Chapter of CEC of Ukraine Asserts That He Couldn't Carry out Elections Normally in the Terms Specified

For the appropriate organization of early parliamentary elections the president of Ukraine Victor Jushchenko should issue the new decree. It was declared to the journalists by the chapter of the Ukrainian CEC Vladimir Shapoval, UNIAN transfers. In its opinion, there appear a lot of legal and political problems without such a decree.

"If to carry out elections, the matter will not be simply in defining of a new term but, as I think, it is necessary to issue new decree. It's my belief that for legal and at the same time legitimate organization of carrying out of early elections new decree is necessary", - chairman of CEC said.

He noted that to realize the decree of the president from October, 9 about early election in parliament is very difficult. There is simply no time for it. Shapoval reminded that till today, that is to the third of 60-day's term, CEC has accepted only one decision concerning minor questions of organization of elections. Besides Shapoval reminded that for today there's no financing of elections from the budget.

He also reminded that according to the part 2, cl. 77 of Constitution of Ukraine, early elections to the Supreme Rada are carried out during the period of 60 days from the date of publication of the decision on early termination of the powers of the Supreme Rada. He reminded that the decree of the president was published on October, 10 and, accordingly, readout of 60 days should be started from October, 10. "Even provided that this decree was stopped by another decree of the president which was issued and published on October, 21", - chairman of CEC added. As he said, there's a problem that CEC faced almost absolute obstacles of realization of the corresponding decree.

Besides the chapter of CEC warns that because of deadlines of carrying out of early parliamentary elections the degree of protection of ballots can be reduced.

"We can print ballots quickly but due to the loss of quality", - chairman of CEC said. Thus Shapovalov noted: "If we will be pushed to such way that ballots will be printed on simple paper and there is such probability, it will be not our choice".

Chairman of CEC reminded that ballots which were used at last two elections in Ukraine were almost equal to securities on their quality and protection degree, paper for ballots was produced outside Ukraine.

Shapoval considers that CEC should avoid acceptance of such decision as it's a very serious problem, taking into account degree of mutual distrust between the basic potential participants of election process.

Answering the question of journalists who exactly acted with the offer to print ballots on simple paper, Shapoval said that heard such offers at a level of informal conversations. "We discussed what we would do, if we would be put before necessity to make a decision on the reduced terms, where we could save time and opportunities and someone from the colleagues said that, probably, it's necessary to print the ballots on the so-called "simplified" paper", - chairman of CEC said.

Thus Shapoval declared that he as the chapter and a member of CEC would not vote for such decision.

He noted that CEC should carry out early parliamentary elections under conditions which wouldn't be worse, than at the previous elections and consequently CEC had no moral right to reduce a degree of security of the ballots.

"Because it means to take risk", - Shapoval added.

From editorial board: As we already told more than one time, elections in Ukraine would be carried out not in the term which was mentioned by Victor Jushchenko in the decree from October, 9. Elections will take place in the most unsuitable for it period, at that their postponement will look quite natural - for example, under the reasons which were stated by the chapter of CEC Shapoval.

Elections in unsuitable time, at limited possibilities for agitation bring level of attendance into a question - it's quite high in Ukraine, more than 50 percent of voters.

Breakdown of elections because of abstention of the voters gives Jushchenko the only possibility to keep authority - to remake constitutional field. Now it will be quite strange if Jushchenko won't take advantage of such situation - if he won't call Constitutional meeting and won't accept new rules of play in the Ukrainian politicum where he, as well as Eltsin in due time, will land on feet.

It seems that opposition of the president behaves as if it's not afraid a lot by similar script. ˘imoshenko already thinks how she will look in the presidential chair, Janukovich imagines himself the head of the largest parliamentary fraction and, probably, the head of the ruling coalition.

While Jushchenko wins step by step...