Europe and the USA Refused to Listen to Ahmadinejad Even under Aegis of the United Nations

Deputies of the European Community present at antiracist summit under aegis of the United Nations taking place in Geneva left boardroom, AFP informs. Thus Eurodeputies made protest against the words of the president of Iran Ý┴hmoud Ahmadinejad who began his performance at the session with antiIsraeli applications. In particular, ßhmadinejad declared that Israel tried "to create racist government in the occupied Palestine". On data of Associated Press, he also accused Israel, Europe and the USA of destabilization of other world.


When Ahmadinejad was saying that Israel was created "under the pretext of suffering of Jews" during World War II, several tens Eurodeputies rose from their places and left the hall. Besides some "soft red subject" was directed by the protesting in a color wig, as he is characterized by agency Associated Press, to the president of Iran. Protesting cried out the word "racist" several times, then he was taken away from the hall.


Several scandals preceded antiracist summit of the United Nations which was opened in Geneva on April, 20. In particular, the USA, Australia, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Italy and some other states decided to refrain from participation in summit because of fears that its final resolution would condemn Israel. Besides Israel withdrew the ambassador from Switzerland as a token of the protest against ßhmadinejad was given a welcome on the part of the president of the country. Position of Switzerland also caused indignation of local Jewish community.


As Sky News notices, ßhmadinejad became the only head of the large state who accepted invitation to participate in the summit. Heads of Togo, East Timor and Montenegro will take part in it. Besides 32 countries will be presented by ministers, including Egypt, Nigeria, Southern Africa, Uganda and Norway.


- The USA made the decision to boycott the conference on struggle against racism regretfully, - is spoken in the application of the press-secretary of the Department of state Robert Vud. - The United States are deeply devoted to the matter of liquidation of racism and racial discrimination. This old adherence to struggle against racism and all forms of racial discrimination results from the most painful pages of our history and the supreme values of our people.


As agency Associated Press writes, the question on participation in the conference was a subject of fierce disputes in Washington. Opinions of experts were divided: proIsraeli organizations supported boycott whereas human rights advocate and such groups as TransAfrica and Association of Black Members of the Congress considered that it's necessary to participate.


Then, after the announcement of the decision of the Department of state democrat Barbara Li who heads Association of Black Members of the Congress declared that members of that group "were deeply struck" with the decision to boycott the conference.


- This decision contradicts to a policy of interaction both with those whom we agree and with those whom we disagree carried out by the president, - she declared.


The secretary general of the United Nations Pan Gi Moon scarified performance of the president Ahmadinejad at  the opening of the International conference on struggle against racism in Geneva, agency EFE informed on Monday. The secretary general of the United Nations declared that antiIsraeli applications of Ahmadinejad have no other purpose except for "to accuse, separate and incite".


Czech Republic left International conference on counteraction to racism and xenofobia in Geneva because of statements of the president of Iran Ý┴hmoud Ahmadinejad, Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Czechia presiding in EU informed in the evening on Monday.

Ahmadinejad called Jewish state "the most cruel and racist mode" that caused indignation of a number of delegates of the European countries.

From editorial board: Situation, admittedly, strange and disturbing. The matter is not in Ahmadinejad who states his position not for the first time, one should already got used to it. Eventually, there's no other president in Iran. Disturbing is the fact that at the conference taking place under aegis of the United Nations and declared as humanitarian there are themes and persons which is inadmissible to listen, before they even open a mouth. There is position of Ahmadinejad and for today it is position of Iran - the country where slavery, by the way, was cancelled long time before it was done in the USA - when the press-secretary of the Department of state speaks about "old adherence to struggle against racism and all forms of racial discrimination" we realize that this adherence is not old - the USA and the Russian empire were the last civilized countries which cancelled personal dependence. Completely racist laws were cancelled in a number of states of the USA already after World War II.


The fact that today for the first time a person with black skin could become the president of the USA is doubtlessly an achievement and a parameter of tolerance of the American society but nevertheless to speak about America as about the world leader in the field of struggle against racism, obviously, is a little bit immodestly. It is quite fair that representatives not of those countries which just yesterday according to historical measures were colonial empires speak about racism but representatives of peoples who received independence in struggle against colonialism.


Today the West, if it is possible to generalize so, declares: there are two points of view - mine and wrong one. Ok. But "wrong" point of view also should be formulated. Or it could be different?


Actually, that is what confuses in today's position of the western semi-official organ - unwillingness to listen to other point of view, probably, unpleasant and probably wrong. But what is the reason to carry out the conference if everyone speak one and the same correct words and resolution has been already ready and lays in a table of the chairman?


It is absolutely unessential to argue with ßhmadinejad in essence. Probably, it is even not necessary to do it but it's necessary though to listen to him. Not because "if he would say something wise", but because the next step - international isolation of Iran and "Iraqi script" is being clearly looked through after boycott. It is a crisis of all organization of the United Nations - it shouldn't instead of being organization involved in solving of conflicts become a source of additional intensity. Unless position of Israel - is indisputable? It's forbidden to be discussed? It should be liked by all?


It is very bad, very much reminds position before war. The world divides into the parts which categorically refuse to listen to each other. The next way to prove own rightness - force. I do not doubt at all of a victory of forces of light and good on behalf of the USA and their allies, I have only one question - what to do with the crimes of thought?