Prospects of the Russian Crisis-2

Continuation of the report on theme «What should we wait further for?»

So, cynicism and larceny of a ruling clique in the Russian Federation reached their extreme. It is already obvious that it won't cope with economic crisis having put the Russian Federation on the edge of heavy humanitarian catastrophe and possibly - of disintegration. Stealing and "evaporation" of notorious financial reserves which have been saved up since 2000 - taking place fact.

What could be done?


Let's talk frankly: ruling "elite" in the Russian Federation became separate antiRussian "small people". We are hayseeds for them, cattle. In opinion of white-blue-red tops it is possible to do everything with us that will come into their mind - and we can do nothing. The impudent robbery of the Russians is already taking place to the full. Our chiefs, appropriating the profit, hang up losses on the Russian neck compensating losses due to the state. These are those who have personal interests in Iceland - financial help is being forced in there due to the Russian Federation, while it's badly necessary to the Russians. Moreover it's being done on concessionary terms! If it is necessary - due to tax bearers banks of "businessmen" approached to Putin/Medvedev are being rescued.

They finally turned to us their criminal - glamour mug. They are frankly laughing at us: bugger all! you will not interfere with us! Revolt - you cannot do it. Any center of rallying of patriotic opposition will be instantly found out and destroyed by policy-retaliatory apparatus if white-blue-red. You have no financial base (all greens - authority has) and without means you are doomed to be powerless outcasts. All elective system, press, TV - everything is under control. Internet we also be soon pressed. We shall continue to become richer, dusting you, cattle. Under the pretext of struggle against crisis we shall steal some more hundreds billions "c.u."


Thus ruling white-blue-reds do not understand (or do not want to understand) that their impetuous avidity leads the Russian Federation to the sharpest crisis. During it authority could be paralyzed because of numerous humanitarian, social, economic and simply technogenic catastrophes. They will become similar to the government of Kerensky in the autumn of 1917 when the authority would simply fall to the ground. At this very moment they will arrange in Washington new "democratic revolution" having led to authority those who would finally finish off Russia, as to the present governors - they would be left naked and imprisoned. Or even sent to Hague.

They think that their heaps of greens will solve all problems. Nothing of the kind! Your riches do not cost a penny, if you don't have aircraft carriers, aerospace fleet, hi-tech industry, national innovative system and, the main thing - strong, self-assured people. These white-blue-red "leadership" - kleptocracy doesn't have anything. There is also no hope that the given "elite" of ragtags will move, having given place to those who will not steal and will start skilful withdrawal of the Russian Federation from crisis.

We are not ready to accept the variant with new pro-American democratic revolution at all. We would not like to perish on "democratized" lumps of no more the USSR but the Russian Federation and Ukraine!

It means, it is necessary to try to intercept authority at the moment when they will drop it from weakened, incompetent hands.

But how?



I shall state a plot of a novel - thriller. So, certain villains having decided to finish off with boarding of nice Putin - Ý┼dvedev understand: organizational - financial center is necessary to rally few millions those who hate light patriots P and M. This center should prepare underground cells in Moscow and large cities, supply them with necessary means and weapon that in a turning point to raise revolt, to take authority and to grasp former ruling clique. Well, for making it, it's necessary to campaign among militarians, youth, employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, workers of military and industrial complex, landowners, etc. Clear thing that people will hate especially strongly authority of nice stabilizers in a heat of the crisis beginning now.

Though to create such center inside the Russian Federation is impossible: it will be immediately found out and destroyed. Together with its sponsors. There is one way out: to create such center of rallying and management outside the Russian Federation and in the same place - a source of external financing. For there's nothing to lose: it is better to make such an attempt, than to give ragtags to disorganize finally Russia. But where similar center could be created? Ideally - in Belarus. Naturally, in the deepest secret and at Lukashenko's support. However, Lukashenko will not go on it: he is too suburban for such a thing, he has too simple way of thinking. Where then? China should be put away at once. It will ask for support of revolution to cut off some Russian land. Baikal including. Together with Primorski Krai. The Americans do not suit either: these one will impose own protege - and will turn everything pro domo sua. They hate Russians and dream to lead them up to a condition of "patchwork-raw blanket". To try to get into Europe - is useless. The Islamic world on behalf of Saudi Arabia - does not suit, the reasons are not necessary to explain. Indians do not play in such games: they don't see any sense in the Russians now after the loss of scientific and technical and military-industrial potentials being reoriented on the USA.

Then the Russian villains go to Iran. They offer a bargain there. You support our revolution and give home to our organizational - administrative committee. Naturally, in deep secret. In exchange we after victory transfer endless number of the enriched uranium and necessary technologies to Iran. Russia and Iran have no potential conflicts (as, however, the Russians and Indians). We shall not be at war with each other. Moreover, the Russian atomic power stations, planes, ships, rockets are necessary to Iran.

There are clever people in Iran - they support the Russian villains. The Russian Federation enters the most severe crisis but revolution takes place in it which sweeps away old kleptocracy. At that the Russian guys from Ukraine and Central Asia - insurgents of new revolution - on the sly thrown into the Russian Federation take part in actions.

The country receives chance of a new, worthy future. The axis "Moscow - Teheran" is created. We remain the Russian and orthodox, they - the Iranian nationalists and Moslems. All are pleased.

Understand this all, the reader, as a recital of a possible novel.

It is time to understand: state of affairs in the Russian Federation is rotten that it's impossible to lose time on searching for means to rescue the Russians...