All-Russia Population-Census Starts Today - From Scandals and Mistakes in Financial Documents

Already today copyist in dark blue scarf around the neck can knock at your door and ask to answer questions. However there are questions from citizens to organizers of census.

Statisticians guarantee preservation of confidentiality of your data and exclude any possibility of fake or correction in census papers. They will be filled with usage of helium pens with special ink which can't be erased.

First results of census will be sounded in April of next year. It will population of Russia, quantity of men and women in different settlements. Full publication of results of census will be carried out till the end of 2013.

Citizens of the Russian Federation have various enough relation to the census. The most radical - and proved - point of view was stated in LJ by Edward Limonov:

"We are told that ostensibly census is necessary for our blessing. Let's answer them: "No censuses while we don't have free elections, the Constitution of the Russian Federation isn't been followed. First - free elections in December, 2011 and free elections in March 2012 and only then census and all other pleasures". "Meanwhile we actually don't have civil rights, meanwhile we "elect" only from the lists assured by prison administration of the Ministry of Justice and the Central Election Commission, citizen has the right to say "No" three times: Don't participate. Don't pay. Don't serve a mode. Come to make protest on October, 14th at 18.30 on Prechistenka Street next to a monument to Engels (metro Kropotkinskaya). Action will pass under the slogan: "Don't let to count you!"

The mode also made some tricks with money for census.

- The Ministry of Finance intends to finance population-census in 2011, - the chairman of Editorial council of FORUM.msk Michael Delyagin noticed. - Probably even Kudrin doesn't know where almost 1,7 billion rbl. will go. However, most likely, it's insignificant trifle for him. But in explanatory note to the project of budget-2011 on p. 120 its composers fairly and directly write that in 2011 "1683.0 million roubles will be directed on realization of powers of the Russian Federation on preparation and carrying out of All-Russia population-census in 2011...". Census, as long as I remember, begins already today. It is clear that they will get everything from their site and this money will be allocated in the budget-2011 for other articles, - but how to name people who write SUCH in the official document? However, Kudrin, probably, is right: "ådinaya Russia", possibly, will vote for everything, everything brought by the government in the State Duma - even for amendments to the multiplication table...