Free Press Forgot to Celebrate Its Holiday

It appears that yesterday we had holly day - World Press Freedom Day. They say independent press is basic principles of democracy and so on. Only nobody noticed it. Actually it's right, there's nothing to celebrate - everything's ok without it. We have no barriers - we highlight everything we want.

For example, yesterday they told us everything about the most important. The president met children, the prime minister - workers of culture, preparation for parade proceeds. What other news could be?! Today they will tell that preparation for parade has been almost finished and in about ten years we obligatory will catch up and surpass all and will begin living almost as people. Very positive news.

Anyway it doesn't contradict freedom of press because nobody forces our independent mass-media to please citizens with such news. Don't you believe?

Just look at light faces of correspondents and spokesmen and you will understand that all it is done with all their hearts, good digestion and recently got Moscow flat. No censorship, local committees and propagation departments, nothing of the kind, press under pressure remained in the damned past. Hurrah, comrades!

Here you are the press we have now. It isn't afraid to glorify openly the party, the government and our outstanding national leaders. At first one, then other. Or on the contrary. I congratulate it on this remarkable holiday!


From editorial board: It is impossible to say that nobody noticed World Press Freedom Day in Russia: in the traditional report of international organization Freedom House Russia occupied 173 position out of 196 states this year, together with Congo, Gambia and Zimbabwe. Kazakhstan is one position higher, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Vietnam and Palestinian autonomy are on the next after Russia place.


While you, Vladimir Sergeevich, say that they are absolutely deprived of shame. Let them surpass Zimbabwe - our day will come! While now - let's work hard, comrades!


However, not only we are so happy. Situation with freedom of press worsened all over the world - only one of six inhabitants of a planet has access to independent mass-media. As experts mark, indicators received - the worst over the last ten years.


According to rating, free mass-media are present in 68 of 196 states, partially free - in 65, not free - in 63.


There were also Belarus, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan in the list of countries with not free mass-media. With partially free press - Georgia, Ukraine and Moldova. So, contribution of the former Soviet press to the cause of world press freedom deterioration - is seen - from friendly to us Turkmenistan to not absolutely friendly Georgia.

By the way, earlier Day of the Soviet Press was celebrated on May, 5th - it was the day when the first issue of "Pravda" was signed by Lenin. It's amazing that in the rating of the same Freedom House the Soviet press had been declared "partially free" since 1989 but since then the rating went ever down, having reached in 2004 year the level of "not free" press and methodically continues to fall. So, "Russia, go ahead!"

It turns out that at the time of different local committees, departments of propagation and censorship the Soviet press remained "partially free" - it was recognized no more, no less than by sworn enemy - US State department which finances Freedom House. While now the Russian Federation - the best friend and the ally of America, it seems that the State department has no reasons to understate purposely our rating, on the contrary, they should show that with arrival of liberal Medvedev and democrat Obama everything's getting better... On the contrary! There's no use sticking your head in the lion's mouth. Or it is a kind of success of peaceful foreign policy?

Though, as V.Grechaninov oticed, free Russian press has good digestion and complexion. We congratulate it on this fact!