If Putin Is Behind Luzhkov's Territorial Claim to Ukraine?

Vladimir Putin will stay in Crimea with working visit on Saturday and Sunday (July, 24-25th), informed sources of agency "Interfax-Ukraine" announced.

"Vladimir Putin will meet the president of Ukraine Victor Yanukovych who is now in Crimea, in his residence", - the interlocutor of agency noted, having specified thus that the meeting of the Russian prime minister and the head of the Ukrainian state will pass without participation of press.

The mayor of Moscow Jury Luzhkov will also visit autonomous republic Crimea and Sevastopol on July, 24th - 25th, agency "Interfax-Ukraine" informed on Wednesday by a source in management of autonomy. J.Luzhkov will arrive to the airport "Simferopol" on Saturday, on July, 24th. He will meet in the Supreme body the Crimean speaker Vladimir Konstantinov, then he will visit the government of Crimea where he will hold a meeting with the chairman of the Council of Ministers of autonomy Vasily Dzharty. Signing of the program of cooperation between the government of Moscow and Ministerial Council of Crimea for 2011-2013 is planned after it.

In the afternoon J.Luzhkov will go to Sevastopol where the meeting with the head of the Sevastopol city state administration Valery Saratov is planned. The parties intend to sign cooperation program between the government of Moscow and the Sevastopol city state administration for 2011-2013. In Sevastopol J.Luzhkov will also visit a staff of the Black Sea Fleet of Russia where he will hold meeting with commander of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation.

- Actually, legal part is clear and adequate - the prime minister and persons accompanying him arrive to celebrate the Day of Navy Forces to look joint parade of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation and Navy Forces of Ukraine, - editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk Anatoly Baranov noticed. It's first joint parade after long enough break, it reflects new reality in the Russian-Ukrainian relations and so on. Now Ukraine suggests to complete future unique submarine with joint crew, shows full friendliness and openness. Up to that diplomatic department of Ukraine does not remind of Luzhkov's recent declaration about belonging of Sevastopol to Russia - though Luzhkov's participation in official delegation together with "the national leader" looks as a slap in the face of the Ukrainian diplomacy, in this case, apparently, not deserved. It becomes abundantly clear that Luzhkov's statements is not his private initiative and indeed who would doubt? If it turns out that Putin's opinion is behind Luzhkov's words? Otherwise how to explain presence of completely not obligatory figure of the Moscow city governor as a part of official delegation on a naval holiday? We will note that the status of the Russian delegation is lowered - the president will stay that day in Russia though Ukraine will be represented by the head of the state.