about reduction of quantity of operators on phone number 02? The herd should not divert shepherds by its bleating. If you do not have access to hot line of corresponding militia service, it's not for you. It's better to get own security service which will come to the right shop.


Other thing is, perhaps, surprising. That events similar to the one in Primirski Krai have not occurred much earlier. Though, in general, they took place - for example, in Vyshni Volochok when the group of angered citizens closed off local department of internal affairs. But then it all was written off to some unmotivated "gangster lawlessness" though there were certain motives.


Perhaps, specificity of local authorities of Primorsli Krai influenced what happened there. The first governor appointed by Putin, already then awarded was from that very environment which militia should struggle. Now it's not only the governor but also his environment (one couldn't fail to recollect the mayor of Vladivostok Nikolaev, secular name Winnie-the-Pooh) are from this "gang".

Whether "displacement of reference points" fail to affect aims and methods of work of militia of the territory?

Not casually people recollect the name of Robin Hood in connection with "coastal guerrillas". After all then English-Saxons were disoriented by the fact that the power in the country appeared in hands of Normans, pirates, gang which according to English-Saxon laws should have been hung without judicial safeguards. Whereas that gang became the power, placed own sheriffs everywhere, started establishing own laws. It is not surprising that English-Saxons were indignant.

By the way, pay attention that governor Darkin disappeared somehow. Almost civil war is being played out in the territory, while "effective manager" keeps mum. Neither hide, nor hair. To tell you the truth, comparison with sheriff from Nottingham is not in favour of Darkin, that one at least is brave.

Normans, unlike modern OMONs, SOBRs and special troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (I am not talking now about special regiments of the Ministry of Internal Affairs), were the best, at least in Europe, soldiers. Modern followers of sheriff from Nottingham numbering one and a half thousand people were trying to catch six badly armed people for the whole week and it is not known, whether declared result is definitive. Nobody was caught in the Perm Region. 360 "professionals" still have been catching two criminals with one sawn-off shotgun in the Novgorod Region (to the moment they caught only one). With such efficiency of the Ministry of Internal Affairs any more or less serious action will become state problem, second Pugachevshchina.

The problems which led to appearance of "coastal guerrillas" are not only unsettled - they are in general nonrecoverable at existing system. Here TIGR is right and wrong asking such question.

It's right because there reasons and they are obvious. It is wrong because authorities don't give answer to such questions - whether they should undersign in full incompetence?

Alas, the mode is being held on bayonets. As Napoleon said (or they say he said it), bayonets - excellent thing but it's impossible to sit on them. Today these bayonets of mode are in very inept and, the main thing, in absolutely not interested hands. They could cope with two-six with advantage 1:100 but what could they do with one hundred or, alas, one thousand? Actually, we are observing it for many years on Caucasus.

No, we do not at all call to go fighting "ahorse and armed" with mode. We are for political solving of problems of the country. But there comes the moment, when not people control situation but situation control people. In the country where there is still general conscription and, as consequence, general ability to handle weapon and to act in organised military elements, the prospect of civil war is absolutely real, political prospect. It needs to be considered, to be considered thoroughly.

Authorities do their best today not to admit real political strike in the country. Thus they cannot and actually do not wish to do anything with contradictions which accumulated in society. In such situation these contradictions will go from the sphere of political debate - to the sphere of activity of "big battalions".

Anatoly Baranov, editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk