Notes of Futurologist about Weaknesses of the Protest Action


Not to repeat errors on the threshold of May performances. Enough “pussyriotization”!

Depressing for protest movement fact: 53% of voters on elections preferred pitiful, senseless and thievish through mode started aback from ill-matched opposition.

Why? If the protesters will not repeat the same mistakes in May circle of struggle?


The fact remains: those who dominated on the tribunes at the meetings (these are 90% - liberals hated by the Russians) pushed the majority which came on elections with their speeches away. People preferred a thieves' mode to the liberal hysterical people talking the same nonsense as 20 years ago.

The fact that, unlike national anti-Yeltsin performances of 1992-1993, protesting party was supported (though with a warp aside liberalism) by powerful enough mass-media didn’t help. It was at Yeltsin when radio and TV choked with hatred telling about anti-Yeltsin actions: say, red-brown swines, murderers, monsters. I remember till now how on October, 3rd, 1993 (when the bodies of died defenders of the House of Council were still hot) the leader of "Echo of Moscow" Matvej Ganapolsky urged people to celebrate the Jewish holiday and switched in cheerful music. While anti-Putin meetings on December, 2011 – March 2012 were supported both by “Echo …”, "Business-FM", "Finam-FM", “Silver Rain”, TV-channel "Rain" and the newspaper "Vedomosti" and a heap of rich, known Internet resources. So, propaganda of the protest actions was at a decent level.

But as a result – 53% voted for Pu. At that Mafiosi character of the present mode, its ideological, administrative, economic feebleness is obvious to the majority.

There’s nothing surprising in it.


Obvious poverty, obvious primitiveness of slogans of the protesters attracts attention. If – Away with Putin and Let Free Elections Be – then for the sake of what? Where’s positive alternative? Where are substantial requirements? It is impossible to struggle only contra, it is necessary to offer something pro. Here again – total failure. Thestake was made on absolutely idiotic and easy to manipulate slogan “Russia without Putin!” (It’s like “Germany without Hitler”, instead of “Germany without Nazism”).

The leaders of the protest made stake on obvious repetition of practice of mass youth - populist movements of 1920-1980s years – of young, going to power Nazism and Fascism, student-youth revolts of 1960 and anti-Soviet actions in the USSR of the end of 1980s. That is – deliberately primitive, only negative “cry outs”. Switching-off of brains of the protesting crowd, appeal to naked emotions. The main thing to go to the street and be contra. The main thing – action, no matter what action. To act, not to think. To break system, to destroy it completely – it will be see then. It’s in general unimportant what to do and where to go then. No complicated programs, no reflections – only revolt against reason, only unthinking action “contra”. Only naked emotions. All turned to fight of hysterical headless people – with cynics and thieves.

Revolutionary paranoia was being simultaneously inflated. All who doesn't want to be with us – enemies. One shouldn’t think – it is necessary to shake! Any attempt to state own position separate either from revolutionary schizo or from the power was burned in insults and moral terror. The following mission was set: to switch the brains of the protesters off completely. Naturally, Putin propagation used it for hundred percent.

Parallels with student's and youth performances of 1960s in the USA are evident. Semi-absurd slogans, thoughtless action for the sake of action, youthful maximalism. I remember how I was amazed with memoirs of one of the participants of those events: the black girl-student from activists of capture of Cornell University (1969) advised her by the time nursing only born kid to throw the child in a bin. For he is white (the son of "a white racist pig”) and prevents from making revolution in general.

Attempt to bring Putin down using such methods failed. Instead of promotion of a set of substantial requirements which could be packed in the slogan: “Let National Program Be!” (project - – naked contra plus “revolutionary paranoia”. Instead of breakdown of joining the WTO by the Russian Federation (act of a doubtless genocide, destruction of 2,2 million workplaces) – obviously failure campaign for support of "Pussy Riot” in the manner of deadlock western appeal to all deviation, post-modernist vile, fruitless, insult not of clergy, but feelings of believers). But the Russians – not Westerners. We – are not Asians and not the Europeans, we are – the Russians, we have absolutely special psychology. Therefore attempt to copy the western curves of revolt without being creative failed.


