Rats Desert a Sinking Ship of the Cabinet and All Vertical

Formation of the Cabinet delayed, the names of Deputy Prime Ministers and Ministers can be called by Monday on May, 21st. Nobody remembers that formation of the Cabinet took ever so much time. At first the president and the candidate for premier had been discussing the matter for two months with the prime minister and the candidate for president, then — till the last day of the term stated in the Constitution — there were negotiations with the candidates in Deputy Prime Ministers and ministers. Now new president carefully studies the list of made up by the new prime minister and carries on negotiations with them.

“Vedomosty” using its being close to the corridors of power affirms: potential candidates in ministers and the Deputy Prime Ministers refuse from posts in mass order! Such thing never happened before...

"The general manager of "Rosatom" Sergey Kiriyenko and the candidate for president Mikhail Prokhorov didn't want to work as Deputy Prime-Ministers. The first refused to become Deputy Prime Minister on Fuel and Energy Complex, the second — on industries”.

"Kiriyenko explained his refusal by the fact that he is anxious with the nuclear branch and wants to keep it... Governmental official believes that though Sechin leaves the government, all think that he will continue influencing energy industry and to control it indirectly. “To be the Deputy Prime Minister under Sechin, you can understand for yourself, is awkward,” — he explains.

Vedomosty failed to learn the reason of Prokhorov's refusal. He isn't occupied with party-building, he has a lot of energy and knowledge which he could apply to industry development, the official of the Kremlin complains: “The president personally considers him decent person and effective manager”.

Two persons familiar with the results of negotiations of Elvira Nabiulina and Medvedev speak that she also won’t be the Minister of Economic Development. She explained refusal by that she is tired of work in the government, the one says that she also didn’t refuse the post of the social Deputy Prime Minister.

The general manager of SUEK Vladimir Rashevsky rejected the offer to become the Minister of Energy at the initial stage, his acquaintance told: “He even didn’t send him CV”.

The rector of the Higher School of Economy Yaroslav Kuzminov actively works in “the open government”, but refused to become the Minister of Education, two federal officials know.

Person familiar with a course of negotiations says that there were more those who refused, but he doesn't want to give their names: some will pass to Presidential Administration".

Oops! Within 12 previous years of Putin stay places in the government were one of the most attractive, people were ready to go any lengths for the sake of them – it was a way to fast enrichment, high social status and almost full impunity. No matter how often ministers-capitalists were caught by hand, it never lead to prison, dismissal was maximum punishment. This punishment was compared to the highest measure for the commoner.

Apparently, clever people - and Kiriyenko and Prokhorov, no matter how you treat their moral qualities, are undoubtedly cunning and sensible people - are frankly afraid of responsibility. Probably, the country should wait for such hard times that desired ministerial chair can easily become a "smoky seat". The more so for last 12 years the system of public administration was ruined so purposefully that even very serious manager won’t improve it from his ministerial chair - thus those who understand what they should do reject such “happiness” categorically.

It’s not "the monthly government" under Putin supervision which gathered once a month in full strength to look at the “holy” - and to enjoy complete idleness next four weeks. Look at functional obligations of every ministry - continuous tariff and non-tariff regulation – not the slightest trace of direct control (and, certainly. responsibility). In conditions when economy is stable and everything is being done by itself – it’s not simply life, it’s happiness.

While in conditions of crisis the government should operate directly (it is better if it does it not only in crisis, but all the time). That is Serdyukov who used to be engaged in furniture branch earlier should be commander-in-chief, accountant Golikova - the chief physician of the country and Fursenko - to supervise pedagogical process. While we have "the government of the looking", not the heads. Moreover, we have already the whole generation of mid- and bottom-level managers sure that the state administration is a management of siphon offs and kickbacks and nothing else. That is we have the whole public layer suitable unless for lustrations – and not to be engaged in hard physical work.

That is clever who understand situation – run away. While idiots... Well, certainly eventually Putin and Medvedev will form the government, but as to its quality... While we thought that there’s nothing worse than “the monthly government”.

Let's note that we can see desert taking place in other power echelons. We observe the whole chain of resignations of governors, thus we can see that here that they are getting this for that. How many governors left at their own will and weren’t dismissed? Here you are, for example, the head of the Moscow region Gromov who brought subordinate to him region to external financial management and endured "theft of a century" when the Minister of Finance of the region ran away with 22 billion dollars (no one talks about return of these money to the country). Now he is a senator, inviolable person. Different person will be responsible for the problems of the region – also the general and also, as well as Gromov, never supervising both the region and small settlement before election as the governor.

However, Shoygu also has good position – it’s too early to ask him to answer for affairs in the capital region, but the problems of the Ministry of Emergency Situations now - not his problems. In conditions of crisis increase the Ministry of Emergency Situations becomes the structure answering "for everything" – there’s nothing to envy.

People run from the power at local level as well - for example, old mayor of Taganrog Nikolay Fedyanin supervising the city for 9 years has just lost this post. At that he himself initiated early election (his term come to end only in December) right after defeat of “United Russia” in the Duma elections in Taganrog - that is he as if has chosen the least suitable for him moment... He didn’t had the campaign though he was called “the best mayor of Russia” on the eve of elections, at him Taganrog became "the city of military glory", it was visited even by the president Medvedev – so, he silently handed over the post.

The same situation on all floors of the power. Do rats desert?... So, our ship is nevertheless sinking?

Taganrog city