Putin and Prostitution

Capitalism - is an inelegant word; "nightingale" - sounds much more gracefully


Judging from some signs legalization of prostitution is being prepared in Russia. Otherwise it is impossible to explain why working for administration of the president and government Fund of Public Opinion (the chapter - Yeltsin's "democrat" A.Oslon) has been persistently tried to find out attitude of the population to "the most ancient trade".

They carried out three interrogations, wasted a lot of time and money - in the name of what? What was the purpose? Who ordered it? Who paid for it?

Thus presidential elections didn't affect the course of scientific "researches". It means that it's a strategic aim of "tandem". What was found out then?

If to believe to the results of interrogation, the level of prostitution in Russia has been sharply grown during the years of Putin's boarding, demand for street walkers will grow at Ý┼dvedev also. From two opposite points of view - prostitution should be forbidden or allowed but at the control of the state - 43% was for the benefit of the first opinion, 38% - for the second one.

"As it could be seen, - Oslon's accountants thoughtfully make judgment, - there is no unequivocal - including unequivocally negative - attitude to prostitution today in our society".

Do you feel the aim? It is clear. In fact from the point of view of the governmental monetarists - liberals prostitution - is also a sphere of services. Individuals not paying taxes are - ordinary deviationists. So, it is necessary to get them into the legal brothels and to take taxes from them. Talk on this theme to Kudrin.

Today there are a lot of disputes on the theme what economy Putin has created for eight years. If to take stock of it better - economy of prostitution. This is obvious. On one pole - nouveau riches raging with fat like oligarch Prokhorov, on the other - poverty and utter darkness of the majority of population. As well as full absence of prospects for the youth. In none country of the world there is such enormous social stratification when incomes of the top 10% of the population in 17 times would surpass incomes of the bottom 10%. All 50% - in Moscow!

In none country of the world women - state employees and students receive such pennies as in Russia. Thus they are unambiguously pushed to hustle. When Putin ascended on a throne, there were exactly six dollar billionaires in Russia. Today there are more than 100 of them and the number of rouble billionaires and millionaires evaded calculation.

If there are such fat cats who have grown fat on national goods (oil, gas, coal, metal) and can knock down in casino the whole property for one evening, what does it mean for him to give a girl for a few hours of "love joys" 300-400 dollars - monthly salary of the doctor or the teacher?

"Elite" girls who cost up to 1000 "dollars" for a night are being advertised on the Internet. They are in demand. For years of Putin's boarding a market of sexual services has not simply sharply increased. It became a part of the organized crime, well adjusted business in which power structures and law enforcement bodies happily participated. They provide "front" and inviolability. In fact at their protection press of Moscow and large cities publish buildup announcements such as "Rest", "Sauna", "VIP", "Ýilena", "Veronika", "Paradise Pleasure", "Cream in Chocolate", "Students", "Mulattos". And - "work in Moscow for girls with pleasant appearance".

I saw such announcements in newspapers of Bryansk, Tyumen, Tula and other cities. Who "works" there? Well, the same women - state employees and their growing up daughters.

If it's not interesting, why such advertising has been publishing for already over ten years fearlessly by "Moscow Komsomolets" which editor-in-chief P.Gusev even is a member of Public chamber at the President of the Russian Federation on Putin's quota? He is not rank-and-file member but chairman of the Commission on communications, information policy and freedom of speech in mass-media. For what merits? I regard it as recognition of his merits in the matter of propagation of brothels among youth.

Today every respecting regional center has got a site, in all sharps and flats imposing girls of the most different age and tactic-technical specifications. Whether governors and the Ministry of Internal Affairs don't know about such "saloons" and sits? They know! How to treat the fact that they do not touch such places? Who will kill the golden goose? In fact all authority in the center and on places is fed by them.

Operatives say: not for nothing there is in the Criminal code a punishment (though ridiculous one) only for the maintenance of brothels and involving in prostitution but it is not criminally punishable as it is. It does not form structure of a crime. How it should be understood? As specially left opening: you could be engaged but should be caught. If you will be caught - nothing will be done for it. At the best - penalty. Therefore the number of brothels becomes higher without any fear of their owners to find themselves in prison.

Doctors and teachers shout: the age of teenagers who start becoming familiar with drugs, cigarettes and alcohol lowered up to 12-14 years. It is necessary to do something! Just a little is said that years of becoming familiar with "the most ancient trade" - the same. These things are interconnected. Russia - is in general the world leader in the sphere of teenage prostitution. And ... silence.

In 2005 a group of deputies of Moscow City Council addressed general public prosecutor V.Ustinov with the request to pay the most steadfast attention to the TV program "House - 2" on ˘N˘ telecasted by flamboyant Ksusha Sobchak. In opinion of deputies, organizers of the program were engaged in ordinary procurement and involving of the youth in prostitution. However, attempts of the Moscow legislators to close "hothouse of debauch" failed. Why? Who will allow you to touch Űsusha Sobchak - almost Putin's native daughter? For this very sake she is put on TV as "sex - educator" to carry out all-Russia tutoring of copulation.


Today, by expert estimations, annual market of sex - services is approximately $ There's severe struggle for its repartition. More and more Russian girls are being involved in it, all in all, according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, about 1 million women are hustling. Only in the capital, according to the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs, approximately 200 thousand sex - workers walk on its streets for "hunting". Individuals and working "under top story" sex - slaves. Up to 80% of them - searchers for happiness from nearby to Moscow cities and countries of the CIS. Among them up to 50 thousand girls in the age of 13 years. Ruined childhood of these Lolitas doesn't bother Putin and "successors". Apparently, they study "a problem of legalization of public houses"...