Not a Question to Medvedev at the Press-Conference!

Medvedev's guides decided to let him enter the field of Prime Minister Putin. Electronic mass-media widely declared that on Wednesday, May, 18th the president would give press conference for domestic and foreign journalists. It would happen in the federal center on innovative cut off of budgetary billions which would pass under guardianship of money-bag Vekselberg. On scientific terms - in "Skolkovo".

Earlier only Putin carried out "hotlines" with people, Medvedev preferred to give interview to television chiefs. Now they decided to combine "live" dialogue with representatives of mass-media. The press maiden of the Kremlin Timakova explained that Dmitry Anatolevich would carry out dramatized action himself and to ask reporters to speak. The choice would be done not at random, for it is possible to get into a mess in the first minute. It appears that 890 accredited journalists were given out identification numbers and electronic address of the high addressee in advance. The president would permit to ask the question publicly to the journalist, if the question would please.

As we have already understood, agenda is - free. No sensations are expected. There will be shown no nano-trifles. Nevertheless, madam Timakova intrigues: interest is huge ... There will not be enough place for all journalists, applications continue to arrive ...

That's where I got doubted: if writing fraternity is really eager to visit this on-kremlin boring advertizing show? What discoveries does it expect? What does it want to hear? What is still not clear to it? If someone really hasn't understood that "pull-push" Putin-Medvedev operates by principle: "Public relations - everything, ultimate goal - nothing"?

This is the reason of energetic squall of daily advertizing representations and promises. The main thing - not to allow inhabitant to come round to ask sacramental question: "Misters from tandem, stop chatting! When will you start working?"

So, what's not clear to us? For already more than three years our majestic blogger supervises the country by means of Twitter, morning pep talks with ministers and every possible familiar expressions. On speech incontinence he left Gorbachev behind, for that was called by the writer Prokhanov "inadequate, not feeling people and its requirements".

Really, if someone from colleagues is eager to go to "Skolkovo" to hear next portion of high-sounding nonsense like "Freedom is better than slavery"? Who doesn't know that president Medvedev has more powers, than all Russian tsars? Than the president of the USA and leaders of the European states taken together. Though he fails to play the master as he isn't the head of the country in the true sense of the word. For more than three years we heard only whining threats to some malefactors breaking his orders.

Meanwhile he didn't dismiss any of Putin's vice-premiers or ministers, despite their shattering criticism in mass-media. Neither Nurgalieva, nor Golikovu, neither Mutko, nor Lebedev with Chayka... I am not talking about the chief of FSB Bortnikov who let several act of terrorism happen in Moscow and other cities.

Despite all appeals "to give battle to corruption", Medvedev's male environment has wallowed in corruption, is engaged in "distribution", "kickbacks" and business sheltering behind their wives ...

Just one tiny example: jobless spouse of the first vice-premier Shuvalov Olga for 2008 declared 364 million roubles of income, for 2009 - over 630 million, for 2010 - 372 million rbl. Show me her "business" and I will tell you: in the USA such "sweet couple" would be brought to responsibility...

No, our majestic kid is powerless and helpless. Therefore he received regardful nickname among people - "place-keeper", "majestically-puppet president". He will become history of the Post-Soviet Russia like this... As instead of the deeds - words, words, words ... Or absolutely frank high-sounding nonsense like war with time zones.

Well, "modernization" which he uses today to pull our leg will not confuse anybody. All understand: it's jumbo. Gorbachev had his "reorganization", Medvedev has now "national projects" successfully ruined, then "innovations in the human capital". Four scientific research institutes tried to comprehend and explain people what is what and thus got into madhouse failed to know all secret.

That is why I have supposition, to be more exact - desire - to shout that all Skolokovo could hear before press conference: "Misters journalists! Brothers and colleagues! Not a question to Medvedev! Don't make fools of yourselves and people!"

P.S. Obviously, understanding all emptiness and worthlessness of presidential "press conference", the Kremlin PR managers set in blogosphere a gossip that ostensibly there Dmitry Anatolevich declares Putin's dismissal. Say, hasten to see! Well-well...