Artistic Intelligentsia Creates the League of Ready to Suck Off?

Former Minister of Finance of Russia Alexey Kudrin declared that he supports creation of League of Voters (TV presenters Tatyana Lazareva and Leonid Parfyonov, writer Boris Akunin, poet Dmitry Bykov, musician Yury Shevchyuk, writer Lyudmila Ulitskaya and bloggers Rustem Agadamov and Ilya Varlamov became founders of the League).

Why is it so important that the voters of Akunin and Parfyonov were supported by former Kudrin, by the way he incurred a role of the intermediary in negotiations with Putin and then it was found out that Putin was not going to negotiate or discuss anything with anybody?

Actually it’s very strange situation: people were robbed on elections – and further they go with petition to those who have robbed them? Unless “United Russia” is not Putin's child? Unless Churov was appointed not by Putin?

Many-thousand meeting scanned: "Putin in resignation! Putin to prison!" While representatives of some "civil society" beg negotiations and plaintively ask: well, at least replace Churov... All are against "politicians" - against those who all these 20 years struggled with power while misters from "civil society" acquired communications and real estates, sweated on corporate parties and drank tea with "the national leader".

I am interested if misters had no time to make public speech even on meeting on 24th and were showed on records, who would work instead of them in this League of Voters? After all there will be a lot of "heavy country work" as Limonov wrote. Or they will employ somebody?

I, by the way, see writer Limonov busy with such "country work" - certainly, he doesn’t have such mighty talent as misters Akunin and Ulitskaya, but he is also writer. While I can’t imagine out grown up barin's sons. Though protest hunger-strike will suit writer Bykov.

By the way, about negotiations with Putin: if we already forgave him political prisoners and arrested, beaten and crippled? If we already recognized results of elections which were not ready to recognize only yesterday? If we are again in love with him?

If we don’t recognize why we go on negotiations with criminals? Why we sign agreements with deputies who on our recent assurances are not deputies at all, but homunculus of CHurov’s manipulations?

If Zyuganov, Mironov and Zhirinovsky with their fractions already handed their mandates over? No? While we demanded...

May be we take a kiss as emblem of new League? As a symbol of eternal readiness to suck off...