It failed also because mass movements of 20-80s years were basically youth and took place in the society where there was a lot of youth. Really a lot of it (in absolute and percent expression) in Italy and Germany in 1920. After all in the beginning of XX-th century the German families gave birth to five children, Italians were Asian-like prolific (on present measures). Therefore fascists and Nazis had very young and numerous armies of adherents. Civil-youth revolts in the USA in 1960 – consequence of the highest birth rate of the American baby-boom of 1946-1964 years, when white families with four-five children were ordinary. Therefore there were a lot of dissatisfied youth inclined to revolt in the society of the USA of 1960, America really reminded Iran of 1979 because of abundance of young "combustible material".

Numerous youth – very fertile field for thoughtless-negative actions, for revolt against reason, for slogans “to destroy!” Deprived of knowledge and life experience young acephalus, having no children – an ideal material for that type of revolt which liberal orators of Bolotnaya-Sakharov’s type tried to arrange.

While society of the Russian Federation is already elderly. Mature and elderly people prevail in it. Middle age of the citizen of the Russian Federation – 39 years. All of us have families, responsibility for children and relatives, for own affairs and firms. We already have experience of simply negative revolt of 1989-1991 (when average citizen of the Russian Federation was 19, not 39 years old). We already have both knowledge and experience. It is difficult to attract us with hysterically negative slogans, we should receive alternative and thoughts about future. Mature people need judicious and substantial action.

It was 1989 year when youth in the population of the RSFSR (the Russian Federation then) made 35 million capita (people aged from 15 to 35 years). Today there are only 22 million of them. In 2017 there will be at best 17 million young people in the Russian Federation. That is aging of the society is going on. In 90s years when revolving young generation suitable for present street actions could have been born in Russia, the Russian families brought into the world not four, not three – at most one child. It was necessary to survive in conditions of a brothel and economic genocide for which some of the liberal orators of the present anti-Putin meetings should bear responsibility. Birth rate was falling till 1999. Consequently there are little young and hot now (who have more hormones, than brains). Much more – mature people. Attempt to involve them in the protest by means of slogans and the same methods that in the past (when there were a lot of young people) naturally ended with defeat. With that 53% of voters chose thieves' and pitiful mode.

What was offered to the citizens of the Russian Federation? Mantras like “Give freedom of elections in the Khimkinsky wood with Pussy Riot “Russia Wihtout Putin”, the main thing – to break system to the basis and “enough to feed Caucasus”. As you can see, it didn’t “get us”.

The more so the majority of liberal chatterers didn’t bother and just told precisely the same, without any changes nonsense as on the meetings of 1989-1991. Thereby they switched on conditional Pavlov’s reflex of the majority living in the Russian Federation: well, we know that 20 years ago disorder, poverty, carve-up of the property, unemployment, semi-annual delays even of poor salaries, shooting and blood followed the words about freedom and democracy from lips of the same people. (Not all forgot how Nemtsov urged to destroy supporters of the Supreme body). Naturally, Putin people used it also to the full.

I hope mistakes will be taken into account during May performances. That Sergey Udaltsov won't behave as acephalus together with liberals – and will at last put forward substantial program-alternative. Otherwise the protest will again end with discomfiture and “pussyriotization”/marginalization will go at full speed.

You are not in the West. Here feministic postmodernists don't suit. We have already lived to that the part of the nationalists get away from the protest …


The next reason of failure – feebleness of the liberal clan standing behind the protest. It is clear that meetings should outgrow in “Majdans” - tent camp with field-kitchens and bio-toilets for thousands of participants. Not only as in Ukraine in 2004 but also as in the present USA where participants of actions “Grasp Wall-Street” do it, having not only donations of participants, but also generous financial help from left-liberal billionaires.

Obviously, the liberal clan in the Russian Federation decided that poor and begging participants of protests will bring field-kitchens, will buy and place dry closets, will deliver foodstuffs. Naturally, it will not happen.

Russians are on the average three times poorer, than average Yankee. Office plankton will not spend money on kitchen and tents. Therefore Navalny and Udaltsov had to stay in fountain causing laughter and pity. You are not in Egypt when people can stay for days and not to go away.

Old true was forgotten: not only raging masses are necessary for revolution, but also sponsors with organizers. These two elements don't work separately. Mass protest is confused – as raging waters. They need to be guided through "channels" and "dams" - to rotate "generators". That is it needs organizing structures which have financing – and can buy tents, toilets, kitchens. Structures which prepare beforehand "sergeants" - skeleton of street active workers in special camps abroad. It appeared that the liberal clan in establishment of the Russian Federation provided nothing (at the left never had money). Therefore all ended with Putin's victory. I am afraid that Yankees simply oversaw it and therefore didn’t help revolutionaries. Nevertheless they acknowledged victory of Pu.

