Not for the Fools!

I read the book of Doctor of Physical and Pure Science A.I.Popov "Americans on the Moon. Great Break or Space Swindle?" (Veche, í., 2009) because position of the researcher of the theme obliged to do it. I read it and had not regretted! The book is written simply, at that Alexander Ivanovich refers to my works but, as though carefully bypassing my reasons and it is correct. For example, I am convinced with traces of the Americans "on the Moon" left on a wet ground, while he hardly mentions them, I make the main emphasis of falsity of photographic materials on display of short shadows, he keeps silent about them in general and shows impudent retouch of photos "from the Moon". I assert that the Soviet scientists didn't see original American lunar ground, he considers that Americans could have few hundreds grams of it delivered by automatic stations.


Popov wrote the book with the same volume as mine but didn't repeat, practically, anything from what I wrote, that is he doubled the complete set of reasons of that the Americans never were "on the Moon". Popov opened a great lot of facts which, to tell you the truth, never came to my mind to search for.


For example. A lot of our narrow-minded talkers asserts that our clever scientists, ostensibly, traced the flight of the Americans to the Moon. Alexander Ivanovich found out, that it's true that tried to do it but for that reason it was necessary to know parameters of an orbit "Apollo" and we sent instead of two usual vessels of the Academy of Sciences seven vessels to the neutral waters of Florida to Cape Canaveral. Radars and radio stations on those vessels should mark and calculate parameters of the rocket orbit blasting off to the Moon and write down speed parameters transmitted from it, without that no supervisions over "Apollo" were basically possible.


The Americans exposed against our unarmed vessels a squadron of 15 fighting ships with uncovered ammunition and 10 minutes prior to the start the American planes of radio-electronic struggle hung over our vessels, all our systems of tracking were suppressed by joint efforts of plane, ship and coastal stations of muffling. Thus our people couldn't see where "Apollos" flied.


For example. Ten years prior to that American swindle with the Moon, the USSR sent the first rocket to the Moon. So, paying no attention to cold war, to the British station of space our investigation immediately informed parameters of the orbit of rocket and channels which transfers data from the rocket so that Englishmen wouldn't lose it and confirm that it reached the Moon.


What did the Americans do?? Their behaviour shows that they didn't fly to the Moon.


Another thing. Different fools pretending being clever approve that the Americans would not manage to hustle though that swindle because in Houston, say, thousand experts accepted signals "from the Moon". What Moon you are talking about, blockheads? Signals to Houston went from a communication satellite, the satellite received signals from Australia as on a legend only there 60-meter radiotelescope capable to accept those signals was situated. Everything as in film "ëozerog-1".


Perhaps, the most significant theme of the book started by Popov is the theme of inability of the Americans to create the rocket with draft of engines in 3000 tons. A lot of people speak about it but the manner they do it! I'm, ostensibly, great expert in the field of space engines and therefore I assert that the Americans could not create such rocket! Or: I'm great expert in the field of space flights, therefore I assert that the Americans could not arrive from the Moon to the Earth under the necessary corner of reentry! And so on, and so forth. There's no reason not to trust them but in fact you are not the expert either in the field of engines, or in the field of space navigation. May be they could! That is the lack of these sceptics is that it's necessary to believe both to NASA and to them. While Popov made his conclusions not on the belief to someone but on explanation of how to understand the facts received from NASA. As a result it turned out to be though longish but simply up to elegance. I take off hat to him!


I shall not tell how Popov handle with it, I shall simply write the question which he asked himself before getting engaged in the theme of the American rocket "Saturn - 5" and engines to it.


"In general, engine - heart of the rocket, at that it's a special heart - long-living, admitting change to the following client when previous has already died. From this point of view it is interesting to discuss the destiny of the engine F-1. Five such super-power engines located at the first step, according to NASA, provided launch of 3000-ton "Saturn - 5". Where those super-power engines go to and why for new powerful American rockets not "native" engines F-1 from "Saturn-5" but the ones imported from the Soviet rocket "Energy" are used? In fact if engines F-1 not only were present on exhibitions but also worked, then the American experts outstripped the Soviet ones, at that at least for 20 years. Following the logic of progress by the present time NASA should have engines which are more perfect, than RD-180. But the Americans for some reason buy the Russian RD-180. Whether then engines F-1 and that rocket "Saturn - 5" which they could lift really existed?"


I shall repeat, I am not against that Alexander Ivanovich practically completely do without reasons gathered by me but I am not with him in one thing. How could it happen that our scientists and designers which real achievements in the field of development of the Moon even today are ahead of the American one have not revealed this swindle? I have to agree with Popov's reason that they fondly trusted the Americans. Not even because neither ëÁmanin, nor Glushko, íishin mention opportunity of the American swindle even as rumours in the memoirs and diaries. The matter is that about 6-7 years ago I had a talk with George Vasiljevich Kostin on the themes of economy. When that theme exhausted, I unintentionally mentioned the theme of lunar swindle of the Americans.


No actor could play so - Kostin was struck! It appears that he never heard that there's someone in the world who doubted of the flight of the Americans to the Moon. Kostin is not simple man in the street, he is not even cosmonaut such as Leonov or Feoktistov. He is the co-author of development of 13 liquid propellant jet engines, including unique oxygen - hydrogen engine for space-rocket system "Energy - Buran" - that very engine which is used even today by the Americans. In 1981-1993 he was the director of that factory where "Energy" was tested and built. He knew nothing that in the States since "Apollo's" first flight thousand experts openly stated their doubt in the flight of NASA to the Moon! He did not know what every petty journalist knows in America.


It's not even naivety - it's artificial isolation of our experts from the scientific and technical information. Only the Political bureau of the Central Committee of the CPSU could organize such isolation and for that purpose it should have strong reasons. I resort to these bases in my book - the Political bureau or, probably, the head of the Political bureau, starting from Khruschev lost sovereignty and were under secret blackmail of the Americans. Only this fact could  explain "naivety" of our scientists.


Finishing this article I'll make conclusions - this book of A.I.Popov, certainly, is useless for the fools. While it will bring pleasure to those who likes to use their brains - the book is written in simple, clear language and does not demand any special knowledge for understanding.