CIA Director Affirms That Iran Is Almost Nuclear Power

On June, 27th director of CIA of the USA Leon Panetta declared that Iran has such quantity of law-grade uranium which is sufficient for production of two nuclear bomb, in two years Iran can produce nuclear weapon. Leon Panetta in the program to television and broadcasting company ABC: "At the moment they in Iran are disputing, whether it's necessary to produced nuclear weapon. Obviously, they are developing nuclear potential".

"To produce nuclear bombs it's necessary to enrich uranium totally", - the head of CIA noticed having added that a year is necessary for total enrichment of uranium and one more year is necessary to develop delivery means of nuclear weapon to use it.

On June, 9th United Nations Security Council passed resolution № 1929 providing introduction of new sanctions against Iran. On June, 16th American government announced stiffening of unilateral sanctions against Teheran.

The president Medvedev declared about necessity to check data of CIA about existence of sufficient quantity of uranium for production of at least two nuclear bombs in Iran. "As to the given situation, it need checking but in any case this data disquiets", - Medvedev told to the journalists.

- So, Medvedev told nothing without preparation, - editor-in-chief of Forum.msk Anatoly Baranov notes. - The president of Russia is not ready to talk about nuclear armament without preparation - it speaks a lot about priority level of this vital question for habitants of the Kremlin. But the main course has been prepared by CIA director. On what grounds does he make such conclusions? It stays behind the scenes - as well as sources of the data of CIA about presence of destruction weapon in Iran, meanwhile it served as reason for introduction of armies of NATO into this country. It's simply estimation - for example, we already 2 years ago expressed opinion that Iran could have enough fissile elements for production of 5 nuclear weapons. Though this - expert estimation and it's not important whom it belong to - experts working for CIA or social misfits from FORUM.msk whom City bank refuse in making credit cards. It's - estimation and there's nothing to add. Though while no full-scale nuclear testing have been carried out in Iran, it's impossible to speak about presence of nuclear weapon in this country - all the rest is simply experimental material. Nobody can create weapon without testing it at least once. To talk about sanctions in this case - is inadequate. I can even guess how experts from CIA made estimation of theŇ situation - 5 days ago the head of Iranian Organization on Nuclear Power Ali Akbar Salehi declared that Teheran produced 17 kg of enriched up to 20 percent of uranium. While in April there was an announcement about introduction of new centrifuges for getting of highly-enriched uranium in Iran. So, they just divided time period by quantity of enriched uranium and made conclusion that for last 2,5 months theoretically it was possible to produce some quantity of weapon. We'll note that recently within sight of world community India and Pakistan became owners of real nuclear weapon - both warheads and delivery means but it didn't cause tenth of that hysteric reaction which was caused by nuclear program of Iran. Why? Why presence of nuclear weapon in two far from being peaceful state caused practically no reaction of world community, while expert estimations in relation to nuclear potential of Iran already lead to discussion of the question about international sanctions? If Iran attacked someone? Or is going to attack someone? Yes, presence of nuclear weapon not only puts question about state sovereignty under different angle, it also makes to consider differently the country which has weapon of war. At that Russia will have to consider it at first place as Iran already today has delivery means capable to reach territory of Russia, while they don't have such means to reach the USA. Why it's necessary to consider China, India, Pakistan and the USA but ignore Iran? It's not quite clear.