Sly Eggs

I can see how writers of perceptive performances of our first persons try their best – they need that all looked sincerely, hobnob, real dialogue of the authority and people. But awkward questions remain – and even generous political promises of Medvedev which he distributed as tips leaving his Kremlin banquet didn’t make them clearer.

For example, why in the Russian Federation, officially secular state, you cannot insult feelings of the believers, but you can and should do it in relation to atheists? Who tells all mass-media to pronounce the words "dedicated" with praiseworthy aspiration and "infidel"- with disapproval? Why does it happen in our country so that the nastier dead a person conceives, the more he blesses himself? Where, in what book is it written that this repeated by the officials masturbation is purifying shampoo from everything?

Why is our official ideology is full not with love to the future, but with hatred to the past? Whether the country, where class, racial, geographical and historical hatred became the main feeling and sly eggs curse the hen which laid them, could live long?

Why do attempts of the Russians to repel aggression of visitors – is always called extremism and aggression from that side – is never called by this word? Why does Chechen may violate everything he wants in Moscow, while it’s dangerous for Russian even to appear in the Chechen Republic?

Where is it stated that every chief - civilian and military - could apply to the subordinate using informal "you", while that one should use only formal “You” – derogation from this rule threatens with dismissal? 

If the market and production of coffee-machines – are incompatible in principle? Why does having market we stopped producing what we used to produce before its appearance: irons, nails, tractors, drills, spoons, forks? Why do the worst of us, pathologically not suitable to useful work get advanced? What to do with this ugly to all evolutionary negative selection? 

If at least in principle, theoretically, official in Putin's Russia can be honest person? In other words, why do such qualities as honesty, integrity, contrition and following principles are categorically not allowed in the civil service where all steal as if the last day comes? 

Police violently disperse prescribed in the Constitution meetings as they, from its words, impede traffic. Why do then interfering even more with the traffic officials’ corteges not mentioned in the Constitution are even protected by police instead of dispersing?

At Putin we became frank appendage of the West, if he is involved in it somehow – or no? Authoritarian Brezhnev ruled for whole 18 years, for that he was vlamed gerontocrat, old monkey and so on. Democratic Putin wants to rule now for 24 years at a run – if we should brand him or no? Intricate question. It’s clear why Govorukhin headed Putin’s electoral staff: the rest are even worse. But why did such personal failure happen at Putin that all the rest are worse? Why does our generous Land ceased to give birth to the best – pure shit can be seen even at meetings against him?

Why our democracy of recent years has fallen into such ass: it’s a shame to confess that you vote for “United Russia”, while not to vote – fear? 

If there will be the end of the reform which has been taking place for already 20 years – or it will never end? Why if it refers to construction or repair of some object the period of the beginning and end of work, the employer and the contractor are stated, while in restructuring of the whole country there are no such data? If it’s unknown to the first persons – or it cannot be pronounced aloud?

Putin, during whose reign almost all created in Stalin’s times industry died, is always ready to kick the one staying in a coffin who was sincerely mourned by the whole country. But when he would drop a cue – whether anyone will cry for him if already after a couple of protest meetings his treated kindly pets started spiting into his face? 

Why did not less dirty sale of posts almost with price lists hanging in corridors come to change dirty election? At last how to get rid of that dirt due to which theft and degradation reign in the country with elections or without them?

These questions are in the air – but it seems that it’s already possible to live without answering them. Hooks of mutual hatred dogged us; people without interior pillars, killed with pure lie and simulation around are ready to hand the country over to the destroyers crying out: "All power to bourgeois!”, "Don’t judge oligarchs!", "Frredom to Khodorkovsky!", "Down with Putin's vertical, give way to Havel’s strict line!". While that Havel who was saluted by meeting on Bolotnaya Square once broke unified at that time Czechoslovakia – for that he was greeted by the United States engaged in making all “left” countries smaller according to the doctrine... 

Hidden abscess has been ripping – it urges a man acquired the role of leader to direct, through the heads of his writers answer. It is clear that he doesn't want to give it: it’s not the tsar’s business to give answers as in front of a school board, to the public, to these people from Bolotnaya. Whatever you might say – he has to do it. Let it be not late - the pus, not hearing any replies will pass into gangrene, then to amputation. It seems that we are already on this way as it used to be before the ruin of the USSR. Only then we still had a huge material and moral capacity which we don’t have now. Therefore this time the wreck of the residual country threatens to be much more terrible and speedy.