Putin and Medevedev Threw "Political Inheritance" of Yeltsin as Stuff

You know I am glad that our young Russian president has excellent health and he safely bore the flight Moscow - Ekaterinburg in our uneasy time. At 8 o'clock in the morning of local time (at our 6:00 a.m.) he was already ready to pronouncing of historical speech at the opening of 10-meter large monument to "the first president of Russia". In 13-degree Ural frost Dmitry Anatolevich preferred to come out of limousine without a headdress that freed him from hatting off at the face of an idol being somewhere in the clouds. His historical speech he addressed to "dear friends" and the spouse of the dead Naina Iosifovna.

He preferred not to mention the daughters of the First, perhaps, being even not aware of their existence. While once people used to say about the senior: "Whether imperceptible Sverdlovsk foreman Yeltsin could know that once he would the father of powerful Tatyana Dyachenko?"

Who Dmitry Anatolevich was by the time? The senior lecturer, legal adviser of Sobchak? From wanton speeches of "the third president" we understood that he liked very much the career of the 1st secretary of Sverdlovsk regional committee Yeltsin who strictly put guidelines of the Central Committee of the CPSU into practice on the Ural earth. Now we in general live without any guidelines.

- After all Boris Nikolaevich's political life began here, here he was developing as the state head, - successor #2 noticed.

That is why I think that the monument was erected to the head of the Sverdlovsk regional Communist Party organization Yeltsin. There is only an inscription "To the True Son of the Communist Party" missing. Well, I think it will follow.

Here you are what high Moscow visitor told about disorder his idol made of the Soviet Union and a throw of Russia in "gangster capitalism":

- The first President is always compelled to be engaged in very difficult things. He should be engaged in change of the state foundations. That was the destiny of Boris Nikolaevich Yeltsin ... It is necessary to admit that he weatherd all those exams with honor.

Further - about political heritage of the First:

- The fact that now we have modern country, the country which not without problems, of course, but develops and moves forward - is Boris Nikolaevich Yeltsin's merit as first President of Russia ... It was then when bases of political system were built and operating Constitution was accepted by national voting - the Constitution of the modern and strong state ... Boris Nikolaevich loved his country ...

I will not tire more with citing. As further there was advertizing of a marble sculpture, I think Dmitry Anatolevich was asked about it especially. It even seems to me that propagation of creations of sculptor Frangulyan was the main aim of Dmitry Anatolevich's trip into capital of the Middle Urals. No, it is not interesting. It is much more interesting to look what became with those "bases of political system" which misters Putin and Medvedev received from their teacher.

If today to listen to both, you will have an impression that there's no more consecutive and true successor to these "fundamental positions", if ... If, let's us assume, journalist Yumashev whom Yeltsin appointed the head of the administration didn't add yesterday a fly into the ointment. As many electronic mass-media transferred, "the former head of B.Yeltsin's administration Valentine Yumashev recognized that there was in Russia a backout from democracy of 90s years and thus he actually confirmed statements that Yeltsin was disappointed with actions of the successor - the present prime minister V.Putin".

Actually we see without these statements that "successors" threw on the scrap-heap of history all his "political inheritance" to his 80-year anniversary. To be more exact those rights and freedoms which people managed to defense with their blood from eternally drunken dictator.

In particular "tandem":

  • 1. Cancelled elections of the governors;
  • 2. Cancelled the column "against all" in the polling bulletins;
  • 3. Cancelled "voter turn-out" at elections;
  • 4. Liquidated one-mandate districts at elections in the State Duma (now we have only the lists - it allows buy and sell of mandates);
  • 5. Cancelled constitutional right of every citizen to be elected;
  • 6. Raised the level of "turn-out" into the State Duma from 5% to 7%;
  • 7. Cancelled elections into the Federation Council (buy and sell of places);
  • 8. Practically abolished art. 31 of the Constitution about the right of citizens to gather peacefully and without arms for meetings, demonstrations, pickets... Henceforth only by authorization of OMON's baton.

It is possible also to recollect how methodically "tandem" conducts attack on free medical help and free secondary and higher education fixed in the Constitution. They were bashfully renamed into "educational and medical services". So, one should pay for services ...

Special article - prosecution of independent mass-media and introduction of the most severe censorship. I affirm not without adducing any proof. I have already written including also here, on FORUM.msk that on August, 26th, 2006 "unknown persons" completely burned edition of our weekly journal "Patriot" lodging at the address Petrovka, 26. That is in five minutes of walking from Petrovka, 38 - general staff of the Moscow militia. Not without reason the International human rights organization "Reporters without Borders" named misters Putin and Kadyrov "enemies of the free press". And Russia - the country dangerous to residing of journalists.

Today even oppositionists for some reason "are confused" to say that, having published on September, 21st, 1993 the decree about dispersal of Congress of People's Deputies and all system of Councils, Yeltsin automatically lost his presidential powers. Under the Constitution! The Supreme Council and the Constitutional court fixed it.

However by means of tanks "publicly drinking" usurped presidential power. Since then he became illegitimate himself and all his subsequent decrees were illegitimate. Both about appointment of elections in the illegitimate State Duma and the Federation Council and about voting by the Constitution written specially for him. Contrary to the law, it passed not on the National referendum but was "tied up" to elections into Duma on December, 12th, 1991. So, the Constitution is also illegitimate as all present power is illegitimate by and large.

However, Putin and Medvedev don't care a bit about Constitution, Yeltsin and us.