Power Heard Bolotnaya: Cleaning among Journalists Started

The owner of the publishing house "Kommersant" Alisher Usmanov declared about personnel changes in management of the publishing house. The general director of Joint-Stock Company "Kommersant-Holding" Andrey Galiev is dismissed since yesterday. Editor-in-chief of magazine "Kommersant-Vlast" Maxim Kowalski was also dismissed from the post, "Gazeta.ru" who has just lost the assistant to the editor-in-chief Badanin approximately for the same informs.

Publication of some materials in last issues which the owner till that time never interfering with journalistic activity of his editions considered infringement of journalistic ethics became the reason of resignations, according to Usmanov.

“These materials touch on small hooliganism”, – mister Usmanov explained not having excluded possibility of appeal to the court for their publication with the claim to Maxim Kowalski.

The general director of publishing house "Kommersant" Demyan Kudryavtsev also resigned. His application, according to Usmanov, will be considered within next two weeks. Decision about his resignation will be accepted after adoption of the budget of the publishing house for the next year.


From editorial board: It is impossible to live in society and to be free from it. It is impossible to receive wages which are larger, than all budget of FORUM.msk and to play free journalism.

I believe that Alisher Usmanov doesn’t care a bit what publishing house “Kommersant" writes now and was writing before. But once he got proposal which couldn’t refuse – I think the proposal was the same way business as the purchase of the car with pastes. But let's think if the Kremlin needs to fatten the publishing houses which do not bring it even a half of what goes on their maintenance? Let's recollect a newspaper "God forbid!" which the publishing house "Kommersant" issued before elections of 1996 in million circulation – here you are the reason of engrossing of capons from journalism.

You see they imagined themselves... I am even a little surprised: people who don't understand such elementary things were charged to supervise one of the largest Kremlin media projects? Children-children... You don't understand why "Alisher Burhanovich broke a word given to Boris Abramovich" at the purchase of the publishing house. One should ask the question when it happened – why do they buy us? Unless you are a doggie or the serf maid give extra to the greyhound?

It doesn't mean that I have no sympathy. People with mentality of bosses of the criminal group sit in the Kremlin. I sympathize even with Usmanov who has been wasting money from own pocket “for all” for so many years, he actually patronaged and at the end appeared in a role of the persecutor and the suppressor. Especially I sympathize with Demyan Kudryavtsev who was taking part in creation of FORUM.msk, as well as I once took part in creation of "Kommersant" - certainly I always will be on the side of the creative person who was trampled by the power. But it is impossible to be a member of a gang and to be free from its concepts – anyway you be will caved in.

Anatoly Baranov