Continuators of Hitler's Line Are Eager to Be in Power

The Russian left consider rigid criticism to the address of America almost an attribute of a good form at discussion of a world policy. Such criticism in many respects is justified. In 1990th years, at Clinton administration the Americans completely discredited themselves, having supported execution of Council House by Yeltsin in 1993, having shut their eyes on falsification of presidential elections in 1996, having a hand in default of 1998. Bush's administration which launched aggressive wars on Near and Middle East, deservedly made America object of criticism all over the world showed itself even worse.

At the same time it makes uneasy that the tone in the antiAmerican propagation is being set by our most malicious class enemy - Kremlin kleptocracy. Following Putin's order Surkov on a regular basis carries out instructing of the Kremlin political scientists and heads of mass-media where he gives orders to uplift the degree of the antiAmerican hysteria more and more. It turns out, that we, left, indulge the class enemy. It is not good, something here is wrong, not right.

It's puts even more on the guard that annoyingly demonizing America and its wards - Georgia, Ukraine, Baltic, Poland, surkov's propagandists are indicatively silent, while we, left, overlook other imperialistic centers which as our historical experience teaches caused Soviet people incommensurably more evil, grief and suffering, than the USA. First of all, I mean the German imperialism being the lineal heir of such aggressors, as Kaiser and Hitler.

People of the senior generation, probably, still remember that the Soviet propagation alongside with the American militarism, Israeli Zionism, Chinese hegemonism, South-African racism and fascist junta in Chile mercilessly branded such phenomenon as the West-German revanchism, incontestably proving that the roots of the state "Federal Republic of Germany" lead to the times of nazism, to Hitler.

I do not exaggerate, there is a heap of books of the Soviet and foreign authors. To take as an example well-known researches of Lev Bezimensky.

One shouldn't search for long for the example - there were suspicions connected with federal chancellor of Germany Villi Brandt that during war he, being in emigration in Norway and Sweden, was secretly informing Gestapo about situation in antifascist groups. Other federal chancellor of Germany, Helmut Schmidt, active participant of Nazi mass actions during premilitary years, having found himself at the front, was also suspected of secret work for Gestapo informing on moods in the army environment. In other words, many outstanding figures of Germany were active Nazis, there were whole groups which supervised former secret agents of Gestapo and those parties were long time at authority and now, on the eve of elections to Bundestag in 2009, again would apply for it.

Anyhow, in due course the criticism of German revanchism disappeared from lexicon of the Soviet official propagation. On the contrary, all of us can often notice "dear Leonid Iljich" in the company of Villi Brandt and Helmut Shmidt. Relay race was picked up by "the best German" Gorbachev. Contrary to objections of Margaret Thatcher and Francois Mitteran at a meeting on Stavropol he managed to present Helmut Kohl the whole country - GDR. There were certain relations between Helmut Kohl and Yeltsin, they liked to drink and take a steam-bath together. On occasion to solve questions of interstate relations, naturally, for the benefit of Germany. And, at last, Putin. All the world knows about his scandalous "friendship" with Gerhard Schroeder. Though Putin's relations with Angela Merkel replaced Schroeder are not very good. It didn't essentially change anything in partner relations between Moscow and Berlin.

The reason is the following - the Russian power resources in great volumes went on export to Germany just when the term "the West-German revanchism" disappeared from the Kremlin propaganda turn of speech. Whether there is no direct interrelation here? I already wrote on the theme on FORUM.msk:

- I am not keen on America, I resolutely condemn Bush's aggression against Afghanistan and Iraq. But let's be objective. Whether it is America that buys oil and gas, fixing parasitic raw model of economy. Nothing's of the kind. It's Germany that has been buying our raw material since Soviet times aspiring being the leader of EU to become independent center of force, alternative to the USA and within the nearest 20-30 years, while the world does not pass on new not mineral energy sources requiring own raw-material base. Exactly because of the same reason China needs own raw-material base (northern resource territories). These two "friendly" countries - Germany and China - conserve from the outside process of raw rotting in the Russian Federation. As to Putin, he following his predecessors from Brezhnev to Yeltsin willingly goes towards all wishes of the Germans and (it began already at Yeltsin) Chinese. It hardly pleases Washington - Reagan tried to break the bargain "gas - pipe", entered sanctions. Since then already other country continues to degrade in an oil trap.

It's typically that the most far-sighted people with the left background in the West also have serious suspicions connected with Germany. So, well-known French philosopher Andre Gljuksman to the Polish edition Dziennik in his interview one of those days declared:

- Germany does not want any scandals with Russia... It is absolutely obvious to me that the policy of Europe in relation to Russia depends, first of all, on what occurs in Germany...

