Putin Talked with People about Own Successes

Two weeks before 2011 the prime minister of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin communicated to people using already traditional direct television line. Questions of representatives of the population to the main minister of the country were strewed in abundance and all of them our former president answered, as always, confidently. Already at the very beginning of his 270-minute conversation with separate inhabitants of Federation having listed a number of positive indicators of development of the state, Vladimir Vladimirovich providently brought concrete result of work of the government in 2010: "... As a whole we finish this year with satisfactory indicators!"


As to me, I would in general, proceeding from the figures sounded by V.Putin, put to our cabinet top grade for its high-powered work for the public good! Why not? Industrial production growth by 8%, investments into fixed capital have grown, salary indicators are torn upwards, real incomes of the population have increased by 2%. Its elderly part can't stop being happy with confident growth of pensions. The quantity of Russians who live below the poverty line was reduced; last year there were 13,1% of such and already 12,5% today. After all only 10 years ago 45 million inhabitants of Russia were behind this damned poverty line (29% from all its population). The main thing - evident growth of gross national product by 3,8 %! Another 1,2 million workplaces appeared this year.

Certainly against such impressing general economic successes you feel disappointment from separate ruins of local systems of law enforcement bodies. I mean a village Kushchevskaya and a city Gus-Khrustalny. But, as they say, there's black sheep in a strong Russian family. At times not without a thief. Thank God that most important of them are already in prison.

I mean, of course, some Khodorkovsky whom, judging by some Kremlin signs, will spend the rest of his petrothief's life in isolation from society. It serves him right! He shouldn't steal from himself all hydrocarbonic raw materials extracted! This expert-thief is lucky that at the moment of fulfillment of the heaviest state crimes by him struggle against crime was carried out by militia. Since March of the next year it will sink into oblivion and its alternate (police), I am sure, can necessarily prove that Khodorkovsky stole from himself not 100 but 150 percent of the oil extracted by YUKOS. So, I believe, a lot of fascinating litigations are ahead.

I reproach myself that I missed some trials over plunderers. It's a pity. I mean announcements of adjudications over the Russian politicians Nemtsov, Milov and Ryzhkov. I have no doubts that they serve sentence in places of detention for on December, 16th I personally heard it from prime minister Putin: "In due time they raised hell, in the nineties, stole together with Berezovsky and those who are now imprisoned many billions ....".

In a word, it serves him right, let them continue to sit! Yes, it is a pity that I was not present at the trial over those schemers, it is a pity ...

What, there was no court? If it's possible that there was no trial, if the head of the government of Russia asserts that they dragged off many billions together with Berezovsky? The lawyer Putin can't name people criminals without having court sentence over these hardheads before his eyes?! So, mister leeries: these three have been imprisoned long time ago - and that will do! Ended up in a bad way, swindlers!

I also want to express sincere gratitude to our musical prime minister that the government of the Russian Federation next year won't put any damage to the teachers of the country. I believe that such guarantee from lips of the head of ministry costs a lot. He was very expressive and pathetic: "... No one plans and is going to plan anything sharp, anything that would cause damage to teaching staff, teachers".

I dare on behalf of teaching intelligency (once I've graduated from the university) to thank hotly Vladimir Vladimirovich for so scale care of those who teach our children and grandsons for the promise not to put damage to the pedagogical corpse of the country.

If you, dear readers, attentively listened to V.Putin's answers to questions of absolutely not prepared to it and trained nowhere citizens, I am sure avaricious tears of emotion caused by sincerity of all positions of the prime minister rained down your cheeks. As to me, I, used two handkerchiefs - thinking that I have honor to be the inhabitant of the state which is ruled by the heads hammering last nails in a coffin where corruption, mismanagement, devil-may-care attitude to needs of the people found their end.

Heil, Vladimir!