Agony of Late Capitalism Approaches New, Sharp Phase - Bloody Cramps


Acting in the air of the channel «Euro News» on 14.08.2010 well known theoretic mondialism and former head of Eurobank of Reconstruction and Development Jacques Attali warned: severe debt crisis awaits European Union in two-three years. According to Attali, world crisis is only beginning in general.

It's similar to our forecasts referring to fatal line - year 2014. We should have been preparing to it creating mobilization economics of national safety.


Logic of J.Attali is the following: European Union will inevitably enter the heaviest crisis of the state debts. Greece is only the beginning. Continuation - Portugal, Spain, Italy, England. Ruling bodies of EU and high-ranking politicians of the European countries fail to do anything. Their decisions are weak and are obviously too late. EU fails to create common European economics with one European budget and general debt securities, at least - for the remaining period.

Therefore defaults on state debts of European countries are inevitable. Debt burden is growing too quickly. Besides, the state transferred private debts of big business-structures into the number of state ones in course of desperate anti-crisis attempts of 2008-2009. It will only aggravate seriousness of the situation. Therefore Attali is waiting for the worst - up to possible split - crisis of European Union in 2012-2013.

Our points of view coincide. We also await the second wave of global social-economic catastrophe. At that distinct prospect of stagnation of the USA should be added to the problem of gaining of state debts of countries of G-7 (threats of defaults and suffocation of economy due to huge payments for percents under debts). Alan Greenspan started speaking about it today.

There's such an impression that the world is on the verge of new fascism («post-democracy» - and global civil-separatist war...

I want to share my presentiment. It seems that guys ruling on the West have got that they won't cope with crisis in any case. Situation will continue worsening.

Their way of thinking: "Let's put the world into crisis purposely. Let fires start in Eurasia, let it be new war more resembling civil war and total separatism. Let's attack Iran, let's split it, let's separate Arabian, Kurd, Baluchi regions. Conflict "Kemalists-Islamists" and war with Kurd separatists will begin in Turkey. Iraq will split into pieces without interference. Pakistan is on its last legs, there's separatism there as well. Further - let's throw the fire of collapse to Europe. Catalan separatism threatens with split of Spain.
There are Belgian, Italian separatist bases... Split of European countries will become the heaviest strike upon economy of EU, according to Euro system (chain of defaults of decaying countries). Separatism in the RF is also present. "Russian" nationalists who propose division of the RF on a number of Russian republics appeared..."

Let's imagine: world crisis rages, everything's bad in the USA. Outside America - even worse. Whole Eurasia is in the splits and fires. If to press China a bit - the USA will appear giant among the ruins of plentitude of countries.

Here you are, as I see it, the sense of the world war. It'd global civil war and total separatism. The USA should remain in white. Yes, we have problems, while there - in Old World - the end is already coming. You like dollar being not provided by anything? There - even worse.

Mega sense, global plan of new world war, as I think, is like this...



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Almost simultaneously with Attali former (1987-2006) head of the Federal Reserve of the USA Alan Greenspan "appeared on the scene" - on August, 10 he gave interview to "Financial Times" ("Vedomosti", 12.08.2010) where he stated the following interesting thoughts.

"He keeps believing in market and doesn't even think that the American financial capitalism could lose to more modest and regulated model of European social - democracy. He makes exception to the countries with centralized state-planned economy as in the USSR - their success depends on the accuracy of adjustment..."

Go crazy! Greenspan considers Soviet model the most suitable for the struggle with today's crisis?! Such revelation stands high.

Read, you - anti-Soviet beasts... And cry.



So the hardest second wave, apparently, rolls. Simply European "elites" became so petty and degenerated that prefer to close eyes and to do nothing. Perhaps it will calm down by itself.

Though it won't. Future wave will lead to indescribable social and economic disasters all over the planet. At that - irrespectively of pity thoughts of modern greyish "politicians".

I repeat our with Vadim Shishov former conclusion: the one who will create mobilization economy for overcoming of the second wave will win. It means advanced control systems and planning, military sphere, self-production of foodstuffs and energy, futuristic (farmstead) urbanization. Mobilization and integration is necessary for the Russian Federation, Ukraine and Belarus. For the second wave of crisis threatens to crush their weak, colonial-raw economies literally into pieces.

Though to hope for the brains of present governors of the Russian Federation is impossible. They are blind and silly as those narrow-minded, intellectually dependent thieves can be. We are approaching crisis, having completely incapacitated state (look at the example of August All-Russia fires) and terribly heating up Russian-Caucasian international relations. Therefore - enter "RGU". And in passing - into society of hunters and fishers. For there will be blood. Crisis of the Russian Federation as that - together with crisis of "independent" Ukraine - are almost inevitable.