Perhaps protesters should take lessons from discomfiture? To pass to more sensible requirements having said at irst goodbye to liberal idiots?

The more so here you are the ground for the general protest: struggle against getting of the Russian Federation in the WTO.

Alas, while even the left, apparently, prefer to be engaged in “pussyriotization”. Perhaps we will also support gays with their parades? As the striking power of the opposition?

From editorial board: All the same one shouldn’t attribute opposition – no matter liberal or left – to nonexistent support of a trick of "Pussy Riots" in Christ the Savior Cathedral. Even the lawyer of Tolokonnikova Mark Feygin as orthodox person is not happy with the action. But as the lawyer he can't approve application of the article 213 of the Criminal Code where unless the judge Borovkova can state at most administrative offense in this case. Well, there is no punishment for blasphemy and heresy. Perhaps, it doesn’t exist now - all goes to it.

Actually this broad interpretation of the article of the Criminal Code in combination with obvious disproportion of offense and punishment – that is the thing which revolts people.

Well, the same situation with homosexuals. Let’s imagine that participants of unapproved gay parade will be taken to prison for 7 years under the same article 213. If we should keep silent, if it concerns some "homosexuals"? Then just little time will pass and they will start giving the same "seven" to the right and to the left – for example, to Maxim Kalashnikov for a T-shirt with emblem of the USSR. Why not? There will be such who will say – why do you defend this Kalashnikov, he is fascist (the Zionist, the onanist – no matter).

By the way, let’s recollect mass arrests and prison terms of Limonov’s supporters at the very beginning of Putin board - absolutely far-fetched "crimes" like capture of reception hall of the Presidential Administration. And absolutely real sentences - for years. I will remind that among loyal jackals of the mode such justification of lawlessness was often: supposedly they all are pederasts - and citation from the novel "It’s Me - Edichka".

By the way, personally I don't feel offended by a trick in Christ the Savior Cathedral - no more, anyway, than by similar trick of Jesus in a temple, that time he by the way applied violence, that is there was structure of the article 213. Now they try to level the orthodox with Moslems from underdeveloped countries arranging slaughters because of pictures of the Danish artist. By the way, reaction of the Russian Moslems was more than reasonable – they just shrugged shoulders... Well, unless to run with sticks after the Danes? Now they say that it can’t happen in a mosque. One could think that Moslems in Russia are especially blood-thirsty. For hundred percent – they would simply take little girls on the sly away and wouldn't start making noise about it. Well, maybe, they would give a kick. Because it doesn’t worth sixpence.

What is the reason to make blood-thirsty savages from orthodox? It’s strange as security of Christ the Savior Cathedral was reserved, parishioners also didn't demand immediate punishment. The authorities paid attention to it only after they received unambiguous signal from the Kremlin where he main adherent of belief sits... It’s clear that it was the sign. To whom? About what?

I think that it was the sign to “own”, orthodox chekists – to pay for anatomic painted on the Liteyny Bridge in St.-Petersburg, after that group “Vojna” got popularity. He waited for occasion for long – and got it at last. Jesus has nothing to do here, Orthodoxy the more so. Revenge of the chekist for humiliation of the native Petersburg Frderal Security Service Directorate.

While we are making antimonies here. We search for a Christian relic in Christ the Savior Cathedral, while the colonel just revenged. As he learned "that no one would ever".

Revolutionary movement questions in Russia, of course, are a little bit wider, than “pussyriot”, no one argue with the author. No revolution took place between December, 4th and March, 4th because it hadn’t started even. Neither motive forces, nor targets, tasks were shown. Even events of 2005 connected with monetization of social benefits were more scaled – there was a defeat, mine personally as well. Thanks to G.A.Zyuganov and Presidium of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation.

While here other thing is important - people moved, went to the street. Politics returned to the life of people after 12 years of Putin "stability". It is such intermediate result. It will be more interesting further. Because main (though involuntary) revolutionary, as well as 95 years ago, occupies the supreme post in the state.

natoly Baranov, editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk