UNESCO Doesn’t Declare Holodomor Genocide

"General conference of UNESCO unanimously accepted resolution in memory of victims of Holodomor. At the same time Holodomor was not declared genocide of the Ukrainian people as Kiev insisted. UNESCO "paid the tribute to the memory of victims and expressed its condolence to the victims of Holodomor of 1932-33 in the Ukraine and also to the victims of famine which took place in Russia, Kazakhstan and other parts of the former USSR", - press-service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Ukraine informs.


The 43-rd General conference of UNESCO in Paris also "welcomed the initiative of the Ukraine related to organization of actions on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of Holodomor of 1932-33". Resolution calls the countries to distribute information about Holodomor by including it into educational and research programs "aiming to master of lessons of this tragic page of history by future generations". Official Kiev and personally the president of the Ukraine Victor Jushchenko were striving for declaring Holodomor genocide.


In November, 2006 Holodomor was declared genocide by the Supreme Rada of the Ukraine. Position accepted by the Ukrainian parliament is being officially shared by 12 countries.


They consider in Moscow that the problem of Holodomor does not need to be politized and it should be investigated by experts that is by historians. Earlier the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia making comments on the application of the Ukrainian party marked that Holodomor was hardly correct to consider in connection only with the Ukraine as it's a question of gloomy page in general history of Soviet people.


- It is possible to say that UNESCO supported more sustained and less politized Russian position (in reality politized to the same degree) and it is possible simply to recognize that famine of the 30th years was enormous general tragedy but it wasn't a genocide - purposeful destruction of some nation, - political scientist Anatoly Baranov noted. - Ideology dominated over in the Soviet Union was internationalist in any case and to say that Soviet authority extirpated some nation is - quite absurd. The Soviet authority can be accused in many things but there was no genocide - destruction of some people according to national attribute. Especially when it is a question of the Ukrainian people which representatives 4 times held the supreme posts in the state. As a whole the position of some Ukrainian politicians trying to construct national doctrine on the conflict with Russia, with the Russian people seems to be unproductive - strange national idea which is built on massaging of national humiliation, national offences and national catastrophes instead of national achievements. I don't say whether it's bad or good, it's not my business to make estimations, but I will repeat - it's not productive, it has no historical prospect.