"Swine Flu" Turned out to Be Next "Horror Story"

590 people got so called "swine flu" in Mexico, 22 from them died. This is a new data given by the Minister of Health of the country José Anhel Kordova. At the same time, as he said, epidemic peak had passed and now it went on recession.


The peak in Mexico passed several days ago. During the period from April, 23 till April, 28th infectiologists found out that the strain is susceptible to antiviruses which we have in a strategic reserve. Preventive measures proved their efficiency in prevention of distribution of infection.

From editorial board: Thus, as our editorial staff thought, "swine flu" appeared to be next "horror story" called to distract attention of the public from real problems - as well as additionally to deceive governments "into parting with money" (only one Mexico got from the USA 200 million dollars to struggle with virus). Probably, the statement of the Minister of Health of Mexico can be considered as true acknowledgement "wonga outfights evil": money had hardly come when epidemic went on recession.

"Canine" and "feline" flu, "shell parakeet" flu are on the turn.

Let's remind that the first messages about epidemic contained info about thousands diseased only in Mexico and about enormous death-roll - while now the number of victims of the disease "has increased"... up to 22. Certainly, it is very bad that people die from flu but they die from it every year, simply without any scandal. In planet scales to speak about importance of epidemic as a result of which 22 people died is simply frivolous - several times more people have just died in India of hunger but nobody hurries up to send them food there - though in this case effect from "medicine" would be 100-percent one. Probably it is connected with the fact that "hunger epidemic" does not threaten to extend on the so-called developed countries. 

In the same Mexico hundred thousands people live in conditions when access to potable water becomes a matter of life and death, there are areas where there is no electricity - that is a lot of people in general live out of reach of modern medicine and even medical statistics. But this fact alarms nobody. Living, dead - what's the difference?

natoly Baranov