The Kremlin Imitates "Ukrainian Chechen Republic" in Transcarpathian Region

Carpatho-Russians addressed Russia with the request to recognize independence of Carpathian Russia from Ukraine. "Prime minister of the republic" Peter Getsko declared it to the correspondent of the governmental "Russian Newspaper". The Russians bent on that step after official Kiev once again ignored their requirement about granting autonomy in the structure of Ukraine.

The first in Russia international scientific - practical conference "Genocide and Cultural Ethnocide of the Carpathian Russia (end of XIX - beginning of XXI centuries)" took place in Rostov - on - Don. Ruthenian - the fourth after the Russians, Ukrainians and Byelorussians group of east Slavs living basically in the territory of Transcarpathian region of Ukraine. They consider themselves separate people and try to obtain the right to self-determination.

"Carpathian Russia has an experience of existence as independent state and autonomous republic, - director of Center of Ukrainian Philology of the JFU, Doctor of Philosophy Edward Popov said. - It had legal personality starting from 1919 and then voluntary became a part of Czechoslovakia as autonomous republic. On results of the World War II, as a result of agreement between Czechoslovak Socialist Republic and the USSR Carpathian Russia was attached to Transcarpathian region of Ukraine". Ruthenian then insisted on the other variant - on being the 16-th union republic but it was then totalitarian time and their voices were not heard. In December, 1991 simultaneously with a referendum about independence of Ukraine Transcarpathian regional referendum on which 78 percent of participants voted for giving the territory of the status of autonomy took place. "However the country leaders ignored results of that voting. In result Ruthenian didn't receive autonomy and were not considered as a national minority of Ukraine. In history books they are being referred to as ethnographic group of the Ukrainians. Accordingly there is no school education in Carpatho-Russian language, there is no faculty of the Ruthenian philology in the Uzhgorod University", - Edward Popov admitted.

By Popov's words, Ruthenian, as well as other national minorities of Ukraine, experience violent Ukrainization which Hungarians, the Romanians and Russians suffer. At the same time Ruthenian are even deprived of the right for own historical name, which, by the way, is more ancient than ethnicon "Ukrainian". On October, 25 in ķukachevo in Transcarpathian region of Ukraine the Second European Congress of Ruthenian took place, reconstruction of autonomous republic Carpathian Russia in the structure of the country was proclaimed and requirements to official Kiev were put forward - to recognize autonomy of the republic till December, 1st. Otherwise Ruthenian promised to obtain the right to self-determination outside of limits of the country.

From editorial board: If the material about requirements of Ruthenian was published by oppositional or some other independent edition in Russia, it would be possible to speak about the essence of a question - about Carpatho-Russian problem which is centuries older, than the Ukrainian State. It was Austria-Hungary that "became famous" for one of the first in history concentration camp for Ruthenian.

However, let's look at the problem under a little bit different sight angle - newspaper of the government of the Russian Federation financed directly from the state budget publishes material where it clearly and unambiguously speaks about support of ... the national separatism in the neighbouring state which, it looks so, is not only at peace with the Russian Federation but is in rather close relations - well, visa-free mode and accommodation of the Russian fleet can serve as evidences of it.

At that conference of separatists almost for certain organized and paid not by separatists is being carried out in the territory of the Russian Federation, there requirement "to recognize independence of Carpathian Russia from Ukraine" - that is the way the government of the Russian Federation formulated it - not simply to recognize independence but "from Ukraine".

Certainly, the policy of Kiev not always is correct in relation to Russia but if Moscow were interested in change of the Ukrainian policy, it would directly appeal to Ukrainian people, as against Russia there still there is a will of voters. Sensible reproaches to the Ukrainian management related to incorrect and unfriendly policy towards fraternal people would by all means be poured out in amplification in the Ukrainian politicum of the role of forces disposed to cooperate with Russia.

That is the way of the one really interested in that Ukraine and Russia henceforth will be in special relations would act.

How does the Old Square act? It meaningly ignores interests of real political forces which are historically disposed to integration with Russia and tries to find marginal groups which are engaged in being provocative - that is doing the same things similar groups on the other side are doing. Instead of consecutive work with CPU - representing nobody party of Vitrenko is being created, certain nonexistent groups of fighters for separation of Crimea are being organized and now we have - Carpatho-Russian separatists.

In fact it is clear that there's nothing but for a sit-round gathering of several provincial professors behind this Carpatho-Russian separatism and even in the most distant prospect there will be no "Ukrainian Chechen Republic"... But propagandists of official Kiev have unassailable card - Russia intends to dismember Ukraine. The proofs of such intentions are - in semi-official "Russian Newspaper".

There is an impression that they in the Kremlin are much more interested in introduction of Ukraine into NATO, rather than in Kiev...

įnatoly Baranov