Free Creators or Brainless Nuts of Sovereign Soldering?

Education was criticized everywhere and every time, at Fursenko it was wept by everyone. Say, earlier the school was great and now it became orphaned and poor, rescue, help, we lose future. Being the laziest person I write about it last but I will begin with beautiful citation: "Intellectual humiliations and oppression from the part of ignorant and selfish teachers bring young soul devastation which can't be smoothed down and which make fatal impact in mature age ... Actually, it's almost a miracle that modern methods of training haven't suffocated sacred inquisitiveness yet; this gentle plant demands along with encouragement first of all freedom - it inevitably perishes without it".

It's what Albert Einstein told. He is not Makarenko, of course but he also was authoritative man. Because he understood: education is first of all the teacher. As well as in the second. Because there's no education without the person, person is as motor in the car. If even you grease, you will not go, even if there is a hooter, a flasher and onboard computer.

Appeals to think urgently up and introduce magic techniques it simply a fraud of tax payers to get money. All has been already invented. If there will be good teachers - there will be education and no four or forty four most important subjects of sir Fursenko would help here, with our present teaching staff education will remain the same way poor as it is today.

Where are teachers come from in general? In civilized countries - from universities, in our country - from teachers colleges. Though we renamed them into universities, now we have different tablets but in fact it's the same well for eternal mediocre pupils and criminally low requirements at entrance examinations, so that everyone can enter it. We have even better state of affairs at the end of - almost full unsuitability for profession plus complex of super-valuating  of own small knowledge plus steadfast hatred to all bright and original in children.

Being mother I can draw hundreds, thousands examples of wild, simply barbarous illiteracy and ignorance of teachers in combination with impudence and aplomb. Well, if words are necessary here, read comments to any article about education and you will see - the most illiterate texts with fantastic spelling errors belong to our nice teachers. At that they are not confused by this fact at all, one of them even answered me naively that you should pay us properly and then demand literacy from teachers, not earlier. Fantastic!

By the way, the most popular conversations in educational environment are not at all about children but abut money, rates and insufficient financing. That is earlier they believed that school is something like commodity exchange and children where children run and it is necessary to teach them something. What passage! We are not Perelmans to plow for nothing!

Militiamen also like such conversations, they also are sure that the sergeant should receive as two academicians, while it appears - that only as one and a half. Unless it's possible to live with their inquiries?!

However, the Moscow teachers were given money and what of it? Whether they grew wiser after it? Or to take judges with their fantastic salaries and pensions as an example. Unless they are very independent now?

By the way what's the essence of our eternal struggle against special schools? I and a number of my acquaintances studied at such schools and we can tell you only good things about them. The majority of outstanding people in the world studied at advanced schools. We are afraid that children of our poor elite won't be capable to study there? I saw such thing when I was a child. It could be solved, take boarding schools for mentally retarded and give them nice name - elite-rublevskie or something like that, that will solve the question. While those who still want and can study physics, mathematics and other unfashionable subjects - will study them.

The whole world appreciates mind and talent. Not because they are very good but because they are able to calculate and remember some historic facts. Pasteur's discoveries compensated France 15 milliard losses from defeat of 1871, engine of Diesel and Edison's patents brought to their countries he such profits which were not known earlier. Charles the Great sent people in all ends of the empire for searches of gifted young men, it gave birth to "Caroline renascence". Americans have thought up the program "Merit" for definition of ingenuity, put search of gifted senior pupils on a stream and spend one and a half billion dollars annually for personal help to gifted children and colleges where they study.

There are also opposite examples. In the nineteenth century the Austrians loved basically waltzes and not very much technique. When engineer Markus offered the government the car with four-cycle engine, he was told that there's too much noise from his invention. Other pioneer inventions of compatriots were not also accepted with pleasure - submarine, plane, bicycle, phone and others. A gun invented in Austria charged not through a barrel but by means of a shutter was rejected because soldiers "too quickly would shoot cartridges". What's the result of it? In 1866 Austria shamefully lost war because of technological backwardness. Though they still had ingenious Strauss waltzes, while we have only annoying pop-music.

To be absolutely fair, the main problem of the reform of education is different - what product our school should give out? Free creators or brainless nuts of sovereign soldering? We already have the second variant and to receive the first is necessary to change both teachers and the ministry as well as whole system in general. It's already not methodology, it's a policy. So all conversations about education is just freestyle composition. If you want to get excellent mark, write on a theme "Image of the Party in the Modern World" - you will not make a mistake.