Putin and Emptiness

Development of revolutionary processes – that is what we have today in Russia – have own logic. Intelligenzia begins, people finish. The end is actually known, therefore intelligentzia tries to frighten the power in time and to agree with it about its "transformation" and admission to a table (at first to the conference table, than to share money) that people don’t have time to finish.

Not to admit transition from bourgeois-democratic revolution to socialist revolution: the Chinese down-padded coats and army (or even camp) jackets.

Inteligentzia is not guilty of it: in its case being, as a rule, determines consciousness quite distinctly. If it is not possible to keep capitalism, it builds socialism not under pressure, but with delight: one can be fascinated by unknown prospects, creativity possibilities, besides practical realization of justice – is happiness which seldom can be seen.

But all it happens (if happens) only after.

Meanwhile liberals rode management of protest movement.

Elegance and simplicity of doing it were shown on the air by organizing committee of a meeting on Sakharov Avenue. If these people will replace Churov, “party of national freedom” - or what else liberal “United Russia” will be called - will receive 70% on elections and those who will doubt too loudly will be imprisoned not for 15 days. There will be a lot of them – it will be possible to shoot new White House, authors of the appeal “Crush Creeps!” will support it one more time.

Liberals in Russia are not those who love freedom, but those who consider it a debt of the state to serve not to people but to the global markets. It is assault infantry of global business: therefore they have money, organizing recourses, built up system of mass-media, support of not only the West, but also of the Russian power – after all liberal clan is uniform! Therefore you can be sure that there’s no others today – left and patriots. And if Putin will be deposed, roughly speaking, tomorrow – liberal will come to power.

One of my teachers, A.Kolganov, noticed that in the XX century the majority of public crises were solved before their ripening. After all it is clear sign of external influence: it’s not less important in the global world – and not less wide-spread – than internal influence.

In our case solving of the crisis of power before ripening of social and economic crisis – the only way to come to power for liberals. To seize power at early stage of crisis when money, not people decide, people who recollecting the 90s will be choosing between the left and patriots and will at last make their choice in favour of those who express synthesis of social, patriotic and democratic values developed by them long time ago.

Therefore Putin's overthrow today, in first half of 2012 will give power to liberals and harm Russia. I write it as a person who demanded his resignation already in January, 2005, after cannibal monetization of social benefits and now on Bolotnaya Square: there was illusion of possibility of creation of uniform, general, fair popular front there - now it’s already absent.

I wrote it and heard comments of “ardent professional fighters”: “silly penguin humbly hides …”, “stupid intelligentzia betrays people at the first threat to mode” and other – up to the account in "Drezdner-bank". Besides scientific speeches that socialist revolution and power of people can appear only after bourgeois-democratic revolution and the last is necessary condition …

Only you, dear theorists, are not the only one who read the Soviet textbooks.

Not Kerenskys will come to power as representatives of liberals – people who have already tried fuehrer powers will come to power: some - 20 years ago, other - 20 days ago. They will quickly solve question with democracy (well, there’s no in our society carriers of more totalitarian consciousness, than liberals, excuse me), carrying out own notions about beautiful they will dip people into such poverty and hopelessness that it will think not of the rights and the power, but about physical survival. Economy falling in 1994, after execution of the White House was deeper, even than in 1992.

It doesn't mean that it is necessary to shut up and accept every dirt of the power.

Certainly, no.

It is necessary to bare constantly the essence of liberal clan, not justifying the power killing Russia - being with it in tactical contact.

It is necessary to form own center of political attraction of the society which will lean against people, to stimulate it to political activity, to interception of control over political process and mastering of own destiny.

It can’t be created “in cozy JJ” - therefore it is necessary to struggle for own rights, even if they are insignificant: struggle is means of breeding of people and formation of structures. To demand termination of lie, larceny and violence. To demand from the power that it was the power and not "family" or a gang. To protect own people. To participate in meetings – no matter what liberal hamsters wouldn't squeal from tribunes – with own requirements and to hiss hamsters if it’s not possible to drive provokers and liberals from tribunes (two protective cordons one of which consisted of liberal activists before the tribune on Sakharov Avenue were very convincing).

Working out and translation of the positive program which, having captured masses and “imperious public” will become terminator for every power is necessary.

Yes, there are no forces interested in a healthy way of development of our country to the degree of readiness of its financing in Russia today. It makes system crisis almost inevitable. However it will lower political importance of money and will raise – value of people. It will pronounce sentence to liberals, it’s impossible to give them power till this moment: they will not give it back after.

I know, I remember these eyes full of talmudical rejection all alien them: Chikatilo can work as the forester and even the head of tax inspection, but it is impossible to appoint it the director of kindergarten.

Putin - hissed by “Olympiisky” and betrayed by own liberal lackeys – again managed to become the lesser evel in the slipping to system crisis Russia. Deprived of support of the West he won't dare to repeat the beginning of the 90s and won’t, at least consciously, destroy the country for strengthening of the power. If he realizes all degree of his vulnerability, he can begin transformation of system without collapsing of the country in the new Time of Troubles. If no – he will live up to the beginning of system crisis which will make financial resources of liberals meaningless as it was done by default of 1998.

Let's not forget that the world shakes on the verge of new Great Depression, the only way out of which is Great War. Intention of the USA to sell big military base in Kosovo to Turkey testifies about degree of uncertainty: it’s not simple invitation of Turkey to revival of Ottoman Empire, it’s a step to system destabilization of Europe by new strengthening of the Islamic factor.

It is better to enter into world chaos with bad statehood, than with good revolution: it is the worst, compelled way. It’s necessary to be ready to it, but to wish it sincerely could only the person who doesn’t remember hunger and hasn’t been at the tommy gun point. For even proletariat can loose life except chains.

Certainly, ripened problems of restoration of justice are difficult for solving behind conference table – the more so when the subject hasn’t ripened yet among people and desire in the power. But Putin's premature leaving will fling doors open not in February, 1917, but in September, 1973.

Don't judge about liberals looking at Xenia Sobchak, Nemtsov and Kasparov.

There are enough Pinochets in our country: they are ready.