ķichael Delyagin: “All Talks about Development of Russia without Overcoming Corruption Are No More Than Intellectual Self Abuse”

Source: “Mir Novostey”

- The head of Economic Development Elvira Nabiullina said that by 2030 the number of able-bodied population will decrease by 12%. What should we expect from this trend? Nabiullina believes that it will seriously slow down the growth of economic development. What is your forecast?

- Of course, reduction of able-bodied population limits ability of economic development - but only in case there are no other opportunities for development. Liberal reforms carried out including citizen Nabiullina are objectively aimed at the destruction of almost all opportunities of development, not just at able-bodied population. For example, joining the WTO on onerous terms deprives the Russian production of even own Russian markets - the number of unemployed could rise even at reduction of able-bodied population.

As for the forecast – it’s possible only to make forecast referring to the number of able-bodied people in 12 years. Destruction of education, public health service and culture which occurs in the course of liberal reforms will lead to increase in the number of people who are being in working age will be unable to work - because of illness, including mental connected with alcohol and drug abuse as well as because of deviant behavior. So reduction by 12% should be treated as minimum result of the Russian liberals including Nabiullina.

- How can we reverse this trend of population loss?

- Loss of population and loss of able-bodied population - different processes. For example, until 2007 Russia's population loss was accompanied by the growth of able-bodied population as life was joined by "Gorbachev's generation", while old men die quicker, than during the Soviet time.

Population loss can be reversed by intensive social policies. Not by way of restoration of "total social security" under which pressure the USSR collapsed and which is the reason of the collapse of all European civilization today: clever and comprehensive strengthening of families, promoting fertility, improving people's health including psychological are necessary today.

- If it’s necessary to involve old, retired people into work? Maybe it's wiser than to stop paying pensions to working pensioners, may be vice versa to attract them by good working conditions?

- Termination of payments to pensioners, even working ones - crime. Pension is not a charity: a man has earned it by his labor and there is no legal reason to take it away just because he is not disabled and retained interest in the work.

On the other hand, retirees work today mainly due to a negligible value of pensions that do not provide acceptable standard of living. It turns out that reformers want to punish pensioners either for own inability - or unwillingness - to provide pensioners with human conditions of life, or for the fact that pensioners still try to live as people against public policy.

Attraction of retirees by good conditions of work occurs where the employer needs skilled workers. As liberal reform of education system created severe shortage of such workers, they fiercely compete for pensioners - often creating for them good working conditions.

Though in the scales of the whole country to solve the problem of shortages of labor force is necessary first of all to motivate, to teach, to heal and to organize available labor force. Today the liberal policies aimed at its complete destruction and lumpenization and liberals describing the fruits of their activities passionately talk either about bestial nature of the Russian people or about the need to encourage mass migration of "hard-working fellows", some just about difficult circumstances.

- Will increase of productivity help in this question? How it can be achieved, at what expense?

- Increase of productivity really allows to compensate consequences of downsizing of labor force, but it doesn’t happen by itself, it’s possible only as a result of deliberate governmental policy.

Meanwhile the policy of the government is objectively aimed at endarkenment of the population (simply because it’s easier to rob stupid people as well as to make them obedient) that is incompatible with the growth of labor productivity.

- If population loss is inevitable, how it will be possible to stimulate the growth of economic development? May be we should develop not raw material business (oil) which feeds us but other branches? Which ones? May be we should lower taxes thus stimulating entrepreneurs? What other measures could be taken?

- The main measure – destruction of corruption in its current form which makes impression of the main social relation and base of its state system. Complex recovery, purification of the state is necessary. Without it – all - both trivial and the most brilliant ideas in the sphere of development will remain pure hot air and form of intellectual self abuse – possibly quite attractive for its direct participants but the same way meaningless for other.