It's Impossible to Be Happy in Oswiecim. Or It's Possible?

Anti-Soviet propagation in Russia is already twenty years. Despite this fact people still recollect Soviet period. While who will recollect 90-s? Or bimillenary? A handful of villains? In my opinion, it is rather indicative.

Deficiency of kindness and nobleness is visible in our society. Even authorities, being hostages of the system created, are unfortunate in their own way. It is impossible to be happy in Oswiecim. Or it is possible?

Whether I was happy to live at totalitarianism? Anyhow, people always live at dictatorship. Today it's dictatorship of money. As to the Soviet totalitarianism, "Empire of Evil", after all that were propaganda cliches of "cold war". There was a powerful state of socialist orientation, rigid management, in my opinion, the only one suitable for such huge territories, multitude of races and northern climate.

I am convinced supporter of social equality, perhaps, "grey-out" (as a handful of those who plundered people call it scornfully), planned economy which advantages are obvious, they allow to treat thrifty both natural resources and human ones, taking care of future generations.

In this meaning I am surprised with popularity of "The Dog's Heart" shot after Bulgakov's novel with the same name. In my opinion, it is bad satire and the grumbling professor dissatisfied with his servants who cook badly while other people are starving and his compatriots struggle for survival couldn't cause sympathy. He has dog's heart in his chest.

Actually, bottoms in the USSR were satisfied, that were the tops which didn't want to live in old fashion dividing national incomes with others. The USSR was very quickly dismantled with property repartition from above. Today, on the contrary, tops are happy, bottoms - suffer. It can last eternally. As organization beats number. Plus propagation, plus endarkment of the population, its zombiing through mass-media.

Things which took place in 90s open eyes on my people. Great country was dismembered, plundered but people were forced to believe that everything's - to the best, that social progress is seen. People still believe! Naked king has nothing to do here! Here you are one more fairy tale - decently dressed woman in a fur coat, a hat, with jewelry went along the street. She was suggested to take fur coat off - she took it off, to take hat off - she did it, jewelry was also taken away. Now she going along the street naked but she still is happy: "It's really better now!" What is it? The riddle of the Russian soul? Or mass insanity?

Change of economic formation occurred before my eyes and I can assure you with all definiteness: if labour made a person of a monkey, capitalism does geek of person.

It's not surprising that financial stratification entailed intellectual stratification. Educational level catastrophically fell, if earlier intelligency - this class layer - made tens percent of population, today there are obviously the same quantity of conceiving, interested in culture people as millionaires. Thus their sets don't cross.

The Russian capitalism destroyed intelligency as a class. Its liquidation passed without reprisals and interdictions, without persecutions and oppressions, it simply created conditions in which intelligency became superfluous. Macaques don't need Goethe. Total eradication of cultural traditions, emasculation of humanitarian knowledge American-like already touched, in my opinion, genetic sphere. On to the Soviet measures today's average level is intellectual poverty, fiction is being published today by the same circulations as highly specialized technical books earlier, while modern blockbusters wouldn't undergo both esthetic and ideological censorships.

Apologists of modern "democratic" capitalism when relations are regulated by money - defenders of reality. Though when other times will come and all its horrors become obvious, our social status will be compared to millenia of slave-owing or serfdom. Who else from contemporaries, except Seneca, spoke in protection of the Roman slaves? Who, except decembrists, condemned lawlessness of the Russian peasantry?

Not knowing anything else millions perceive such existence as norm, as the best of possible. Certainly, I don't speak about a handful of hypocrites who are in power. Cognition comes through comparison. Socialism was too good, people appeared unworthy it. Really, the best people of the Soviet system, samples for imitation - talented scientists, doctors, managers - should cause general respect. But respect, unlike envy, is ennobled feeling, not accessible to all. While money as elementary indicator of social inequality is clear to everyone.

Certainly, capitalism in socially-spiritual meaning is recoil back but in respect of system stability reduction to low inquiries does it, certainly, attractive. Here Trotsky with his idea of permanent revolution will suit: the country of the won socialism with a current of years becomes defenseless before animal nature triumphing around. Quantum jump in social progress is possible only with simultaneous (or consistently fast) victory of "freedom, equality, brotherhood" all over the world. Otherwise counterrevolution will strangle - that's how reactionaries in France won, the same way the USSR which after the war entered a phase of balance with capitalist world ended with stagnation, was doomed.

If revolution doesn't extend, it dies!