Kazakhstan Cancel State Status of the Russian Language to Fight with Proletarian Internationalism

The Kazakhstan head Nazarbayev once again managed to bring split in opposition with the help of already applied repeatedly earlier technique - artificial kindling of the international dissention. This time it's seemingly decayed discussion about status of the Russian language.

The Kazakh nationalists calling now themselves national - democrats keeping silent lately acted naturally as initiators. In the reference on the eve of the Constitution day of the Republic of Kazakhstan they demanded to cancel the point according to which the Russian language is used equally to the state one from the Organic law of the state.

It was absolutely unexpected that the initiative of the Kazakh nationalists was supported by the Communist party of Kazakhstan in the name of the first secretary of the Central Committee Gaziz Aldamzharov who put his signature under ill-starred reference.

The only political force which without the slightest delay accurately and decisively declares non-admission of this nationalist attack is the Socialist movement of Kazakhstan entering the international association Committee for a Workers' International (CWI) having structures in more than forty countries.

From editorial board: "Attempts of the right and Islamic way out of the modern crisis of global capitalism - continuation of bad memory of "traditions" of B. Mussolini and A. Hitler on a new historical coil. Now unique real alternative to the world right sabbat is new-left working alternative. Activity of parties of bureaucratic socialism is a brake on a way of formation of forces of new socialism. The beginning of structurization of forces of new working socialism is necessary to start in ex-citadel of old socialism - the Eastern Europe. Optimum initial structure of this new socialism is WORKERS' COMMITTEE as simultaneously a germ of the future workers' party of new socialism and the structure of new workers' power, the analog of the Soviet of Workers' Delegates on a new historical coil", - is written by Sergey Gupalo.

It is absolutely correct position but it demands to follow principle - if you are drowning, you're on your own - in this case it refers to the workers. However, real experience of struggle of the Kazakhstan oil workers where thousands people have been fighting for their right for already for months shows - separately, on the single even large working actions have no forces to resist really to police-bureaucratic modes. For this reason the Kazakhstan workers address for support - all of them understand now these things judging from private experience.

But what can we offer them? And whether we can at all?

Now - only words, let even the words of support. Working-class movement in Russia and even in Ukraine (where situation is a bit brighter), not mentioning absolutely suppressed and absent working-class movement in Belarus is immeasurably weaker than in Kazakhstan. Those mass actions of workers which shake Nazarbayev's empire for "more developed" Post-Soviet countries are reflections from some other world - the world of strong people and radical decisions. Russia and Ukraine should ask the Kazakhstan oil workers to land workers' landing troops somewhere on AutoVaz.

For now "workers' landing troops" include the Uzbek street cleaners and the Tajik builders whom the Russian workers almost consider guilty of all problems - not capitalists of a title nationality but guest workers, "black".

In Kazakhstan "communists" act openly against proletarian internationalism, our working leaders are going to take part in fictitious elections side by side with "Fair Russia" - because they asked for joining the Communist Party of the Russian Federation but we rejected. It's good that they are not going to join "Just Cause". Though in such situation they could as well get registered at once in "United Russia" and to carry out "uncompromising struggle" directly inside the party in power.

For republics of the CIS and in general for the countries of the former "east block" the Russian language is also the main tool of proletarian internationalism. 

Cancellation of the Russian language already through one generation will make the working protest in the countries of "the third world" to which the former republics of the USSR have turned essentially impossible for pouring out into something bigger, than local event. Kazakhs revolt? Well, recollect film "Borat" - here you are really true level of knowledge of the western inhabitant about Kazakhstan and Kazakhs. The same is possible to say about the Kirghiz, the Moldavians, the Turkmen, the Russians and the Ukrainians.

By and large the West doesn't care for the East, while former USSR thoroughly disintegrates not only on political map but also in mass consciousness.

Preservation of "the virtual Soviet union" is a real task for working and left movement in the former USSR. Without this real "integration of minds" we won't go far. 


Anatoly Baranov