Do You Order Genocide? (Folk Feuilleton)

Ten years of Putin board. Impressive enough time to draw at least some results. Thought that Putin lifted Russia from knees is being exaggerated in mass-media. When such information reaches me, somewhere at a level of internal associations shots from "17 Instants of Spring" come to my mind - "our successes are undeniable".

The most important, in my opinion and on my skin, Putin "success" doesn't appear in the Russian mass-media. If it does not appear in mass-media, it's like it's not present in the Russian economy at all. There's no such success in official information field but it exists in real Russian daily life, it's "alife and healthy".

What I am talking about? When Putin came to power, not less than a half of population of Russia was below the poverty line. That, actually, was the main cause of enormous discontent with Yeltsin board. For ten years of Putin board this indicator has not decreased even for one percent!!! That is, as half of the Russian society was made of beggars at the beginning of Putin board, so it remains the same ten years later.

All ten years of Putin board the Russian poverty was fed in shadow economy of Russia creating own laws and own system of labour mutual relations. Certainly, this is my personal and subjective opinion but I consider that shadow economy is not the main product of such phenomenon as high percent of deprived Russians.

Decrease of the population of Russia I consider the main achievement of the Russian poverty. The same decline in population I consider "undeniable success" of Putin boards. At that this "success" is so undeniable that it's impossible to keep it silent. Especially, if to compare losses of Nazi Germany for similar period of board of Adolph Hitler, losses of the Russian nation are quite comparable, especially if to add to "natural decrease" all those who lost themselves into drinking and HIV-infected.

Once, couple of years ago when I worked in brigade of bricklayers, there was a heart-to-heart conversation in a change house during lunch time. I, accordingly, damned Putin for difficulties in our brick business. There were several opponents which declared to me that, say, thanks to Putin Russia rose from knees.

In answer I offered elementary test to understand whose opinion is more obviously. We carried out express-interrogation who from eighteen members of brigade managed to take foreign car on credit and pay it off during Putin board.

Results of interrogation appeared to be stunning. No one from eighteen healthy and strong men, every second of whom is teetotal, every third is non-smoking managed to buy even second-hand decent car during Putin board.

We found out even more ridiculous things. Nobody earned even on decent tooth artificial limbs. Finally, this very pathological bad luck with earnings forced me to get engaged in studying of occult sciences. I tried to find solution of my bad luck in them. The source of bad luck became abundantly evident through application of a method of opposing of occult and materialistic sciences.

There's such knowledge in occult or esoteric systems of knowledge which sounds as "the law of ten names of destiny". Such thing as "the theory of groups" exists in materialistic knowledge. What gives us a set of this knowledge? If to allow society to evolve absolutely freely, the quantity of losers, poor and deprived will once decrease to one tenth and will remain in these limits plus/minus one percent.

Now let's return to Putin board. The quantity of those who are below poverty line not only has not decreased, it even increased also due to crisis. What conclusion can be drawn? Elementary!!! So stably high percent of poor in Russia (five times higher, than in the theory of groups) is excellently executed by the main manager of Russia somebody's social order. Do you order genocide?

I ask you, dear reader! Do you order genocide? What, you don't? The same with me. Then who?

Things that happen now in modern Russia is impossible to name differently than genocide. Such rich country and it dies out so easily. Such is possible only in artificial way. As to evolution - it's impossible to mentioned it here in any way.

Further on the theme set. Putin is only the head of executive branch of power. There's "excellently executed" political order. There is only no concrete customer. Popular wisdom says: know a man by his company. I suggest to do just the opposite.

At first we will give characteristic to Putin, by analogy to aforementioned film product, in hope that the main friend and customer becomes obvious. The main thing here not to fabricate facts but to operate only with data before our eyes. It's really cool to know how Putin characteristic would look in "17 Instants of Spring".

Sportsman, does not drink, does not smoke in public, it is good. Well-bred, the lawyer. If he is morally steady and is exemplary family man? According to yellow press he has a baby born on the wrong side of the blanket who is named in honour of president Medvedev. Party member? What party? He run away from the communistic ship at first signs of flooding. Where did he run to? The answer is obvious in his political motto: "competition". Here we should open eyes widely.

What of modern great religions actively operates with such concept as "competition"? Only one! Scientology! What does it preach? Advantage of artful minority over illiterate majority. Whose interests does the given religion serve? These are interests of board of the American currency-reserve fund. That is, of the shadow world government.

Here you are the main stroke in characteristic of Vladimir Putin. "Double agent"!

Genocide policy in Russia both politically and logically is justified only in their interests. In interests of shadow American government. In the modern world only the American currency-reserve fund acts using principle: "Everything that doesn't belong to the fund should be destroyed".

One couldn't refrain from mentioning "Edinaya Russia". Well paid curtain for boarding of the American currency-reserve fund. Otherwise it should be accused in that it cuts its own throat. Policy of genocide is a tomb for all Russians including "Edianaya Russia".