Destanilization or Derussification?

"It's possible and necessary to judge victors". Probably, descendants dancing on his bones are guided by these Stalin words. Or on bones of millions who laid down their lives in the Great Patriotic War?

The Germans hearing a question: "What does Russia celebrate on May, 9th?" recollect the American soldiers setting up their flag over Reichstag. What time will pass before we hear the same from our children?

The Soviet history suffered unilateralidad. What about present? It's been turned upside down, having turned inside out. So that it was convenient to read. To all, except Russians.

Today people are afraid of Stalin more than during his lifetime. "Desovietization" spent within twenty years on the post-Soviet territory turned into "destanilization". At that it was not presidential commission that started it. OSCE, having equaled the USSR and Germany, laid blame for war unbinding on both "powerful totalitarian modes - Nazi and Stalin". If we are being asked to sprinkle ashes of villages burned by the Germans upon our heads? To repent for Victory? For grandfathers and fathers? Then we will be graciously forgiven: sons are not responsible for what fathers did? ...

Former allies of Stalin will hardly stop here. When international law is law of the strong, totalitarianism becomes a loose concept. Then we can await for "depeterization" and "deekaterinization". We will be again showed forged centuries ago "Peter the Great Will" and partition of Poland. The West won't calm down till it pulls out brilliant pages of the Russian politics from a world history. Executions, reprisals, camps ...

Despite a gloomy picture of that epoch which is drawn by telehistorians, "the leader of all peoples" is extraordinary popular. 73% of youth estimates his role positively. We can here talking in different places: "We need new Stalin!", "He would put things in order!"

What do you want? Unless the bell tolls not for Russia today? Unless Gulag cries not for the culprits? News resemble military chronicle: explosions, murders, missing people. We are promised the western investments, tourism, overall prosperity. At that investments are limited to nuclear burial places. It's sex tourism which prospers.

The province leaped from the pages of Bunin's "Deravnya" - dark and deprived of civil rights, while capital "men grinder" sends to prophecies on the Apocalypse. In half a century after Gagarin our satellites fall down, as stars and the Russian Space Department simulates flights to Mars. Why not to rehearse life in Kingdom of Heaven?

However, first have become last long time ago in Russia. Defenders of Fatherland gather bottles, sell rags, those whose will hasn't been broken by war accepts poverty. While "elite" considers their Native land the place where it has bank account. Perhaps Joseph Vissarionovich was right? Perhaps it is necessary to cut "top" as a lawn?

Schools are being closed, while all post offices have game computers occupied by dirty boys all day long. "Electronic technologies should be accessible to all!" What about schools - they should be accessible only to selected ones? Earlier education and medicine were property of millions, now - of millionaires. And nobody grumbles!

The USSR was the country of militant atheists, Russia - the country of militant conformists. We are being inspired that the Soviet Union was ruined by unattainable target, that people are tired to wait, they need everything "here and now". Unless the way to the American dream is shorter? The Soviet people were extremely ambitious, no matter what other say participation in huge projects gave feeling of own importance. Today they burn out imperial ambitions disaccustoming to be great. Building is limited now to a country site and projects - to virtual.

Down with workaholic Stalin! Those who more like to be the heads of banana republic, than citizens of super state appeared on the top. Though not all like to live in Third World country. If there was no Stalin, he should be thought up. Prosperity and strong power should be associated with bloody reprisals. (So Polish gentry receiving the Russian and the Prussian pensions shouted on diets "Down with king!" when the time of Polish and Lithuanian Commonwealth was over.) It's easier this way to extort resources and to distribute territories!

Once Russia gained lands, now its neighbors do it. Empires as cookies crumble along the edges. May be it's the reason why ¾ transfers from the Federal budget goes to the Chechen Republic, Tatarstan and Bashkiria? At that nobody is surprised with such warp! At the same time we continue hearing criticism of the Soviet Union for support of national cultures. Meanwhile they were international, being a part of the general Soviet culture.

Today peoples of Russia ethnically stand apart. Samis, the Merya people, Korely, the Mordovians, Chuvashs recollects their roots at active support of the West. Grants are being allocated to shoot ethnofilms, to write emancipating epos, to sing "the national" history. Support of small peoples? Care of consciousness? Then why Latin came whence Cyrillics left? It's possible to return Russian from the Battle of Kulikovo. The Krivichi, the Vyatichi and Radimichs come back from information battle.

Once it was possible to talk to people in Russian in the Tajik settlement, the Caucasian aul and the East Europe city. Today you will have problems to do it even in Moscow. The Russian world is in the process of compression as a pebble-leather. Once it was bigger, than imperial borders, today - it's smaller, than primordially Russian lands.

One shouldn't forget that Russia - is the scrappy blanket dazzling with peoples, religions, local customs. Our past connects us as a red thread. Betraying it, we betray the present changing the future. Singing "Vlasov's mode" and exposing the Victory defeat we doom ourselves to be a raw appendage forever.

Where's great Moravia? Bulgaria? Serbia? Where would be Ruthenia? Or Belarus? Great Sweden, Germany or the Ottoman Porte would settle down on their earth. The Muscovites though being harassed saved Orthodoxy and Slavic values. In XIX Yury Samarin wrote: "Let Russian peoples remember that the Moscow state for which creation and glorification they worked hard and long, for which they made bloody sacrifices and suffered so many pains unknown to others rescued also their independence".

It's useful to recollect Stalin before picking up penitential motives: "What our enemies likes is harmful to us".