- There is something special in the German affairs. It's not only Schroeder's problem bribed by "Gazprom". Many German businessmen, bankers and businessmen are also in delight from the fact that Russia relies on them more, than on new members of EU. We deal with huge illusion of the ideological nature. Germans consider that Russia could become their new colony, that they could return to themselves the role which they played in XIX century - the role of trustees of imperial empire. They are convinced that they have above Russia technological and intellectual superiority. They say: "We shall be teachers, trustees, investors during modernization of Russia"...

- When I think that efficient Germans want to bribe the Kremlin individuals - however, rather proud of their own wrecking - I know that they are deeply mistaken. In my opinion, that will be Germans and not the Russian who will make fools of themselves. Because the size of cynicism and nihilism of ruling elite in Russia can't be estimated by Germans. However, nihilism is much cleverer than naivety, even if it is naivety of German businessmen and politicians.

Probably, Gljuksman is right, Germans in Russia finally expects fiasco. However we shall not overlook how many millions lives of Soviet people were lost in 1941-45 years at parrying of the previous attempt of Germany to establish "Ordnung" in Russia. All the more so the present generation of the German politicians is not burdened at all by that feeling of historical fault for Nazism which was typical even in 1990th years, at chancellor Kohl.

Present vice-chancellor and the Minister for Foreign Affairs, close colleague of Gerhard Schroeder Frank-Valter Schtajnmajer will be one of the candidates in federal chancellors at elections to Bundestag. He is a very dangerous person, dangerous because besides all negative political features inherent to the German imperialism generated Hitler and two world wars Schtajnmaer - the former curator of special services of Germany - repeatedly showed propensity near miss activity. That's what the member of the administrative board of one of the foreign private prospecting companies, working in Europe and in the Near East speaks about him:

- During the stay of Schroeder the curator of the German special services Shtajnmaer initiated expansion of special network of BND in the locations of the German army abroad which coincided with key points of the international routes of smuggling of the Afghani heroin to Germany. Such networks, in particular, were created in Kunduza (Afghanistan), Termez (Uzbekistan) and in the German zone of responsibility in Kosovo. In result Shtajnmaer received potential opportunity to take under personal control drug trafficking. After Scroeder's resignation and appearance of Merkel Shtajnmaer kept shadow influence on special services transformed secret-service networks of BND into secret-service networks of affiliated with it private structures. Due to efforts of the private prospecting companies working under the contract with the government of Afghanistan and coordinating activity with law enforcement bodies of some countries of Balkan Peninsula in 2005-2008 the German drug network got sensitive impacts. A number of persons working for it were arrested in the countries of Near and Middle East and examined, they bore confessionary witnesses against former employees of BND and also against people having connections with the chief of SNC of Uzbekistan Inoyatov and former chief of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Uzbekistan álmatov - Shtajnmaer's partners. Besides the proofs testifying participation of people from BND in illegal deliveries of the weapon and dual-purpose technologies to Libya, Lebanon, Syria and Iran, as well as in trading of hostages were gathered. There are also proofs of participation of people from BND in recent act of terrorism in Prishtina (Kosovo).

Frank-Valter Schtajnmajer renders significant harm to the Russian - Ukrainian relations, that is caused by the reasons not only of geopolitic but also especially party and even personal character. It's clear to the experts that at the ruin of the USSR considerable part of opportunities of the Soviet investigation services were inherited not by the Russian, but the Ukrainian prospecting structures. Having kept these opportunities, in particular, in the Central Europe Ukraine within the framework of official interstate cooperation agreements conducts active information interchange with special services of the USA and the countries of Europe. Probably, the same intensive exchange, including on informal basis, is being conducted and with former colleagues in Russia which are in overabundance present at the bodies of kleptocratic state, departments and large corporations.

In other words, objectively Ukraine became a certain center where information from different sources is being collected and concentrated. It is possible to assume that periodically such information is realized. Here you are what the Ukrainian expert directly familiar with the given subject speaks about it:

- Schtajnmaer - is an object of the most steadfast attention. There are enough proofs in Ukraine of criminal activity of people working before in BND, in spheres of money-laundering of a criminal character and illegal financing of political activity in Germany, in particular, illegal financing of the largest German party applying for authority. In most cases the Russian figures of gas business, bank system and the high-ranking employees of special services continue to act as partners of Germans on criminal activity. The data available in Ukraine is by official way disseminated to law enforcement bodies of several countries of Europe and Northern America, criminal cases are being carried out on its base, arrests have been made.

Anyhow, as against artless wooden-head Bush waving "bludgeon" to the view of all world, next year extremely unscrupulous person, got used to do everything on the sly and thus inclined to such extreme offences on which background leaving American president - loser will seem playing mean tricks schoolboy will, probably, become chancellor of Germany.

As to the Russian left, propagation of the Kremlin kleptocracy connected to Germans by gas and heroin corruption calls us to love sincerely "friend" of Russia and Putin - Shtajnmajer and with the trebled energy continue demonization of Obama's America and our own compatriots across Soviet Union from Georgia, Baltics and Ukraine.