Whether Putin Is Going to Reign and Multiply up to 100 Years

You will laugh, but Putin again wrote an article. This time it is called “Building of justice. Social policy for Russia”. I will cite the “tastiest” piece so that you will feel funny: “Today 143 million people live in Russia. According to the experts, at inertial scenario — i.e. at preservation of existing and absence of new measures — by 2050 it will make about 107 million people. If we manage to formulate and realize effective, complex strategy of people saving — the population of Russia will increase up to 154 million people”.
If I know not all letters or I suffer problems with understanding of what is read – correct me. I’ve got that Putin intends to build strategy already till 2050! He also uses a word "we" - "if we manage”. It is interesting, whom he means saying "we"? Whether it’s Putin and Medvedev by turns?
I positively like these boys - in 2050 Mitya-president will be already 85, while Putin will be 100! Great vertical of the power, extended one. After all at present level of medicine, at sparing enough way of life they can really live up to it, but it is still ok. After all they are going to realize something all this time. While citizens are walking all this time under the windows and scream: "Putin in resignation!" Fuck you, go better and improve demography, go forth and multiply, if to use Biblical language.
By the way, why Putin made such conclusions that population would increase? He wrote a lot of bullshit in his article in this connection. For example, "essentially new legal base of development of the Russian public health services was created in 2011. Means for medicine financing will be distributed more accurately and fairly with its help and patients will receive ample opportunities to choose the doctor and medical institution. Several years are necessary for full realization of possibilities which is created by legal base. Meanwhile it is still necessary to solve a number of problems of domestic public health services".
Whether doctors need new legal base to cure better? I doubt very much. More likely on the contrary, more time will be spend for defending ass from Office of Public Prosecutor – than for cure. Patients will receive possibilities to choose doctor, won’t they? Whether ordinary patient can make conscious choice in this sphere? How could the patient to distinguish good neonatologist from bad one? How will the patient make choice of anesthesiologist-resuscitator and emergency surgeon? It’s the same as to suggest first year pupil to choose teacher or soldiers to choose commander. It sounds beautiful and has the most unpleasant consequences.
Here you are what I call masterpiece: "It is necessary to enhance responsibility of each person for condition of his health. Otherwise money won't safe. Today we have 80 percent of people who don’t go to sports, 65 percent regularly use strong spirits or smokes, 60 percent pass medical inspections only in case of illness. At that the majority of the interrogated is assured that they watch over their health!"
Well, we can forgive the head of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Ukraine who the day before yesterday recommended to run 8-10 km a day as preventive maintenance of death from frostbite. But Putin follows his way! How to enhance responsibility for a state of health? To fine? It’s even better - to imprison at once! You break a work and rest mode? Go to solar Magadan, get engaged in physical training on fresh frosty air and no drinks.
It’s also possible with a view of improvement of demographic situation to imprison for masturbation - as for waste of spermatic fluid fund.
Anatoly Baranov